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A mans night of writting makes him wonder if his experiance was real or a dream
Jake keeps staring at the blank word document and the flashing pointer. Hes got nothing, He needs to submit the story to his publisher before 9am the next morning however he has writers block. He cant concentrate hes working on two hours of sleep and hes frustrated extremely frustrated. He needed to go to the gym to get all frustrations out buts he wasn’t able to today. Meeting after meeting and his publisher giving him this deadline has made him lose a whole day. He looks down at his computers clock 11:54PM .

<Jake> Dammit come on Jake you have written Million of stories before why the hell cant you write a damn erotic short story. You have enough experiences to make this simple .. Fuck your horny as hell right now this should be simple enough.

Jake begins to jump around trying to wake himself up. He turns up the music on his MP3 player to as high as it goes . He doenst care hes the only one here. Knowing that hes alone he considers letting his imagination roam he begins to think of all the women hes been with just as he moves his hand down to this cock then he thinks to himself

<Jake> No!!! what the hell am I doing that doesn’t satisfy me at all I need the real thing.

Jake hates masturbating he doesn’t find pleasure in it he prefers to workout so he doesn’t think about sex than jack off. He sits back at his desk and stares at the blanks sheet of paper again just then he sees an email box pop up show up. Its from Rylee Logan.
Jake opens the email.

<Rylee> Hi Sir! Watcha doing here so late? mind if I keep you company im bored in my office.

Jake types back

<Jake> Sure Ma’am, what are you doing here so late, im sorry I didn’t know anyone was here did my music disturb you?

<Rylee> Not at all Sir, Give me a couple minutes and I will be there :).

Jake starts to fidget in his seat he hears the ding of his email box but he doesn’t bother checking who its from he looks down at his watch 1205 am. Rylee Logan was the woman Jake was interested in. He liked her since the first time he saw her walking down the hall her golden blonde hair in a pony tail bouncing up down her hips moving left and right bringing attention to her nicely formed ass. Just the thought about it made him get a bulge in his pants . He clears his mind as he hears a knock at his office door.

<Rylee> You in there?

Jake opens the door, She wearing Shorts and a long sleeve shirt she looks like if she just came back from the gym. Jake stares at her soft looking legs wishing he could touch them her shirt Is form fitting revealing her two nicely shapped breast, her shorts are just short enough to make you fantasize but leave you wondering what else they are hiding.

<Jake> Yeah im sorry my mind was… Just.. wandering, day dreaming if you will.

<Rylee> Heeeheeh what about sir?

Rylee had the innocence, and sweetness of a child when she spoke , but she oozed sexuality with every single word that came out her luscious lips, She was a woman that spoke a lot without saying a single word her gestures her eyes her beautiful blue eyes made you promises of forbidden pleasures. You just couldn’t stop staring of them you got lost in them. She was seductive, exquisite, attractive, burning with sensuality a woman like Jake had never met.

<Jake> Nothing really Im sorry, Im just a lil bit frustrated I can complete this retarded story ma’am.

<Rylee> What is it about?

Jake stares at her legs and breast he cant keep his mind from wanting to just jump her and feel her up like the dog that he is ..

<Jake> Im supposed to be writing an erotic story, but I have writers block right now I cant think of anything.

<Rylee> Hmmm is it lack of experience or lack of imagination?

Jake blushes something than never happens.

<Jake> ohhhh We got jokes today don’t we ma’am…No its not lack of imagination I just don’t write that way I mean what would be the scenario.. how would it happen? You know things like that
<Rylee> How about Fucking a co-worker?
<Jake> Yeah that would work but I don’t know how to start it ..
<Rylee> So what you need is help then.

Rylee moves in closer to Jake , She licks her lips as she comes closer to his seat. Jake starts to fidget and gets up from his seat as she gets closer to him.

<Rylee> Getting any ideas yet?

Jake’s mind starts to race of a 1001 things that he wants to do to her .. but he still refrains from acting on them .
So he lies

<Jake> No Not yet!!!
<Rylee> Really Sir! None at all?

Her hands move to her tight shirt she lifts it just enough to reveal her flat stomach, Rylee begins to run her fingers thru her short golden Hair. Jake begins to breathe harder and harder she gets close to him the scent of vanilla hits Jake’s nose like a freight train. He closes his eyes as her body is now next to him, He runs his fingers on the outline of her body, She lets out a small moan. Jake opens her eyes and begins to stare at those blue eyes, he runs his fingers ever so gently on her face, He cant stop himself anymore he gets close to her and kisses her passionately she responds in the same way .. She nearly rips his head off. Jake grabs her hair and begins to kiss her neck.. That vanilla scent that taste it drives Jake even crazier. His right hand moves slowly to her firm nicely shaped hips he caress them and his other hand follows he picks her up like if she was weightless.. She wraps her legs around his waist he continues to kiss her still in awe about what going on.

