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Benvolio and Maria reconcile their differences.


The fall faded into winter and the winter became spring. During this time Reverend Mother( RM) Sanchez was transferred to become RM at the Convent and Orphanage at San Miguel’s on the outskirts of Madrid. Sister Hilda went with her and she brought along Maria and Benvolio. It was a hectic time and there was little opportunity for the two to be together….When they could speak it was for the briefest of interludes and Benvolio sensed a cooling in their relationship. On the trip from Barcelona to Madrid they finally had a chance to ride together on the livery filled with baggage and personal belongings.

“I missed you Maria….it seems like forever since we were together.”

“Meeting you in the storage room was fraught with risk.”

“Do you remember our last night together?”

“I remember.” She looked away refusing to make eye contact.

“Have things changed?”

“I was drunk.”

“I asked you to marry me.”

“Seems I recall bits and pieces.” she replied, intent on watching the countryside.

“I see you’re still wearing my chain and ring around your neck?”

“For safekeeping….until I decide.”

“Decide what?”

Maria took a deep breath and looked across at him.

“I haven’t made up my mind about you Benvolio… Don’t hold me to promises made in a moment of weakness."

"So what about us?"

"I’ve put our relationship on the back of the stove.”

“Well, that’s a real endorsement of your love.”

“It’s an endorsement of why I'm here. I’ll not risk everything sneaking into your bed every night.”

“I wasn't expecting you every night..."

“You’ll just have to wait. If you can't bear it...there’s always your old girlfriend.”

“When are you going to quit harping on that? I spoke those words to chill the bandits. Remember? They were about to kill me and rape you.”

“Well, they weren’t the only ones chilled.”

“There’s no other woman.”

“So you say, but before I marry you I’ll have to be absolutely certain….I’ll not tolerate a man that whores around and brings disgrace to our family.”

“What will it take to convince you?”

“Time and good behavior.” Benvolio, Time and good behavior.


One night shortly after the move, when things started to settle down, Benvolio was once again startled awake in the early morning hours. He was living now in a small shack next to the stable.
“Wake up,” the voice whispered.

“I am awake,” he answered.

“I’ve a note for you to deliver.”

“I knew there must be some official explanation for your visit.”

“Don’t be such a gloomy grouch.”

“Have you made up your mind about me?”

“Not yet, however, I’ve decided to grant you an interview.”

“Why an interview?”

“So you can understand me better.”

She kissed him reaching her hand beneath the blanket. His desire stirred as she found it.

“You may begin the questioning.”

She slipped off her robe and crawled beneath the blanket. He began to knead her breasts.

“Have you been drinking again?”

“I’ll have you know I’m completely sober.”

“Have you considered my proposal?” She began stroking his manhood.

“Ask it again so I recall,” she teased.

His arms drew her close, his hands massaging her shoulders.

“Will you marry me Maria?”

“First, you must convince me of your love.”

She positioned herself on top and spread…His mother’s wedding band hung down from the chain between her breasts swinging back and forth. She tugged on his stem and guided it into the flower of her womanhood. He rose up and she let the muscled staff slip fully inside.

“Can I take that for a ‘yes?’”

“First you must wear down my defenses. Don’t you know anything about proposals?”

He began to stroke and she balanced placing her hands on his chest. It was like riding a horse and her bosoms jiggled as his buttocks rose up and down.

“Smack!” His hand cropped her hip…

“Ouch!” she exclaimed…”What was that for?”

“I need to put you through your paces,” he replied. “Smack!” He cropped the other.

“Yes,” she sighed, responding to his urging…”Through the paces...”

He took hold the hair cascading down about her shoulders. “Giddy up!” he exhorted, a fistful in each hand… “Show me your cantor.”

“Like this?” she responded, squatting up and down.

“Yes! Now to the finish…stretch it out and show me your stride. Smack!”

Taking her hips he began thrusting as she clung impaled, writhing back and forth. He coaxed and exhorted until at last she could bear it no more…..She crested,

"My Jockey!....my Stud!" she cried out, giving voice to her inner thoughts. With that she spent the last measure of passion and collapsed atop him.

“I’m not finished yet,” he said, unsatisfied, rolling over on top. “Are you going to marry me or must we go another circuit about the track?”

“She groaned once more as another orgasm washed over.

“Will you?” he demanded, his face flushed… veins pulsing in his forehead.

“Yes, yes,” she cried out.

“Say it to me,” he insisted demanding that she speak the words.

“I’ll marry you, Benvolio.”

With that his girth swelled and began to splay. She trembled as the surcease filled her womb and the overflow squirted from her wet clutch.

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