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Habit of Despair

My name is Don Tomas de Castillo. I was born into a noble family in Valladolid in 1462. With the Help of the Queen's Chancellor, Alonzo de Quintanilla, and the King's Sacristan, Juan Ortega, we organized a brotherhood called the Holy Hermandad, which was a civil/military organization acting under the sanction of our beloved sovereigns. Our mission was to uphold the law and safeguard the peace and prosperity of the Kingdom. At great personal risk we curbed the lawlessness rampant during the times, both the ursurping of power by the nobles, and activities of common criminals. In this we were supported by the people, grateful for an infrastructure that protected commerce and brought some stability to their lives.

There is much that has been much written of me, some good, some bad and most of it a distortion of both. As I grow older and my vitality begins to wane I will attempt to put forth for posterity a version more truthful to the record.

Before I get to that, however, I discovered on the death of my sister, Maria, excerpts in her journal leading up to an important event...one that helped shape my character and no doubt contributed to the type of man I became...I was feared by many during my lifetime and not without cause. Vengeance is mine, so saith the Lord and if I have any regrets or would change any of the things I have done, it would be to leave my vengeance in God's hands rather than sometimes taking it upon myself.

Getting back to my sister, Maria, let me begin by saying that she was an unusual woman and wrote in a most unusual way....Her journal reads more like a drama. It was her custom in making entries to not just explain events but to record the actual dialog as well...I have sought to leave her written legacy unexpurgated since she became something of a local folk hero to the young women hereabouts, and there is nothing in what she wrote that is not already known. While for some it might raise some moral objections, I am long past caring in such matters. Think what you will and take some joy from her life or take your sanctimony and go to hell.... whichever you prefer. For the reader to understand better, I have focused on six of her entries and tried to place them in a fuller context.

The story begins at a time when I was serving as a diplomat and soldier. I was in my early thirties, in the fullness of strength, mind and passion. My sister had a friend named Teresa who was a sweet and wonderful girl of fourteen. When I would return from my duties abroad, I often saw the two together. Teresa was a shy and unusual girl and was always in the company of dogs and cats and birds and all manner of creatures, tamed and untamed. They seemed to see in her qualities that were not visible to people and she often talked through them when addressing others; for example if I asked her about the day's weather she might characteristically respond.., say holding a kitten..,

"Tell Tomas, little pussy cat, that the weather is sunny but there are clouds and I fear tomorrow it will rain."

This was the way in which she frequently spoke and how she often addressed me in our brief exchanges. We had many of these when I was home and thus I gradually got to know her, on and off, until she reached her eighteenth year.

It was towards the end of the war, just before the fall of Grenada that I happened to be home, in the garden of the estate, when a distant cousin sought me out. Velusa was a hot blooded young woman and someone I normally avoided, but she found me in a weak moment . She was insistent and I was willing and before long we became carried away with our passions and lay naked on the ground exhausted from our intercourse. Teresa was visiting Maria on that day and went in search of me and came upon us in that vulnerable moment and exposed state. She was understandably mortified and withdrew in a dreadful blush. I begged excuse from my cousin, chiding myself in the strongest possible terms.

Needless to say I was very disturbed because in my heart a seed of affection was beginning to take root for Teresa. On many long and lonely nights my thoughts would return to this innocent young girl until I couldn't shake her from my mind and I decided, at the first opportunity, to ask her to marry me.

Two more years passed and my love for Teresa became ever more acute, and I returned determined to propose, settle down and raise a family. Imagine my dismay to discover that shortly after my departure, Terea had entered the convent and began preparing to take her vows.

I became desperate and began following her about and she pretended to ignore me until finally we had an encounter under the worst of circumstances and she told me publicly in the most unmistakable of terms, that I needed to find someone else and quit pestering her...couldn't I see that she was pledged to God? Her rebuke took place in the court of the King and Queen and in the witness of a large gathering. I had just been appointed to a top position in the judiciary and was profoundly embarrassed. Still I was determined to press my suit and went to my sister for help.

