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I need to create a Bill like Congress deals with and present it! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! :D
For Government 12, I have to do an assignment that is much like a debate but I create a bill and argue why we should pass it and everything and someone shoots my bill down and the class interacts and such. For my assignment, I am doing this bill where maybe we don't take down yellowstone park but more so on zoos and maybe yellowstone like parks ( not sure on that part yet ) and do something like Jarassic Park but secluded from human interaction except for workers and students studying for the career fields. This prevents animals from being trapped in bad conditions and going insane from the traps of zoos and the cruelty and subjecting them to children and other people. Animals are not for our entertainment; wild animals can easily be protected and taken care of while also not being subjected to cruel conditions and such things. If we put them on islands that are not being used but also the animals all live in the same type of habitats as their wild counterparts and live the same lives without being in danger as well. We then can tear down zoos and put up more stuff like malls, schools, homes and such that will also create more money and jobs.

I will be periodically researching, adding onto this assignment on here and putting it all somewhere to analyze and hopefully some people are willing to give feedback so I may perfect my assignment and work to make it great! To me it is not just an assignment, it is a dream that I wanna see be done! Maybe I can get it out there =D! Hey I can dream big haha....

Supporting the bill:  (WILL PUT ACTUAL BILL IN LATER)

         To prevent improper care and unfair conditions and lives animals are subjected to in Zoos we  need to eliminate them, but instead of putting them in National Parks, place in animals in both Zoos and National Parks into more secure areas, seperated from unnecessary human contact to ensure they live as their wild counter parts do but still safe.

         Now, I know what you're thinking, zoos protect them from going extinct and give them easier lives but is that really true, or even most importantly, is it a fair life to them? We began capturing animals and locking them in zoos, we say we are trying to protect them and help them. Some really are, and many aren't. If you look at a circus, they are not happy or being taken care of properly; just enough to keep them doing tricks and alive. In zoos, a lion is trapped in small places and while they can move around and run they are used to having the whole Savannah to run through. A newly captured lion will no doubt probably smash into the unbreakable glasses, roar and freak out. It is not uncommon for an animal to go crazy and cause themselves illnesses, death, etc in a zoo when captured. When you look into a lion or any captive animal's eyes, you can tell their emotions, how long they have been in the zoo. There is defeat and sorrow in a imprisoned creature, it is just as a man is locked in a prison; the man is loud and angry until they grow old and defeated. If you go into the wild, you see freedom and a great beauty in these animals and nothing but us can take that away. Saving them? Hardly, there are better ways! How are we saving them? Domesticated animals in zoos can't be released once no longer endangered, how is that helping them? They sit in cages, unable to be who and what they are, and many times used for entertainment! To even be trained, they are tortured with tazers and whips to make them practice and do these tricks, and sometimes or many times endangered when they are jumping through rings of flames; so much for protecting them. WIld animals are not our toys, they are free creatures who deserve the rights of which we have. Why can we have families, freedom of our lives and all of what they do not? They were here first. If you follow a bear to her den, you will probably see cubs. If you look at a pride of lions, you see cute little cubs; if you follow a wolf, you will find a family. They have memories, they have  emotions and families, they have homes and lives. They are not much different from us, except that they are not walking around with guns and green paper, driving vehicles and destroying nature or our homes like we do theirs, they are not talking English but they have their own language. So why do we need to use them for entertainment? Why can we not just do what we were supposed to do; protect them.

         If we get rid of just zoos, we will not really intruige people to get rid of them but say we get rid of National Parks and Zoos, we can do a whole lot more and intruige more people to feel it is a good idea. If we do it right, it can benefit all. The costs of National Parks and Zoos spent a year added together will easily fund this project, and since we will then have large amounts of space empty in most areas, we can use that to our economy's benefit. First, there are millions of empty islands, well enough areas all over that can be secluded from human contact and still benefit each group of animals to their natural habitats. We can put them all up there, maybe but together on survival capabilities and the most domesticated can be helped and eased back into their wild selves; taught. If we keep human contact limited only to those of which whom work in the career fields, some security with background in those career fields as well, and college students studying them, we can restrict any contact unnecessary and give them the lives their wild counter parts live, only they will be safe and always protected and watched. There can be laws protecting animals, the area and rights, then restricting who works there, what goes on there, and laws as we would anything else.

         By doing all this, we would still have land and that means we can most definitely use the empty land to build new cities, new towns, new homes, new work areas and create new jobs. This will help the animals because they will have their rightful lives, and safety but we can also make people just as happy. The land not being used will be portioned; build new things to build up the economy and give jobs and homes, and the other portion to reserve nature. Nobody is left unhappy, just think about it; The animals are just like us, they deserve rights, and by doing this we also help our own issues; nobody is meant to stare into a lion's eyes a foot away through grass. What if the animals were in our situation and decided "hey, humans are endangered of terrorists, let's lock them up and take their freedom, rights, lives and families away; we can say we are protecting them and we can also use them for entertainment"? You wouldn't be happy, now would you? So ask yourselves, is it fair to keep them in zoos? Is this new project really going to hurt anyone?
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