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by ashley
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a short paragraph thru my daughters unheard thoughts
a tear for mommy, a tear for daddy,
a tear for bubby, a tear for me.
a tear for not knowing what's happening,
another tear for me.
a tear for wondering where mommy keeps going,
another tear for me.
a tear for daddy cause he's always so sad,
another tear for me.
when is mommy coming back,
another tear for me.

i love you very much. and one day soon, this will all be over and mommy will never leave again. -xoxo

i wrote this when i was staying at the battered women's shelter. the kids were still with their father, their father was still waiting for me to come home. the children did not know what was going on, the dad refused to see i wasnt coming home to him. as you read this, picture a young girl, 2 year old, in the background. thats how i illustrated this one in my notebook. a drawing of half her face with a few tears streaming down into the words.
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