Maria spoke with her, thinking we could surmount these obstacles because she knew that at one time Teresa had been in love with me....however, when they met at the Convent, Teresa seemed distracted and if anything her attitude had hardened for the worse. Neither of us could understand the dark change that had come over her. I was called abroad once more, involved in negotiations with the Basques and returned to find the matter at an impasse. Something had happened to poison Teresa's feelings that went far beyond the regrettable incident in the garden. It made absolutely no sense to either of us and Maria resolved to get to the bottom of it.

She decided the best approach was to join the Order of the Holy Cross and find out for herself what had happened. I know this might appear a rather extreme course however, you must understand that my sister was a very strong willed and adventurous young woman who loved me, just as she did Teresa. Since she was determined to go through with her plan, I decided to involve a close friend of mine, Benvolio. He was a fellow Knight in the Order of the Rosie Cross and temporarily out of work. Maria had never met him and I wanted someone to watch over her from afar.

It was necessary for him to see Maria before setting forth, so we waited on the eve of her departure, until she returned to the Hacienda. There was danger in her mad scheme and I needed a man I trusted implicitly. Eventually the coach drove up and she stepped down with her purchases. We watched her make the ascent up the stairs and into the Great Room. I heard the intake of breath as Benvolio noted Maria's beauty. Her hair was long and black and flowed richly down her shoulders. She walked with the command of an aristocrat and the grace of a feline. Pausing in front of the hall mirror, she looked to see if anyone was about and then took off her jacket…her blouse followed, revealing a lace binding and full breasts. Opening a package she took out a dark habit, holding it up to envision the way it would look. I had not intended for him to see Maria so unencumbered and took my friend firmly by the arm, backing into the shadows.

“You've seen more than I intended,” I told him, “I hope you got a good look at her face.”


A month later Maria left the Convent, walking alongside Sister Hilda, with a satchel over her shoulder. The First Secretary was giving instructions.

Waiting outside was a young man seated in a livery, hands on the reins, looking down into the traces. He was powerfully built with broad shoulders…his hands were enormous. He was dressed in the coarse garb of a peasant. She expected the smell of a working man and was surprised instead by the scent of soap.

“This is Benvolio, our handyman. He knows the way and will see you safely to the Hermitage," said Hilda. "Deliver the posts and try to return by dark.”

Maria stepped up into the seat and settled in. Benvolio snapped the reins and the pony stepped off briskly and soon they were clipping down the road.

“Benvolio,” she said thinking out loud….”I’ve heard that name before.”

“It is common among the Basques,” he answered.

“A friend of our family has spent many years in the Pyrenees. Perhaps you know him?” (Maria had entered the Order under an assumed name and did not want it known that I was her brother.)

“Who might that be?"

“His name is Tomas de Castillo.”


“I see…” She detected in his Spanish a pattern of speech that was veiled but distinctly Castilian…

“Tell me Benvolio,” she continued her intuition alerted…”How long you have been working here?”

“But a week,” he replied.

“Fancy that…” She reached over and touched a hand rubbing it with her fingers. “These are not the hands of a laborer.”

“I served in the wars, 'My Lady.'.

“Why do you address me by a title, as if you know who I am?"

He stammered, “Your demeanor is that of a highborn."


She began to study him closely and he became uncomfortable. He shifted nervously about and then glanced over at her. To an observant woman a look can be disastrous….

“You are not as you appear, Benvolio,” Maria concluded.

“Why do you say that?”

“Your shoes for one thing…They do not match the rest of your attire. They are scuffed and dirty to be sure, but underneath they are tooled leather and not inexpensive. And those britches that stretch with your, ahhhh, ‘prominance,’ are frayed but contrived to look worn."

With difficulty she forced her eyes from his bulging manhood, but not before experiencing an unwelcome heat.

“It comes back to me now…this acquaintance of mine has spoken of one named Benvolio…a close friend.”

