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Rated: E · Outline · Romance/Love · #1724460
Demon & angel falls in love, Prince falls for the angel, Vigilante falls for the demon.
Basically, A & K love each other, but B loves K and R loves A.

Traits: Good-looking, responsible, sensible.
He is the bodyguard of Karie and cares for her. Later, he finds out that he’s a demon, so he fled to keep her safe from himself. While away, he helped out Roxanne. He's oblivious to her love as she hid it well, until one night she told him in an outburst. He politely rejects her. Even as a demon, he still loves Karie and protects her from afar without her knowledge.

Traits: Selfless, generous, optimistic
She’s an angel destined to kill the Devil. Her love for Andy remains, though they were separated for a year (when Andy fled). When she realized that Blake loves her, she avoids hanging 1-on-1 with him so as not to send the wrong signal. Everyone begs her to forget about Andy and be happy with Blake, but she only sees Blake as a friend.

Traits: Outgoing, blunt, stubborn
He is a runaway Prince. He first met Karie after Andy left. Although he didn’t tell her he loves her, he is always asking her out. When Karie started avoiding him and he confronted her, she told him that she didn’t feel the same. He became an angry person who treats everyone badly except her. He even forcefully kidnapped her to prevent her from going to a battle zone for fear of her safety.

Traits: Slender, Badass, un-girly
Roxanne is a vigilante in a small town, and that got her in trouble. Andy helped her out. Nobody ever cared for her before, so she was touched when Andy did. She wanted to help Andy kill the Devil to ‘repay her debt’, but he rejects it. During a heated argument, she accidentally burst out that she loves him, and she realized that it was true.

Endgame: A/K, B went over to dark side and died, R finds somebody else

P.S: I have a feeling that people wants A/R and K/B... What do you think of this love story? Cliche, interesting or just plain boring =)? Are you happy with the endgame?
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