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Confidential Profile
            "MI6 is an intelligence branch of the British secret service." M paused
      and took a sip of tea, "Mr. Kent or should I say Kal-El? Your persona is
      well known through out the world. I fail to see how you could be of
      service to MI6?" "I am not here to join your special branch. I have come
      to arrest James Bond for murder." Superman answered and scanned the
      room with his x-ray vision. "There's a lot of lead paint in this old house."
      M smirked as she put down her tea and saucer; "May I ask by what
      authority do you charge my best agent?"
            Superman levitated toward her. "By the authority of the United
      Nations. Your agent assassinated a Japanese citizen: Sion Sono."
      "My agent has a license to kill. The termination of Mr Sono was
      necessary. He was a threat to national security." M responded calmly
      as she picked at a cube of sugar with silver tongs. "That is for a
      judge to decide. Will you bring 007 to me or must I tear this house
      down?" Superman's voice shook the study. M removed a glowing green
      cube from her sugar jar. "You know what this is?" she smiled.
      Superman stumbled backwards, falling into the executive and shattering
      its mahogany cabinet. "Every country has a right to defend its sovereignty.
      Your victim was planing to broadcast alpha waves into England to
      manipulate the English people into mindless zombies. Our agent stopped it.
      The UN is nothing, but a third world wet boy for anyone with a bank role."
      M chortled as she waved the glowing green kyptonite over Superman with
      her silver tong. "One lump or two?" she smirked.
              "You aren't going to kill him?" Mr Bond begged M. He had slipped
      into the room through a secret door. "He wont hesitate to arrest you."
      she responded with steel blue eyes. "Let him up." James grabbed the
      man of steel's shoulder to help him stand. Superman sneezed and
      blew the kryptonite cube through a wall and into the Themes.
      "I knew you'd give him to me." Superman smirked at M. In a burst of
      super speed James Bond was arrested and jailed. "Let this be a warning
      to any country that believes they are above the law!" Kal-El announced
      to the applause of the United Nation General Council.
              After much legal negotiation James Bond was released, but his
      secret identity was reported on every media. "Bond we must retire you."
      M spoke with sharpness and regret, "Your enemies will pursue you
      and anyone they can use to get to you. I am very sorry." M turned away.
      Bond was anestheticed and the surgery began. A month latter Jane Park
      entered M's study. "Well? How is the new 007?" M queried with a Cheshire
      cat smile. "I'm missing somethings, but I still have my gun." Mrs Park
      gave a toothy smile back and picked up her Walther PPK .. "That's
      the spirit James. Keep up the British end." M laughed and slapped Jane
      on her plum bottom.

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