“You’re mistaken.”

“Indeed?…Then how is it that a Basque peasant learns to speak High Spanish?”

“My mother was from Madrid," he stammered, beginning to flounder.

“Don’t lie to me,” she replied, “I hate it when a man does that.”


“Who are you?” She demanded.

He sagged…”As you suspect, a fraud.”

“For sure, but I suspect the fraud is also my brother’s closest friend.”

“The truth is revealed....was I so transparent?”

She leaned over, kissing him on the cheek. ”At Grenada, You saved his life. Accept this as a measure of my gratitude."

“Does it extend further?" he asked hopefully.

Perhaps it was the pressures of the times, perhaps the volatility of their blood, or perhaps being long without gentle companionship….perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…However, what soon became evident was an attraction, intense and eager.

"What are you suggesting?" she inquired, staring hard into his eyes.

“I was thinking that your lips might be a good place to start.

”“Pull the cart into those trees.”

He hastened to her bidding and once parked, lifted her out by the waist.

She raised her chin and closed her eyes. Guilt filled his heart and whispered to his conscience. He took her in his arms. For a long moment intimacy hung by a thread. He hesitated.

“Are you going to kiss me or not?”

“And what would Tomas think to look at us now?”

“Do you want an honest answer…?”

“And what of your honor if someone should happen by and see us so disposed?”

“What does being seen have to do with honor?”

“Appearances are important.”

“You call yourself a Knight!” She pushed him back…"A disappointment is what you are. ”

“Forgive me if I led you on.”

"Is this where you intend to leave matters?" she asked impetuously.

The struggle between conscience and desire teetered and then collapsed like a castle of cards....Please, Maria....I need you so bad."

In disbelief she watched her hands raise her skirt and pull down her underwear. What in God's name to you think you're doing? she asked herself. You're twenty-eight years old a voice answered.... This is the man you've been praying for.

Shaking her head she heard the same voice continue...Hurry up we don't have all day!

He unbuckled his belt and let his britches drop...

"Oh my Gawd," she gasped at the sight of his erection…It was enormous.

Taking a deep breath she asked...."How are we going to do this?"

“On the the wagon.." He said, lifting her up onto the floor.

"What do you want me to do?"

Her buttocks rested on the bed and her bare legs hung over the edge. He stepped up.

"Just lay back and relax."

She reclined back onto the boards supporting herself on an elbow, so she could see what was happening.

"Lay back," he instructed tugging on her hips. She slid towards him as he nudged her thighs apart.

"What now," she inquired again, falling back and looking down her arm.

"Close your eyes."

She groaned as he inserted himself, twisting the head and driving his shaft into the soft folds. At first her opening protested but then yielded to his slipping girth. As it did he reached behind lifting her buttocks with those big hands…She squirmed trying to get comfortable as he coaxed himself deeper and deeper. At length he reached the limits of her flesh and she gasped. Raising on his tip toes, he hoisted his petard as she arched backwards twisting about. A tremor raced through her body as the onslaught of his seed splayed about in her womb. To experienced lovers his surge would be deemed premature but to them it was a satisfactory first time union. Abruptly the stretch and strain ceased as she felt him go flaccid. Sighing in relief she pulled off, stepped down and recovered her undergarments. In modesty they turned their backs and put on their clothes. Then they turned and kissed in a long and contented embrace.

“Come, dear man," she said pushing him away. "We have a long day ahead of us."


They proceeded to the Hermitage whereupon Maria went inside and delivered the posts and then went in search of Teresa. She found her in the midst of devotions, praying in a sparse cell. Teresa was delighted at first to see her old friend but what started out as a pleasant conversation soon turned sour.....Their exchange began touching upon progressivly more sensitive areas until Teresa became angry and told Maria to leave.

Maria returned to the cart and stepped up onto the seat. Benvolio looked over inquiring, “Did you find out anything?”

“It turned ugly, "she responded, "let's go."

