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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Dark · #1725329
part 9... (there will be several more parts)~
CHAPTER FIVE: burning to nothing

That was the first time in a long time he had remembered fully what had happened back then. What had happened to Anna. And It killed him inside. He sighed, rolling over to look at the girl sleeping next to him. Mitsuki. Her short, choppy black hair was matted, and tangled around her head and the pillow. Her mouth was slightly open, and she breathed lightly. He quickly rolled back to the other side when her eyes started to flutter open. She yawned, siting up, and rubbing one eye. She lazily leaned back on the head of the bed, and looked toward Alphonse, "Morning, Time for school."

They all walked in a group to school. Jinn was skipping happily ahead, Lulu yelled at him, Kosuke stayed apathetic, Shun-Rye was talking to Mitsuki, and the twins were in their own little world. And Alphonse couldn't get his mind off Anna.
They were surprised at the mournful, depressing atmosphere of the classroom when they walked in.
Especially from Sarah, who was surprisingly not with Momo. Come to think of it, Mitsuki thought, Where is Momo? She walked up to Sarah, who ware something almost like a scowl. "Where's Momo?"
Sarah winced, "You didn't hear," Mitsuki shook her head, and Sarah continued, "She... ...went missing yesterday. Police found her book bag and a massive amount of blood in the park. They... ...think she was murdered." Her face was pale, and both angry, lonely, and scared. "It was that damn vampire, I know it. He already tried to kill Karin, now he's killed Momo. That evil son of a bitch vampire, he'll pay."
Mitsuki gave Alphonse a sympathetic glance, but his mind seemed to be somewhere els.
But then he seemed to come to, and took in what she had just said. He bit his lip, and Mitsuki touched his arm to try and calm him down, but he pushed her away and stormed out of the class-room. "Where the hell is he going?" Sarah barked, and Mitsuki sighed, and ran after him.

He sat, his head leaning against the wall just outside the school, his eyes closed, the wind blowing his hair slightly. She sighed, sitting down next to him. She looked at him sympathetically, but he kept his eyes closed. She shook, but stopped herself. She had to be string, for Alphonse. Momo's death was tearing her up inside, but she had to stay strong. "It'll be okay Al," She put a hand on her shoulder. He sighed, and leaned his head on it. Her eyes widened for a second, and she leaned in closer, resting on his shoulder. His eyes widened as he felt her begin to shake. "E-evything will be o-okay," And she couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears started falling down her cheeks. "E-everything will-" She chocked on her words, she sniffled, then weeped as she sprang onto Alphonse, clutching him tightly, her arms wrapped around him as tight as posable, as she balled. He sighed, and patted her head.
"Mitsuki, if it hurts then just cry. You'll feel better."
Without looking at him, she whispered, "That's what I should be telling you."
His eyes widened for a moment, then he looked at his feet, "Yeah, you're right. I should cry when I get hurt." He sighed, leaning his head on the wall and looking at the ceiling. "But, I've forgotten how."
Her eyes widened, "How can you forget how to cry?"
"I don't know," He closed his eyes, "Maybe not even that I forgot, but rather... ...I was hurt so bad, I just don't feel anything anymore, like death."
She clutched his shirt tighter, "Don't say things like that. You can't feel nothing."
He sighed, "Sometimes I wish that was true-"
Just then, they heard a evil, yet childish laugh. The twisted laugh of a little girl. Maron. "Well, well, well, aren't you guys so cute- It makes me wanna puke."
Alphonse stood, making a fist, "Maron!"
"Pleasure to see you again Allie, and little Anna wannabe."
Alphonse snarled, "You have no right to say things like that, so just shut-up! Now, tell me where she is Maron!"
Maron raised an eye brow, "Who?"
He ran up to her, pulling her up by her shirt, "You know who! Momo! The school girl you killed, where'd you put her body! And why hide it, you usually never clean up your mess!"
She giggled, blushing, "My oh my, Allie, I never knew you were so aggressive with girls."
"I'm not playing around here maron!" He spat.
She laughed, removing his hand, and stepping back a bit, "You're right. I never bother to clean up my messes, I don't like to put in any more effort than I have to. I have never done it before, and I never will, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about."
"Ugh! You're such a lier!"
She laughed, and in a flash she was up against his chest, on her tip toes to be face to face, their eyes inches from each other. Quick as lightning, she pulled out a knife, and tried to stab him. He blocked her with his wrist, then grabbed her arm, and twisted it around. He pulled her in, then kicked her, causing her to fly back. She almost fell, but just barely caught

