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A father questions his decision to let his daughter fulfill her dreams. [Elegy]
A Father's Love

They placed her in my arms that day.
She met me with a smile.
God knows full well the price I’d pay
to hold her now awhile.

I watched her grow and laugh and sing;
I taught her how to pray.
She was my joy, my everything,
and then she went away.

I did not know her destiny,
what plans God had designed.
Had I foretold life’s brevity,
could I have changed His mind?

If I had held her tighter—though
she wanted to be free—
would she, then, all her dreams forgo
to spend more time with me?

My heart did speak. I let her fly.
She soared with sweet delight,
only to find her dreams a lie.
Her wings were torn in flight.

They placed her in my arms that day.
Her smile forever stilled.
God knows full well the price I’d pay
to change what He has willed.

*Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird**Bird*  *Bird*

[alternate lines of iambic tetrameter and trimeter]

[June 2017 - won 3rd place in "A Story-Poem Contest!!!]

Note: Written for my brother whose daughter was murdered in 2005.
For more of that story, see "A Thanksgiving Farewell

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