He shook the reins and the horse stepped off. Once past the town the terrain became rolling hills and forests. Maria sat pensive. He watched from the corner of his eye, her breasts moving with the clip-clop of the horse’s hoofs. His thoughts returned to earlier in the day when they had made love. Shaking his head he took a breath, trying to concentrate on the matters at hand.

“Do you wish to share the details?”

“I posed the questions we discussed."

“...and how did she respond?”

“Well, to begin with, I asked why she’s so upset with my brother.”


“I expected her to bring up the garden incident, but she dismissed that as almost inconsequential.”

“Go on.”

“So I pointed to her stomach asking who the father was.”


“She became indignant and said 'tell Tomas it's none of his business..,.' then the caveat, 'even though I hold him personally responsible.'”

Hmmmm....Rather ambigious, don't you think?

"So it seemed at the time."

"Did she name another?”

“No, she witheld his identity.”

“Why would she feel obliged to do that?"

“I got the impresson she feared that Tomas would retalitate.”

“She’s wrong, but I can see why she might think that.”

“I told her it wasn't my brother she needed to be worrying about..."

“How did she respond to that?”

“It made her mad.”

“What did she say about Juanita's mysterious rendezvous in the Convent?”

“That it probably wasn't a priest, more likely her boyfriend come to visit.”

“Did you offer your opinion...?”

"Yes, that I believed young girls are being duped into granting sexual favors.. That there is altogether too much foot traffic in the halls at night...extending into the wee hours of the morning.

He chortled.

“...That really got her goat. Teresa said that if anyone was being used it was me, by Tomas, to get back at her.”

“I'm beginning to see why it was a short visit.”

“Indeed..., With that she told me to leave.”

“I think you did a good job...I'm impressed."

They had gone several miles caught up in this animated discussion and as a consequence were taken by surprise when two brigands sprang suddenly from hiding. The shorter one took the bridle and the other confronted the driver, his sword menacing….

“What do you want from us?” asked Benvolio.

“…Your valuables and the saddlebag that Nun’s carrying.," said the one with the sword.

"We have no valuables," replied the Basque, "and the satchel contains only letters from the Sisters at the Hermitage.”

“Hand it over…and let me see for myself.”

“It’s my responsibility," said Maria clutching it tight.

The brigand stepped closer poking his blade into Benvolio’s chest.

“Must I kill this man, Sister, and take it over his dead body?”

“…While I hold you down,” added the runt.

“Give it to me,” said Benvolio extending his hand towards her.

She handed him the satchel and he turned, shifting his body to the side.

The thief reached up for it and Benvolio kicked him, springing from the livery. The rogue staggered backward and recovered, only to face a sword, drawn from beneath the seat.

“Killing these amateurs is going to be unsettling. Maria.., don't watch."

“There are two of us and but one of you,” blustered the pip squeak.

“I've a date with the Devil and a girl in Barcelona," Benvolio reflected calmly. "I'll be sleeping with one of them tonight.”

Maria’s eyes got wide. The brigands stepped back. They looked at one another and hesitated... then, nodding in agreement, turned and fled.

Benvolio returned the sword in disgust and stepped back up onto the seat. He feigned calmness but his heart was pounding. Taking the reins, he gave them a shake and resumed the journey. Maria trembled, scooting a hip against his and putting her head on his shoulder. One arm went around his waist and her other hand began rubbing his thigh. She watched as the fabric stretched. A mile up the road they pulled off onto a logging trail and halted. Alighting, he walked around and lifted her from the cart. She responded clutching him tight. They kissed long and passionately beneath the bowers of the forest.

“Take off your habit,” he said, voice straining with desire.

