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Maria tells Benvolio she's pregnant
WC 869


You'll not believe what happened this afternoon.

I was propositioned by RM Sanchez to have sex with a Priest. I pretended to go along…It should happen sometime next week. I've drawn up a map and will share further details as they become known. Then I want you to step in and expose this woman for the fraud she is.

Teresa is here now at San Miguel’s and we're roommates….She told me how she was tricked…It's an ugly story that does not bear repeating, but one that follows a familiar pattern of betrayal and deceit.

I’m sending Benvolio tonight to deliver this message. Your foresight was a blessing, when you made him my guardian angel.



That evening Benvolio sat pretending to doze beneath Maria’s window. He was waiting for a letter she had promised to deliver when he heard footsteps. In his peripheral vision, he saw a figure with a hood pulled low coming down the street.


He looked up. “Meet me in the stable,” the voice whispered.

He arose, yawning, and stretched. He followed slowly. Upon entering the stable he again heard the low and familiar voice. ““I want words before you ride off…”

“I’m all ears…”

She snuggled close. He glanced around to make sure they were alone.

“I know I’ve been short at times these past few months…”

“It’s to be expected…snooping about is very nerve wracking…” He hugged, relishing the feel of her body.

“I never really believed there was a girl in Barcelona,"

“You didn’t?”

“No, it was a pretext.”


“A way to vent the worry that simmers in my stomach.”

"What are you talking about?”

“I think I might be pregnant…”

“You think?” His breath caught in his chest.

“I’m all but certain…”

“That's wonderful news!” He lifted her by the waist and twirled her around. ”I’m going to be a father….Can you imagine that?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I can, now calm down…I’ve despaired telling you, but it can't wait any longer. Soon I’ll begin to show.”

“Then we must get married at once!”

“I don’t want Tomas surprised….you must tell him everything and ask permission…”

“He’s going to kill me….First he’ll find out what you’re planning and then he’ll discover what I’ve done…If I don’t return alive…be advised...I love you and will be waiting patiently in eternity.”

“It won’t be that bad...," she answered, not so reassuringly. "Just get it over with. Every hour that you’re gone is a misery. When I see your face it gives me renewed strength...and right now my fortitude cries out for it.”

They embraced, kissed and slipped to their knees. His hands reached beneath her skirt and tugged down her underwear.

“This must be a quickie,” she said beginning to breathe hard.

He tore off his pants and shirt as she removed her habit. He hopped about pulling off his boots as she laid back on the newly spread rushes. He mounted and she yielded herself, sinking into the fresh smelling hay and breathing deeply of his manly scent. As he moved in and out, her fingers clutched his shoulders. It is so natural and right to be joined with him in this manner she thought. I feel the blessing of God’s love in this man...someone devoted to spending his life with me, a man to make babies with, someone to watch with pride as he holds our children and helps me raise them into upstanding young men and women. What a joy it'll be, married to this pillar of strength and won’t I be the envy of all who see us together?

As he stroked he thought… How wonderful it will be to have a girl such as Maria to sleep with every night….a woman to serve my needs, to chase away the worrisome desire between my legs. Someone to fix my meals and keep my house while I’m engaged in the manly duties a husband must perform. What a joy to have a son, even a daughter...( if that is God’s will), and how the other men will look at me with envy, having such a beautiful and full bodied wife.

Despite their fear of being discovered they lingered neither wanting the moment to end. The slapping of their intercourse, which set her aglow, soon began testing his stamina. At length he felt the call of the blaring trumpet…Maria peaked at that instant, crying out, "Benvolio!" Her spinchter tightened as his man-spit filled her womb.

As they lay spent in each other's arms, they reveled….no, wallowed in a joy of happiness. It was a precious moment of bliss; A pleasure sweeter than either could have ever imagined. After a long pause and deep sigh, he came off and they arose together and began putting on their clothes.

“Here is the letter and a map of the Convent,” she explained. “The visiting monks are usually booked into the guest quarters as I've indicated. I think that’s where I'll be taken. We need to be thinking about a plan."

"I’ll be back soon," he answered. With one last kiss he embraced her, swung into the saddle and rode off into the night.

The End

WC 869

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