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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Fanfiction · #1726622
Playscript series about the great grandchildren of Piper.I own some of these characters.

JONATHON HALLIWELL sitting in the attic, alone. He’s 30, scared and looks as if he has given up on life.

The attic is cluttered, neglected; the pedestal for the BOOK OF SHADOWS lies empty. Boxes and various items line the walls; everything has a thick coating of dust. In the centre of the room, is a greying table, with the BOOK OF SHADOWS, and various herbs littering the surface.

Jonathon is flicking through the book frantically, he's looking for something; something that's just barely out of reach.

He's neglected his personal health, he has long unkempt hair, with a wiry beard.

And he's turning the pages fast, hysterically-

To no avail.

Tears in his eyes, he's slams his fists down on the surface of the book in frustration.

Throwing his head to the ceiling.




No reply.


WIDE SHOT: on Jonathon, alone.


PIPER HALLIWELL is sitting alone on her bed. She's paging gently through a diary.

CU on Piper, she's looks sorrowful, but at peace.

Zoom in on diary, the title, it says:



We vanquished another truck load of demons today. Some dude's from the brotherhood of darkness. I should feel happy. I can't though. I feel so helpless, piper's got a new power, which is so cool, and she can make things blow up, just by flicking her wrists. It's so cool. Except she can't control it, she's blowing up everything she can get her hands on- literally. Still, it's helped us out in a few sticky situations. It makes my power seem so useless. It's so frustrating, that I can't move things in astral mode. What if I'm in astral, and someone's in trouble, like an innocent…or my sisters.

I'm so scared all the time, that one of these days, one of them is going to get us. I couldn't bear it if I lost one of my sistes.

Piper's crying, sobbing as if she'd only just lost her sister.


Piper's really scared about her new power. She says she's not ready to control it. It's all I can do to reassure her, but we'd all be really distraught, if she tried to freeze someone like Leo, and ended up …

Our other powers are all so passive in comparison, one mistake, and…

Phoebe's really distraught as well; Cole killed a witch, an innocent witch. She trusted him; we all did. She says she's over him, but Phoebe's emotions are all over the place. I hope she'll find someone new again, otherwise she'll give up on love.

Piper's calming down a bit again, wiping away the tears.


But I have to stay strong, for Piper and Phoebe.

A knock at the door, Paige walks in cheerfully, clearly not anticipating Piper's misery.

She sees Piper's tears and rushes over to the bed, in order to comfort her.

Paige has changed since we last saw her. Her hair is a light blonde, and cut into a cute bob. Her face bears a few premature wrinkles, unusual for her age of 33. She looks older; she's seen a lot in three years.


Oh honey, what's wrong?

Paige is empathic, she's puts her hand around Piper's shoulder, comforting her.

Piper's feeling more relaxed, the presence of a friendly sister giving her reassurance.


It's Prue's diary.



I know, I know, it was so long ago…


No honey, it's never to late to mourn a loved one.

She rocks backward and forward, gently, easing her pain.



I still remember when my parents died. I loved them so much. I find myself lying in bed sometimes, wishing I'd saved them.

WIDE SHOT: The bedroom, with Piper and Paige rocking backward and forward.

They're cut off by the appearance of two year old MELINDA HALLIWELL, wearing pyjamas. Melinda's young, pretty, clever. She's sucking her thumb, holding a teddy bear-

She looks petrified.



Mommy, I had a bad dream.

Paige looks at Piper, tentatively.


I'll deal with it.

Paige hops off the bed, tightly, and taking Melinda's hand, they walk briskly out of the room.

WIDE SHOT: Piper, sitting alone on the bed, sobbing slightly.


CASSIE AND BETHANY HALLIWELL are walking tentatively into the alleyway.

CASSIE is young, 26, intelligent, determined. She wears her straight hair in a ponytail,. Bethany, the opposite, she's younger, 22, reluctant, glamorous. She has long curled hair, let loose.

They look around, expecting someone; their sense on full alert.

Cassie's breathing in hesitantly, waiting for, anticipating-


Look out!

Cassie ducks, just as-

A sparkling blue energy ball speeds over the top of her head.

She gets up, looking around, she sees-

Five demons, dressed in black, menacing.


Well, we've had worse.

But Cassie's not frightened…

She's grinning.


Bring it on.

Each demon conjures a second energy ball, which tear across the courtyard towards the two sisters, at incredible speeds.

They're coming closer-


Cassie raises her palms outward.



From her hands emerges a wall of orbs, telekinetic orbing blast, which engulfes the whole alley.

They speed toward the energy balls-

Then orb the balls away into nothingness; the wall fades and shimmers away.


That is soo much cooler than the normal tele- blast, you have got to show that to mom.

The demons rapidly break formation, hurtling into action.


You got any more of that stuff left?


No, I'm out of power.


Right, time to improvise.

An energy ball skims Bethany's scalp.


Watch it Beth



Bethany closes her eyes, and her body is engulfed in swirling white orbs, as if she is disappearing inside them. When the orbs disappear, her body remains, motionless, head bowed-

But then she reappears, in orbs across the clearing-

Behind the demons.

Creating two Bethany's-

One animate, and one inanimate.

Bethany winks.

The demons do not notice Bethany Astral-orbing behind them, they only see her empty body.


Yoo- hoo.

They turn around, noticing her astral form.

She rises a few inches off the ground-

The demon's come closer-

Salivating, anticipating the kill.

They're grasping at air, as she flies off, into the distance, and then three of them follow her.

The remaining two turn around, glaring at Cassie.

They growl and each conjure an energy balls, aiming them at her head.



The balls turn around, embedding themselves in the demons chest.


Take that, and don't mess with a Halliwell again!

In time to perfection, Bethany's body is surrounded, once again by orbs, as she becomes once again conscious.


Divide and conquer, they always fall for the astral trick.

They snigger, and orb away.


PHOEBE HALLIWELL is lying on the sofa, with COOP perched on the arm.

PAIGE walks in, teary eyed, and Phoebe sits up, alert, leaving room for her sister to slump down.


What's wrong honey?


Piper's a bit sad. She found Prue's old diary. Shook 'er up.


She needs some loove therapy.

Anyway, why are you so angry?



I'm not angry.


You have got to be kidding me- I am an empathy, and your vibes are shouting at me. Plus I think I'm turning telepathic.


Really honey, that's great, it's about time you got a new power. Piper's being getting a truck load of them lately, what with the inhibition, and the stimulation, but saying that, it's been seven years since she got the blowing up…


Stop trying to change the subject. You are worried, about dear Mr. Mitchell; I have enough control over my power now to know that.


Well ever since I told him that pregnant, he seems really distant, y'know.


I tell you what, me and our resident love specialist here can go and drop some hints, and see if we can pick up a couple of vibes. If not, I'll do a bit of mind probing, this telepathy can come in mighty handy some time soon.


You are so naughty.


Just don't tell Carl, if he grasses me up to the elders I am meat.


Don't talk to me about that dumb whitelighter. I wanna vanquish his ass. We don't even need a new whitelighter now you can heal and everything. We haven't seen any big demons since Billie, and she's nice now.


I beg to differ.


Just because trying to find Billie a satisfactory boyfriend is like trying to get blood from a stone, doesn't mean she's not nice.

Coop sniggers.


HENRY MITCHELL is sitting casually on a deckchair, staring out into the darkening distance. He loos angry about something, distressed..

He's interrupted by the arrival of PHOEBE, and COOP, who walk by casually, trying to avoid being noticed.

Coop has his hands in his pockets, whistling, creating the image of no worries.

© Copyright 2010 M.Rooke (m.rooke at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1726622