She pulled it over her head as he untied his britches. She gazed wide-eyed as he sprang once more to view. He lifted her effortlessly onto the bed of the cart. His fingers fumbled with the laces holding her breasts and they spilled into plain and open view. Taking them in his fingers he began squeezing the soft curves and kneading the nipples. Gripping one he kissed it, teasing the tip with his tongue. She moaned as it perked shyly from a texture of goosebumps and dark aureola. Then again, Benvolio had his way as she laid back and surrendered her body. This time he worked her with a more measured and insistant stroke. At first she lay quietly trying to rid her mind of the bandits. Soon however, her thoughts turned to the pleasure of their intercourse and she began responding to his lovemaking. Now, the experience seemed surreal and built more slowly with an ever increasing momentum. Amid grunts and sighs they grew increasingly more excited as he stepped up the tempo and began to pummel unrestrained. Maria started sobbing, overwhelmed by the raw physical intensity and the emotions that flooded her awareness . She locked her legs about his waist and climaxed as the rush swept over and all her tension and frustrations came whooshing out. At length, both spent, he pulled out and she sat up. They embraced for many moments, rocking back and forth in the clutch of each other's arms.

“I thought I was going to lose you,” she sniffled, her breath coming in short halting

“For highway men they were exceedingly inept.”

“Who is this girl in Barcelona?” she wanted to know.

The Basque smiled. "Why, do you want me all to yourself?" He said this in a mixture of bravado and jest..., however, the words fell flat and he later came to regret them.

In the days that followed Benvolio devoted himself to the project of replacing the floor joists in the Fellowship Hall. It took him a week to shape the beams and another to set them in place. He did all the adz work himself. Then the trusses had to be dragged inside and hoisted up onto the set stones. It was slow hard work. His helpers were willing but they were inexperienced young women. It took awhile but at last the project was complete.

He had not seen Maria since their return.

One night, two weeks later, he lay tossing on his cot, drifting in and out of a dream world. The memory of her waist in his hands as she twisted and thrashed, played in slow motion through a hazy fog of recollection. Her groans and heaving breasts stirred a wet longing and the seeping of desire brought him to the edge of slumber. Someone hovered over him, breathing down into his face. He was startled awake.

"Shhhhh,” said Maria, kneeling alongside the bed.

“Sweet Saints!” he muttered. “Don’t ever come on me like that again!”

“I’ve a job for you.”

“What kind of job?” Her woman’s scent set his heart to pounding.

“Hush,” she cautioned…”You’ll alert the kitchen…already they begin to move about, so we haven’t much time.”

“Time for what…?” Desire stirred beneath the blanket.

“For words! I've a message for Tomas. You must deliver it and tell him everything that’s happened.”

“Everything?” Benvolio drew her close.

“Stop it! Not here!” She pushed his hand away.

“What are you worried about? We have at least an hour before anyone ever ventures back here.”

“This is God’s house…. not a brothel.”

“This is a store room.”

“I’m not just another girl from Barcelona.”

“There is no girl from Barcelona….I made that up.”

She mimed his parting words… “So, you want me all to yourself?”

“I was only joking.”

“My body is no joke….I don't share mine with another woman.”

“I swear! there's only you.”

“Are you making that up too?”

"No, I want to marry you."

“Quit talking through your... you know what!”

“I mean it.”

“Should I swoon...? No! we’re beyond that... I suppose it's a cue to spread my legs?”

“You’re not listening…”

“Closer than you think, and the answer is no…not here, not now and never again.”

“What have I done?”

“You found my weakness and took advantage of it.”

“That’s nonsense," he said reaching out.

“Don’t touch me….!”

“Is something wrong? Is it your woman’s time of month?”

"Would that it were..."


“You’re a dog, Benvolio. You belong in a kennel! Here, take this message and deliver it to my brother.”

She arose abruptly..

“Can we talk when I get back?”

“Don’t be in any rush….you'll have plenty of time to visit your girlfriend.”

The dawn of the following day was still distant when Benvolio returned to the Convent. He crept quietly inside and stumbled over two legs drawn up next to his bed. It was Maria. He settled next to her and she handed him a bottle of wine. He took a swig.

“What did you learn from Tomas?”

“He read your letter and drafted one in turn to the Novas.”

“What does he intend to do?”

“Adopt Teresa’s child.”

