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         The essence and the civic values of being an American is often questioned. There is no right or wrong answer, truly. If you think about it, we all have our opinions and we are all entitled to them and that means we are never truly wrong or right. The American Constitution allows rights, although in truth as time passes, we are seemingly losing rights and life is becoming harder. Being an American is supposed to be freedom, the right to pursue our dreams and happiness, and many do pursure all of that but there are a lot of those who don't or cannot. Asking what civic value is most important is like asking a million people who won't settle for one answer because there is no one answer. Some people would argue courage, some would argue respect or responsibility. Others may argue consideration, justice or moderation. There is more than one answer to that question and nobody can expect that this question ever be answered fully. People shall always debate this question and many will find that the answer is simple. There is no answer, no one answer that is. Being an American is about following your dreams, working and living a life where we may have more freedom than others in the countries around us. Our soldiers would say civic value is courage, respect and justice. A business man may say that civic value is industry, moderation, justice and initative. The peacecore may say that the answer is courage, justice, respect and responsibility. An environmentalist would say justice, respect, responsibility and both enivornmentalists and the peacecore may agree on perseverance but the point is that there is no simple answer. Everyone has that right to answer in a different way, believe a different thing. America is just that way, we don't have people telling us how to answer that; we are free to our opinions. We as a country are caring, freer than a lot of people, many times we find justice whether everyone would agree on all of our actions, we all have responsibilities and we all have respect, Americans have every civilc value you can list, while others may show what many will not. So no one civic value to important the most becasuse they are all equally important in America, and that may not be the way this was supposed to be answered but it is the truthful way I am answering this.
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