herself. She whipped her mouth, "Heh, not bad."
She ran at him, and swung her leg in the air, attempting to kick him in the face. He quickly dodged, and slid under her, trying to trip her, but she quickly jumped over him. Upon landing, she instantly turned and kicked him in the back, causing him to be flung forward and fall. Before he could get up, she stepped on him, and laughing she said, "Oh Allie. Allie, Allie, Allie. Will you ever learn?"
He turned his head as much as he could to look at her, and smirking he whispered, "I don't know, when will you?" And he flipped up backwards, kicking her down in the process. Mitsuki's eyes widened when he pulled a gun from from a holster hidden under his baggy school uniform shirt. He pointed the pistol at her, and stared into her eyes, a killing look in his eyes. She laughed, "I knew it. You've still got that look in your eyes. The look of a true born killer. You were one of the best of the Kuroi Chi, I knew that look, that instinct in you would never change, even after all this."
Mitsuki's eyes were wide, and her throat felt ruff. It hurt, for some reason, to try and talk, a giant lump in her throat, but still she screamed at Alphonse, "No! Don't do It! You can't kill! It doesn't matter who it is, you can't kill! Not anymore! You're not that person anymore, remember!"
The pistol began to shake with his hand, and Maron was laughing, loudly and insanely. Just then, the others ran out from the school, and ran to Mitsuki. Also, behind Maron, appeared the rest of the Kuroi chi. A very tall, thin guy named Michael, with straight dirty blonde hair, and of course red eyes. Also, a broad shouldered guy, with blonde-ish white hair,

and glasses. A short, younger looking boy, with wavy black
hair, and a row of sharp, shark like teeth. And lastly, a young girl with long silver hair, with a lifelessness ora about her.
Michael groaned, "Ugh, Maron you're such a pain in the ass. See, this is what happens when you don't clean up after yourself."He sighed, then looked sharply into Alphonse's eyes. "You're not going to shoot her, little Allie. You may have the look of a killer in your eyes, but you've changed. Because behind the kill, there's regret and fear now. So just put down the damn gun, and walk away. We'll settle our business another time."
Alphonse didn't look at him, he never took his eyes off Maron. "He's right, don't do it Alphonse!" Mitsuki yelled from behind. He grinned his teeth, and tried to hold the gun still. Mitsuki and the others yelled at him to hurry up, just let it go, and don't kill her. Their voices all merged together, mixed with Maron's laughing. Images flashed by in his head. His heart raced, and his breathing was heavy. Anna. He saw Anna. Smiling, calling his name, but he couldn't hear her. He couldn't reach her. He couldn't touch her. The image became static, and she began to fade. Then he saw his friends, and Mitsuki. His mansion, it was burning. It was nothing. He was nothing. His parents. The faces he never got to see. The note his mother left, it was burning. A lake. A girl. flashes, his life, burning, to nothing. Then, everything went black. And there was nothing.

CHAPTER SIX: Ghost of Anna

Allie. Allie, It's me. Anna. He heard her voice ringing in his ears, and he desperately struggled to open his eyes, when he realized they were already open. It was so pitch black were he was it seed like his eyes were closed. He felt something warm brush up against him, and he knew it was her. Anna. He thought. Just thinking that one little word made his heart pound, and light and color flood the world he was in. It was the garden. The one in the VA. The wind blowed ever so slightly, and the sun made the the colors un-realisticly contrast. They lay in a bed of white flowers, and he looked over to see her lying next to him, one hand clutching the side of

