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why government should assist with healthcare
I was offered an opportunity to live in paradise last week, but decided against it. It seems that some of the existing conditions required greater consideration on my part. My introductory visit revealed much which enticed me, however, some of the issues were inconsistent with my concepts of paradise.  The agent offering me inclusion,  much to his credit, insisted that I consider the downside before entertaining relocation.

"Well" he began "Our food supply is a bit contaminated, inside and outside with insecticides,pesticides,fungicides,herbicides and a few sides we aren't sure about. Our food also contains some residual traces of hormones, antibiotics, e coli, samonella, PCB'S,mercury,BPA"s, lead, arsenic and a few toxins I can't pronounce. Our cookware release toxins, but only if we use them for cooking and food containers like plastic and cans leach phenols back into the their contents. Our air is polluted and our water diluted with waste from everything under the sun. We have arrested infectious disease but, chronic diseases like asthma,arthritis,diabetes,cancer and heart disease near epidemic proportions. Mental disorders and suicide are at historical highs and substance abuse is pandemic. Aside from these nuisances, everything in paradise is top shelf. Advancements in medicine afford us antidotes for almost every malady. As a matter of fact, our entire population is on some kind of medication  enabling our populace the opportunity to enjoy the upside of paradise. Unfortunately, some of the antidotes are very expensive, but to those with adequate resources, paradise promises a smooth road."

After giving careful consisderation to all that he infered, I made effort to abbreviate the implications as concisely as possible and mirrored back what I thought I heard.

"So you have this place called paradise, but by virtue of contaminated air,water and food, your populace are prone to chronic diseases, but you have antidotes for those who can afford them?"

"Hey! I think you got the whole picture," he retorts.

"Let me make sure I really understand this," I rebut. "You inadvertanly poison your people and then dangle antidotes to the highest bidders?"

"You got a problem with that" he counters "or don't you believe in capitalism?"

"I suppose" said I " that it depends on whether I'm buying or selling the remedy."
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