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As heard from an OasisHD episode on the Bison in America
A Bison rancher told this on a recent OasisHD episode. His experience with his herd taught him a lot over the years but nothing like this compares. Scanning the heard of several hundred he noticed a cow circling and hovering over her calf that was on the ground. It was probably a day or so old but was injured and could not get on its feet. Nudging and prodding didn't help. Stretching the distance a couple of times also didn't work. The natural characteristic of Bison is to stay with the herd, therefore she had no choice but to leave it and join the herd that had already moved on and was almost a mile away.
Not long after leaving her calf two young bulls come charging over the hill to where the calf still lay. They prodded and nudged but did something never seen before. With their horns and in as if they communicated with each other, used their horns to attempt to lift the calf up on its feet. As heroic as this looked, sadly it didn't work. It seemed like they had only one option which was to kill it and move on, which they dd.
Here's a unique ending to a sad story. They returned to the herd down the valley, probably more than a mile by now but to this rancher's surprise, the entire herd returned to where the calf had breathed it's last, and filed past, some walking some in a slow trot, to pay their respects.
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