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Just my random thoughts and experiences.
Hey there ! Today, let me talk about issues that have been lingering in my head for quite sometime. Yes, as a 14 year old, many things pass through my mind. Now, I shall be exercising my Freedom of Speech to its extent. I will talk political issues.

As I was eating at IKEA, with my mom, I couldn't help but notice a pair of mother and son who were sitting at a table nearby. They were obviously not Malaysian. The white skin revealed everything. Looked as if they were European. Definitely not American, they have different slangs.

I took glances at them. I noticed how hardworking they were. Yes, as cheesy as that might sound, but, I am being fully serious. The boy had around 3 to 4 textbooks that were so very thick, and he was doing an essay of some sort. I don't know if it was homework for him, but still, to do it in a public place where noise erupted everywhere, was just, somewhat amazing. And the mom, had a book in her hand as well. Also, a pen in her mouth. I mean, she was biting on it. And, she was making notes everywhere. As if she was trying to improvise and tweak everything in that book, in order to create something new.

Then, I looked around some more. Looked behind, and there were a group of Chinese men discussing some business plans. Okay, fine. I scanned the whole room. The majority of occupants were Malays. And, they were all eating. Unlike the Europeans, who were busy doing their work, and the Chinese, discussing plans for the future. And then, I thought, 'Would I be doing work during the break?'. Answer to that, 'HECK NO!'.

That's when it came to me. We, Malays are just SO frickin' LAZY. Honestly, shoot me. But, it's the truth. The only way Malaysia is to be as successful and modern as the United States is for the majority of the people (a.k.a Malays) to start working their asses off. We can't let the other races take over the country. For pete's sakes, our country's name is freaking MALAYsia. And, it was given that name for a reason. There was a time when Malays, were a race to be beckoned with. But, as time goes on, WE happen to be the ones who commit sinful acts that everyone should be ashamed of. Baby Dumping ? Are you serious ? God, the world is changing, and we are doing nothing to keep up.

One day, the hardworking Chinese, the diligent Indians, the positive Europeans, the front-going Americans will take over the whole world. And, the Malays ? Oh, they will have nobody to blame but themselves. Time doesn't wait for you. And, we should be standing up, making a stand, to be fighting for a better tomorrow !

The Government of Malaysia are doing a great job running the country. BUT, the attitude of the people should be changed. The Government has been planning all sorts of things, Bajet 2011, Wawasan 2020. But, what are we as the people doing to achieve all of the above ? Let me answer that, in fact, NOTHING :)

And in the end, those who will pay the price, is us, MALAYS. The reason why the United States have achieved such successful form is because they have no care for the world. I mean, literally no care. They didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol, so, they can do whatever they want. And, the government there is silently implementing in the minds of their citizens to not give a damn about other people. Do what you want, when you want ! And, it's working for them ! The most successful people come from that very country.

Should we implement what the United States are doing ? NO ! But, we should take them as an example to just do it ! If it brings no harm, then why not ? Everything is worth a shot. Everything deserves a chance.

Writing this, as an aspiring politician, I want to make a difference. Ever since the last independence day celebration, there were a few videos shown. And, it showed videos of how the politicians back in the olden days fought to achieve independence. And, it just totally inspired me. Sitting there, in the front row, I was thinking, "wow, i want to make that difference too. i want to fight for my country as well".

So, whoever Malays that happen to be reading this. We need to make a stand ! A better government is not what we need. A better rakyat is what we really need. So, Please, do it for Malaysia. The country, that has provided for you the WHOLE of your life. the country that has given you shelter. The least you could do, is make a difference. Remember, even one person, can cause a change.

With that, thank you.

Written by Putri Nur Aida Sofiea Binti Ritakamal. On the 25th of November 2010.
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