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by Amay
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What do you say when someone's lost so much?

Words sound hollow when your pain is so raw and so fresh. People say, “They're in a better place.” True as it may be, it does little to honor your feelings. People say, “Time will heal and ease your grief.” But what is time? You’re living in the utmost present. The pain is palatable. The grief is overwhelming. People say,” Remember the good times, the laughter, and the joys.” But all of those memories are tainted with the gaping hole that was left in your being.          

Platitudes show you that people do care. But words are just words when the one you love is no longer there. Time dulls the pain and allows the memories to bring joy once again. Tales of childhood, rites of passage, of holidays and joyful times will bring smiles in time.          

Faith gives us hope, a life beyond this mortal shell.          

Faith gives us a knowledge that you will meet again on that distant shore. But until then the private jokes, the knowing smiles, the twinkle in the eye are no longer here. The loss is real, and for a time it will consume. Healing will come. Joy will return.          

But for now, celebrate the life that was. Celebrate the triumphs, the fellowship, and the family that made you the person you are. Stand proud in the strength of your faith. Stand proud in the accomplishments of your special loved one. Stand proud in your life that they touched in innumerous ways.

But then…

It’s all just words.

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