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by Wyrdy
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Prologue for a series I'm planning to make
St. Mary’s Building was famous for one thing, the rumors that it collected from when it was still a movie theatre. It had the most gruesome history among all the old buildings in town. From when it had been built, it had seen its share of murders, rapes, betrayals and bad movies.

Some say its ghastly history has something to do with the geography of the building; that the building lay smack in the middle of a five pointed pentacle using the five most famous landmarks of the town as the points.  A few did research and said the location was once a sacred burial ground for the ancients and the graveyard was disturbed when they built the building. Most only knew that there was something evil inside the building and it was a place where the most rational people could lose their minds.

But, of course, no one really knew and the fact still remains that despite the holy name of the building, St. Mary’s was mysterious and dangerous and most townsfolk wanted it closed.

A petition was brought to tear the building down. It was too much of a haven for criminals; it was giving the town a bad name. But the owner fought the townsfolk. He was already on the verge of losing his business; he wasn’t losing a very valuable building in a potentially lucrative location too. It was a valuable asset passed on from his family. So a compromise was brought and to placate the town he closed the movie theatre and turned the building into a school.

It was only years later, when the St. Mary’s Academy for Music was gathering reputation as a good school for future musicians that the town realized they had no control over the school’s notoriety. The movie theatre may be closed, the theatre itself brought down and remodeled as mazes of classrooms, but the unworldly inhabitants of St. Mary’s Building were still there and refused to leave…
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