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(f/m, furry, hyena/dog, digestion, scat)

This diet was killing her.

Every day for the past week Heidi would starve herself without losing a single pound. Worse, she actually gained weight on a number of occasions.

It didn't seem possible. The hyena simply wasn't eating enough during the day to have gained weight, but somehow she had. It took a few days for her to figure it out. She came to realize that in the morning her well stocked fridge and cupboards became significantly less full. It finally hit her one day that she must have been eating in her sleep.

It was frustrating to no end. No matter how hard she tried during the day, her good work would be undone by morning and there was nothing she could do about it.

Despairing, she rang and told her current boyfriend of her predicament. She was looking for sympathy when she talked with her border collie but what she got was a solution.

“Why don't you let me stay the night and I'll make sure you don't make it to the kitchen,” he proposed.

It was a great idea but it was still early days in their relationship. They had yet to spend the night together and the idea made Heidi nervous. It had nothing to do with Charlie; in this instance, it really was “me and not you.”

Heidi was sensitive about her weight, and no matter how many times her boyfriend told her she was beautiful, she would never believe it.

Charlie had a perfect body; the kind you see in magazines. Though you would never have guessed from his short stature and thick coat he was very strong. In fact, he was the first guy to be able to carry Heidi in his arms, and was no easy task for most men. How could she measure up to a guy as perfect as him.

The border collie sensed her reluctance and said, “we don't have to do anything you're not ready for.”

Images of what they might do when she was ready flashed through Heidi's mind. The thoughts sent waves of desire though the hyena's body. So desperately she wanted that dog inside her; to fill her the way that food never could. But she had to control urges. She didn't want to scare a guy as perfect as Charlie away by seeming too desperate and she didn't want him to see her naked yet. Not until she felt as attractive as Charlie insisted she was.

“Okay, come over tonight and we'll see what happens,” she said at last.

They hung up after a quick “see you then,” and Heidi waited.

The hyena switched the TV on and absent mindedly flicked through the channels. She wasn't really paying attention to what was on, her attention was too occupied with thought of her Charlie.

Her eyes wondered over to the front window every few minutes, searching for Charlie's blue Toyota. It wasn't until Heidi finished her unsatisfying dinner that she spotted the car's headlights pulling into her driveway.

Heidi raced to the door and held it open before Charlie had a chance to raise his hand to knock. They kissed passionately but Charlie pulled away sooner than Heidi would have liked. They sat down for a while and watched TV; Heidi laying her head on the Charlie's shoulder and Charlie with his arm around her.

Yawning and drifting in and out of sleep, Heidi soon decided that it was time for bed. She brushed her teeth and joined her boyfriend in bed with a very long night gown that didn't show a hint of the fat rolls she was so ashamed of.

Charlie by comparison didn't wear much at all. His cloths to one side, the only article of clothing on his body were his blue satin boxers. How she longed to see under those boxers, but that would have to wait for now.

Heidi lay next to Charlie and wrapped her arms around him. She closed her eyes and breathed in his smell. She wanted to remember that smell forever so she buried her nose into his neck and savored every breath. She drifted off with a smile on her face; her stomach empty but her heart full.

Heidi dreamed that night. It was more vivid than she had ever dreamed before. Surrounded by foods she knew she shouldn't eat and her stomach screaming to be satisfied. Cakes ten layers high, ice-cream of every flavor, and every kind of meat imaginable cooked in every way imaginable.

Heidi couldn't hold back much longer; her stomach wouldn't be denied. She went for the cakes but something stopped her; a familiar voice. It was Charlie. She couldn't see him but she could smell him and hear him telling her to resist. She desperately wanted to obey but her hunger was too strong.

“I'm sorry,” she murmured and went for a giant leg of ham.

“Stop, Heidi, stop,” she heard Charlie say. It was much louder now.

She couldn't stop. She swallowed the ham without even bothering to chew. Charlie's voice became weaker, overwhelmed by the cries of her stomach. She felt the meat sliding into her stomach and then all was silent.

Her appetite was sated but it was quickly replaced by guilt; the guilt of breaking her diet and the guilt of letting Charlie down. The guilt came in the form of a smell; Charlie's smell. It was stronger than ever, and it filled her as much as the giant ham filled her satisfied stomach. She didn't deserve to be with the border collie the scent belonged to if she couldn't get her body to a state that was worthy of him. But that was just a dream.

There were no giant hams in Heidi's house, and Charlie would stop her from breaking her diet if there had been.

Heidi woke to find herself sprawled out, naked, across the bed with the sheets somewhere on the floor. Feeling exposed, she cupped her hands around her breasts and did her best to cover her naked body. Fortunately, Charlie was no where in sight, so she quickly redressed herself before he could return.

When Heidi felt she looked decent enough, she called out for her boyfriend. There was no response so she thought that this was as good a time as any to weigh herself and do her morning `business'.

She locked the bathroom door and stripped once again. First she looked at herself naked in the mirror and she wasn't happy with what she saw. She definitely hadn't lost any weight, but she stepped on the scale to make sure. It wasn't good.

Heidi had gained 70 pounds. That was more than she ever thought possible in one day. What did she eat last night, and why hadn't Charlie done anything to stop her. She had no time to answers such questions as, the next moment; she felt an enormous pressure in her bowels that wouldn't wait.

The hyena quickly hopped onto the toilet bowl and no sooner than she lifted her tail did thick waste come pouring out. She sat glued to that seat for a long time. It just kept coming; from what, Heidi couldn't even guess.

The smell was embarrassing and Heidi was glad that Charlie wasn't around to breath it in. It was then that she noticed something beyond the stink that wafted up from the porcelain bowl. It was him, her boyfriend; she would never forget his smell. Charlie was close by, just outside the bathroom door, even.

“Don't come in,” she called out through the locked door, where Charlie was, no doubt, standing. “Go have breakfast without me.”

Finally, Heidi felt that her bowels were empty, but Charlie's smell hadn't left her. Impatient now, Heidi got up and put her face right up to the door. She yelled, “I'm using the bathroom, can you PLEASE, give me some privacy.”

Again there was no response, but this time Heidi noticed something strange. Charlie's smell wasn't coming from outside.

With chills running down her spine, Heidi followed the scent. As it drew her closer to the toilet bowl her heart stopped and she became nauseas with dread. Through the sickening stink she smelled him.

The pieces came together to form the horrifying truth of what had happened last night. Heidi had eaten Charlie and in her sleep, she had reduced him into a putrid piles of logs. His perfect body was now nothing but a formless mass; the only clues as to what it had once been were the black and white fur knotted throughout and a hint of his once intoxicating smell.

The nausea Heidi felt overwhelmed her when the gruesome reality of it all sank in. Her stomach turned and she fell to the floor, coughing and retching. On hands and knees she heaved until she spewed out a large wet mass. If there was any doubt as to what had happened last night it was extinguished by what now lay on the tile floor.

Dark with wetness but still undeniably clear; the hyena had just coughed up the satin boxers Charlie had worn last night.

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