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by Kaboom
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I was feeling philosophical one day
If you open your eyes, life is beautiful.
If you close your eyes, it is unbearable.
If you blink for a second, you miss everything.
If you open one eye, but keep the other shut,
You will experience life to the minimum

What you see is not always what you get.
What you get you cannot always see.
What you want may not always be best for you.
What is best for you is not always desirable.

Taking risks can be very frightening.
Sometimes the fright is worth the risk.

Take a few minutes, eyes closed, and observe.
Every noise your ears absorb, your brain devours.
Each and every vibrating sound triggers a memory or thought.

Behind every memory and thought,
There is a purpose and meaning.
The meaning may not always be apparent,
But the purpose always makes its presence known.
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