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My perception of colours.
While I was travelling from home to office this morning, there were many thoughts coming in and out and among that one got stuck in my mind. It started somewhere,lead me to someother thought, but finally left me contemplating on 'colours'.Yes!

I believe colours are an important part of human expression.Colours reflect the mood of a person.Right from the colour of the dresses we wear to the environment we live in, each colour has a part to play in the way we express ourselves.We wear new grand,bright dresses for weddings and festivals and it does uplift our mood.There is one colleague of mine who wears bright dresses,matching ornaments etc. to work. She had made me giggle initially. After a few days it struck me and I also wanted to try coming to work one day,in a bright new dress!And I must say that I loved it! For some reason which I do not know to explain, I felt really positive and charged!Colour Psychology is what it is known as.(Thanks to google!)

Now I feel like painting all my surrounding areas with bright colours!!How nice would it be if we can change the colours of dresses,water bottles,pens,walls(just to name a few... ) with one click just like MS paint! Now I also remember the climax of the movie taare zameen par!!!!! Remember the painting competition at the end where Aamir khan paints a picture of the kid smiling, in bright colours, while the kid would paint a scenery with dark gloomy colours???

Perhaps that's why I also like bright summers and springs when I am happy!! Rains and dark clouds are for times when I am alone and sad!

I wish every single person on earth a colourful life.
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