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The Secret World of Dreams
          The rain is blinding. She has walked across the land alone.
    Her hair is cut to a bristle. There is a tavern along a highway.
    She will enter there for a while. "You'll catch a death of cold.
    Your soaked." the owner said and put a towel around her slender
    neck. She smiles and rubs the towel on her head. "I would like
    some soup." she asks and carefully presents two dollars. The
    owner laughs, "Hun, I haven't ever severed soup here. Would you
    take a grinder?" She looks at the meat and shakes her head no.
    "I cannot eat meat." she whimpers, "an apple?"
            The owner rubs the back of his neck, "Ah.. mostly meat here.
    Oh! How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?" He grabs the
    bartender's arm and the bartender runs out back. "Got it!" he shouts
    and brings out some bread and a jar of peanut butter and jelly.
    She places her two dollars on the bar and makes a sandwich.
    The owner sits down beside her,  "I like a peanut butter sandwich
    now and again." They smile at each other. "Can I have some milk?"
    she asks. An old man at the bar laughs. The owner gestures to the
    bartender and a glass of milk is placed before her.
            "You look different. Are you from around here?" the owner asks.
    "From meadows into woods, shadows and hemlock needles under
    foot with butterflies as bright as the sun and twilight trails of croaking
    frogs in deepening marshes of playful fluttering fireflies." her reply
    silences the tavern. She removes her cape and spreads her eight wings.
    "Jesus!" the owner falls off his stool. "Do not be afraid. I am Blinkin.
    I am a peaceful Faery." her reply is met with shouts of the Devil.
    The bartender holds a revolver with both his trembling hands on Blinkin.
    The owner waves the bartender off, "I'll have no killing in my tavern!
    My parents and yours and theirs all told us about these kin. You can't
    kill them. They're God's own." Blinkin smiled at the owner, "You are wise.
    You mortals live one heart beat from Heaven or Hell. My Heaven or Hell
    is here and now. Righteous or sinner, none can save themselves without
    the land and sea and sky. I am all these things and music is my guide."
    Blinkin played her flute of sorrows and playful presence. And all fell under
    her enchantment. They cried and laughed and loved.
            In a little while Blinkin flew off to the west wind. She was no bigger
    than your thumb now and not wearing a stitch of garment. What need
    did she have of it?

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