< Jake> You know I have fantasized about this millions of times
<Rylee> I know baby so have I

Jake pulls her shirt over head shes wearing a dark blue bra she looks at him and gives him a look that makes Jake want to release all his tension right there on the spot shes amazing. Rylee lets out a moan as Jake begins to take off her bra and reveals her supple breasts he begins to suck on them and she lets out a small sigh. She pulls Jake closer and whispers in his ears.

<Rylee> Take me baby, take me know baby, Show me , what you want to do , make me feel you! Fuck Me Baby.

Jake cant contain himself he stops wondering how he got so lucky . He gives her a small trust her body begins to quiver Jake never stops kissing her he lowers her to the floor he begins to kiss her from the neck down to her stomach , he slowly starts to take of her shorts .. He sees her blue lace panties she giggles a bit .

<Jake> Why do you laugh baby
<Rylee> Its funny I never wear panties
<Jake> Never?,,,,Really!!! Why not?
<Rylee> Because that’s how you lose them.

Jake cant believe this woman shes amazing . Jake pulls down her underwear to reveal what he had only dreamt of. She was smooth clean shaven Jake slowly kisses her even then he can smell vanilla he wants to take his time he kisses her inner thigh slowly moving up and down but never hitting her spot she begins to moan and move guiding him she helps . Jake looks at her

<Jake> Not yet baby.. I want to enjoy it savour it… I want it to call out to me.

He begings to kiss her stomach again with one hand he begins to undo his pants with the other he rubs her legs .. They were smooth just like he had imagined them as he moved to her inner thigh and massage the sorrunding area of her most prized possession he feels something warm and wet dripping down his leg he smiles. He glides inside her with ease she gives out a gentle moan in his ear.

<Rylee> Yes baby just like that

She grabs on to his neck and pulls him towards her, Jake cant stop staring into her eyes, he kisses her lips, he relishes the sweet taste of them, she squeezes her legs on his back. He feels pain for a minute, he enjoys it she begins to suck on his shoulder harder and harder, her moans get louder and louder She arches her back and neck, he feels the warmth inside of her, her hips started moving, begging for more. She opened her eyes. She smiled at him and stared her eyes begged for more . She didn’t have to say it she had that look that made Jake want to go deeper to be with her and never go away. Both of her hands felt for his chest, he did the same to her with his free hand. The sound of her breathing and moaning echoed in Jakes office.
The thrust grew stronger and wilder there was no restrictions with her he touched every curve of her body, her hair in his face the smell of vanilla wanting him to taste her even more. Rylee’s continued to suck on Jakes shoulder in between moans her nails embedded into his back and almost drawing blood He felt the pain both in his shoulder and his back he loved he wanted more her hair wet due to the sweat both of them enjoyed each other they fit perfectly like a piece of a puzzle. His hands massaged firmly her thrusting hips. He felt the warmth of her essence dripping down his legs. Stronger. Faster. Louder. Rylees Words echoed in the halls

<Rylee> Fuck me Jake

Her grips tightens her legs tense up her moaning gets louder his thrusts get deeper and harder her breathing gets faster and faster the both climax together Rylee letting out a loud scream and Jake gripping her tighter as not wanting to let her go and making two bodies one. They lay in silence until Jake and her fall asleep.

Jake wakes up with a crink in his neck he looks at the computer clock 545am he looks around his office everything is quiet nothing is out of place he looks for her but theres no sign of her nothing not even a faint scent of vanilla. He looks at himself and he is fully dressed ,he looks at his email. The last message he received was from Rylee Logan it was sent at 1203am it said

<Rylee> Im sorry sir, im going to have to take a rain check I have to go to my friends house she just called me crying… But I love you sir have a good night don’t think naughty things.

<Jake> It was a dream??? No It couldn’t be it was to real I felt her or did I? God I Have to stop over thinking my stories I cant tell whats real and what isn’t.
Jake starts to get up and trys to remember if it was all a dream .. he thinks to himself how real it felt he smelled Vanilla in his clothes … he sits back down in his chair and stares at his computer the paper is still blank with the blinking cursor.. He sticks his hand in his pocket and pulls out a pair of blue Lace panties…He starts to laugh .

<Jake> It couldn’t have been a dream what did she tell me That’s how you lose them.

He smiles and he begins to type his story he begins with
Jake keeps staring at the blank word document and the flashing pointer. Hes got nothing, He needs to submit the story to his publisher before 9am the next morning however he has writers block……………
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