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report on humankind by an investigative officer for developed sentient societies (wd)
Summary Report

         Final and summary report to the aggregate members of the Council of Sentient Governments.

         Gentlebeings, in the period I have been assigned to the study of the burgeoning sentients that call themselves "human beings", "humans", or "Earthlings", resident on the third planet of the yellow dwarf system of the 3rd order, second magnitude, 2.5 X 10^17 standard units from the galactic centrus, with a galactic cycle of 32.7 X 10^8 times its own rotational period, catalog Aleph Teretsha Behn.
         I have collected assigned data, and have been asked to form a recommendation of my own from those observations, as per the final disposition of our collective towards their inhabitants.
         Beings, I must report that making any solid recommendation at this point in these sentients' development is utterly impossible!
         Since they came to our attention as potential fellows as self-aware and civilized inhabitants of the galactic cluster, with the interception of their first deliberated communications through the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum, they have been under close observation, as you well know.
         It quickly became clear that first-hand inspection was required, as the information they communicated to each-other was often clearly false-to-fact (a total panic across one of their larger land masses as a completely false report of invasion from their nearest planetary neighbor, a planet that, itself, never developed higher life forms, and hosted absolutely no life while this report was broadcast, is one notable instance), and what was in question was often highly suspect, either because it was impossible to believe the sheer horror of what they claimed to be doing to themselves, or each-other in mass quantities, or because there were claims that were far beyond the abilities of the individual, civilizations, or technologies we observed from afar.

         Beings, I tell you truth, when I say that the horrors they visit upon each-other often EXCEED those reported! These beings madly pursue the complete eradication of each-other, under the theory that superficial differences in skin color or philosophy are marks of superiority or advanced development, rather than over the control of resources, as is natural for any developing sentient society, before they harness the ability to farm the otherwise useless masses in their immediate system or stellar vicinity, a vice which they also indulge in, both freely and horribly eagerly.
         These beings have, repeatedly, attempted to completely eradicate members of subsets of differing skin colors or heredity, or philosophy, and regularly persecute subsets based on these factors, when not engaged in slaughtering them (often while engaged in the wholesale slaughter of another group, for various reasons).

         While they will commit atrocities such as horribly killing innocent younglings with the explosive demolitions of buildings on top of and around them (accomplished by suicidal bomb carriers, at times!) as a part of a statement linked to their social, spiritual, or governmental philosophy, more commonly, you will see reports in their communications where two, or three, or more, sacrifice their own lives in an attempt to rescue another from surely fatal circumstance, sometimes unsuccessfully, when none involved had previously had ANY interaction, socially, much less any chance to form any sort of social bond. They will throw themselves in the path of out of control natural combustion storms, attempting to save the possessions, and dwellings, of total strangers.

         These are the most confusing, and yes, psychotically schizophrenic, beings ever reported on, to my knowledge, and are utterly unpredictable, and unsafe to interact with.

         Further, not only have these beings failed to come close to success with attempts to create a global concordium that would allow a set standard of individual freedoms and protections from oppressive power, further than that accepted by their limited subset of society, but they frequently sabotage what abortive attempts are made to do so, and ensure no real power to enforce attempts by such bodies that are enacted to emplace such strictures.

         Their major philosophical differences that lead to mutual violences are over beliefs in what a theoretical being, or beings, credited with their creation, and imbued with the responsibility for their guidance, desires them to do, during their mortal lives. Even where there is mutual acceptance, in basic belief, there is conflict. In fact, it is often bloodiest, when these philosophies have much in common. The majority of the residents of this planet adhere to a system all based on one "creator", and whether mortal men, credited variously as "prophets" touched directly by this being, and held responsible for interpreting its wishes, and instructing others on how to more thoroughly please it, so as to receive a reward upon the cessation of physical life, or whether one man, regarded by the other two sects, is the literal embodiment of this creator, in a mortal body, come itself to instruct.

         An interesting note to all of these interpretations and philosophies, is that, without fail, the major actors, credited with being prophets or embodiments, have been killed, at the hands of other mortals. Usually through betrayal by one of their followers.

         At this time, the fastest growing faction of sectarians in this triad of belief systems has little physical power, compared to that held by adherents to the sect of middle "birth", and resorts to insidious attacks against the nations that are home to adherents of BOTH other sects that employ non-designated soldiers deliberately attacking non-military targets, in the hope that the resultant turmoil and fear will cause the more powerful subsets to relinquish power to them, or accept that they are "more correct", in their sectarianism. While BOTH of the newer philosophies often hold the eldest as responsible for debasement of financial freedoms and power. It must be noted, of course, that when the middle philosophy was of approximately the same age as the newest, it behaved very similarly in persecutorial mannerisms.

         Geographical loyalty is powerful, with localized tribes adhering to the same ideals, very strongly, and many of these areas insist that their philosophies regarding creation and creator's-desire based ideas be intertwined fully with societal law, while others have a strict policy against this very idea of converging political and theoretical philosophy. The tribes that actively refuse to mix the two, and pride themselves on "tolerance" (and act with nothing resembling toleration), make the mistake of inviting members of the tribes with the philosophical imperative to do so to join their societies, and NOT adapt and adopt their new tribe's identity, philosophies, or behaviors. In fact, they go out of their way to be "culturally accepting" to the point that they fracture their own tribe into many parts, creating more strife, and weakening what system they had developed to achieve their success.

         These beings knowingly poison their environment on an ongoing basis, strip their ecosystems, so they cannot function, and continue to support their burgeoning numbers, yet, aside from a few, considered to be "extremists", they do almost nothing to correct this process. Almost universally they recognize it, and acknowledge it, and even project when it will become catastrophic, and in what way it may happen. But they do very little, if anything at all significant, to even slow the damage.

         My recommendation at this time is that we continue to retard their research into exploration of their near space, and prevent their ability to achieve interstellar communication and travel. That we isolate them in their small piece of space, and let them ferment.

         My belief is that they will either destroy themselves, sink in the poisons they create for themselves, knowingly, commit mutual mass suicide, or develop into a society capable of civilization, given access to the sciences and technologies of the Sentient Governments, and their citizens, in the near future. They are a cusp society.

         Approximately 100 of their planetary circumlocutions around their star would be an appropriate time for another investigation.
                                                 Vxxyn Pfarluuk,
                                                           Deputy Investigator of Developing Sentient Societies
                                                           Office of Council Membership Consideration
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