his shirt, and one leg rested atop his. Her eyes were closed, and she breathed gently as she slept. Her dress seemed to match the flowers, and her long black hair Like black frosting spread out on a white cake. He leaned his head back, and closed his eyes with a sigh. "Wish this wasn't a dream," He whispered to himself.
"It doesn't have to be," He looked over instinctively to see Anna had woken.
"What does that mean?" He sat up, "What does all this mean?"
"What you want it to mean?" She answered bluntly.
He raised an eye brow, "Am I suppose to know what the hell that means?"
She giggled, "It is what you make it. It's your dream after all."
"You're not making any sense. Are you really Anna, or just essence of my dream that's taken the shape of one of my memories or thoughts?"
She laughed, "I don't know, am I?"
"Ugh!" He stood, his hand on his face, "You can't be the real Anna, you're way to irritating."
She laughed again, leaning back on her hands, and gazing up at the sun, the light glowing on her face like a mirror. Then, it started getting darker, and the wind got stronger, and the air was now brisk and cool, and she looked at him with a smile and said, "Think about why you're having these dreams. Think about what you're trying to tell yourself within the nonsense of this world you've created in your head. You're smart, you'll figure it out."

He felt a softness underneath him, a bed. His bed, in his mansion. He wasn't dreaming anymore. But he didn't feel the warmth of another person sleeping next to him, the feeling had had quickly gotten used to. No more Anna, and in the real world, he felt no Mitsuki. His eyes fluttered open then, and he saw his room as he had thought. And, instinctively, he looked over to Mitsuki's half of the bed, and as he had thought, she did not lay there next to him. But he could hear the soft, quiet breaths of her sleeping. That's when he realized she was sleeping at his bed side, sitting on the floor, and leaning in on the bed side. He sighed, confused. His eyes widened as he remembered what had happened when he blacked out. In his mind he remembered it vividly, like he was reliving it.
Before he could see, he heard gun shots. Then, Maron on the ground, blood poring from her chest and lower gut. The Kuroi Chi clan letting there guard down, their minds only on Maron as they rushed to her side. And on the opposite side of them, was him, still pointing the gun he had just shot.
He felt the bed shift a little, and he looked over to see Mitsuki slowly getting up, and as she did her wondered, I wonder what She dreamt about? Her eyes were half open, and after a yawn, she said, "Morning."
He raised an eye brow, "Why are you sleeping there?"
She smiled, "Are you saying you wanted me to sleep in the bed with you? Do you really like me all that much?" She giggled. Bt somehow it seemed fake.
He sighed, "You," He paused, unable to say anything more while looking at her, he turned his head the opposite

way, out toward the window. "You don't have to try and act like everything-like you're-okay, to try and make me feel better."
She smiled another fake smile, "I'm not, I'm just fine, really." But her hands shook in her lap.
He gridded his teeth, and turned quickly to smack her on the cheek. Her eyes widened, and he sneered, "Just stop! Don't hide your feelings! Not for me, not for anyone-"
And before he could even finish she broke. Tears spilled from her eyes, and her body shook, and her heart raced. "I'm-" She sniffled, "I-I'm so sorry. I-I've just-Never-seen anyone-get killed right in front of me like that. I-I-I"
Her eyes widened, as he threw his arms around her, pulling her close, and holding her tightly. "I'm sorry." He whispered to her. She sniffled, trying to pull back her tears, and bit her lip as she wrapped her arms around him. "So sorry." He sighed, "Especially because I know it's going to get a lot worse than that. The innocent murders, war, senseless killing... The next person to be killed might very well even be on our team. I didn't want you-or anyone involved with this. With me. Because this is what happens."
She clutched him tightly, pulling on his shirt, "Please," She whispered, "Stop. It's not your fault. It's not anyone's fault." She loosened her grip to look at him, with a smile, a real smile, "Allie, remember? This is the stuff my father lived for. The stuff I live for." And before he could say anything els, she tightened her hug around him again, syncing her head into his neck. He breathed in her sent. strawberries. Just like Anna used to smell, when they would hug like this.

Checkers. Endless rows of checkered pattern tiles on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Nothing els. On and on, forever in every direction. All exactly the same. All except one tile. One tile, he could just barely see in the corner of his eye, to his right. It was suppose to be white, but it was red. He walked over to it, though he wasn't sure why. As he touched it, he felt his hand glide through the tile like it was liquid. Then, he felt himself being pulled into it. And before he could blink he was drowning in red liquid. He desperately looked for a place to come up for air, when he realized he could breath. At first he found this odd, for he did not have gills. But then he realized he was on land, a dark red sky casting a red glow on the strange world.
He heard the echo of a laugh, and in a gentle wind he caught a whiff of a strawberry scent. This is another dream, right?He thought to himself. So it must be... ...Anna.
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