“That’s an interesting development.” He handed her back the bottle.

She took a pull….”What took you so long?”

“I had to go by the Nova’s cottage or I would have been back hours ago.”

“No stops along the way?” she asked with an edge.

“There’s no other woman, Maria,” he groaned in exasperation, “There’s only you.”

She sniffled.

“I have something.” He took a chain from around his neck and put it in her hand.

“This is the ring my mother wore…her wedding band.”

She sobbed..”I looove you Benvil...Benvolio.”

“You’re drunk. How long have you been waiting?”

“Hours and hours…”

“Will you marry me?” She looked up, tears flowing in the dim light.


His lips closed on hers and his tongue slipped between. She responded, darting her own beneath,and sliding her fingers under his tunic. He tugged her drawers over her thighs, then with a foot, pushed it off her ankles. Pulling at her habit in frustration he muttered, “Take it off!”

She sat up pulling it over her head. Her underclothes followed.

He stepped back stripping off his own. When both were naked they crawled beneath the blanket. She felt his chest on her bosoms for the first time. Like fine coiled wires his sweaty hair exuded a musky scent that excited her nostrils and tickled her nipples.

Rolling atop he took her wrists, stretched her arms and began sucking a breast. Her breath came faster. Tearing one hand free she reached down searching for his manhood. Finding it, she positioned herself, tugging and guiding it inside.

He gripped the sideboards, his back bent. Her fingers clutched his shoulders. His thighs muscled her legs apart. They yawned as he felt the wet spot close around him. Driving with his hips he pushed deep and and began to stroke.

Maria responded, finding the beat of their intercourse. Her need began with a gasp of surrender, but then, like a rising storm, began to gather in intensity. "Oh Gawd," she cried out panting with desire. Amid grunts and sighs came the rhythmic slapping of flesh and with every thrust she arched, rising to his surge and then falling away. As their passion built to climax she squirmed about, head rolled back and eyes glazed over. Then with a groan, he came, soaking her womb in a prolonged squirt of turgid pleasure.

The fall faded into winter and the winter became spring. During this time Reverend Mother( RM) Sanchez was transferred to become RM at the Convent and Orphanage at San Miguel’s on the outskirts of Madrid. Sister Hilda went with her and she brought along Maria and Benvolio. It was a hectic time and there was little opportunity for the two to be together….When they could speak it was for the briefest of interludes and Benvolio sensed a cooling in their relationship. On the trip from Barcelona to Madrid they finally had a chance to ride together on the livery filled with baggage and personal belongings.

“I missed you Maria….it seems like forever since we were together.”

“Meeting you in the storage room was fraught with risk.”

“Do you remember our last night together?”

“I remember.” She looked away refusing to make eye contact.

“Have things changed?”

“I was drunk.”

“I asked you to marry me.”

“Seems I recall bits and pieces.” she replied, intent on watching the countryside.

“I see you’re still wearing my chain and ring around your neck?”

“For safekeeping….until I decide.”

“Decide what?”

Maria took a deep breath and looked across at him.

“I haven’t made up my mind about you Benvolio… Don’t hold me to promises made in a moment of weakness."

"So what about us?"

"I’ve put our relationship on the back of the stove.”

“Well, that’s a real endorsement of your love.”

“It’s an endorsement of why I'm here. I’ll not risk everything sneaking into your bed every night.”

“I wasn't expecting you every night..."

“You’ll just have to wait. If you can't bear it...there’s always your old girlfriend.”

“When are you going to quit harping on that? I spoke those words to chill the bandits. Remember? They were about to kill me and God knows what they intended for you.”

“Well, they weren’t the only ones chilled.”

“There’s no other woman.”

“So you say, but before I marry you I’ll have to be absolutely certain….I’ll not tolerate a man that whores around and brings disgrace to our family.”

“What will it take to convince you?”

“Time and good behavior.” Benvolio, Time and good behavior.


One night shortly after the move, when things started to settle down, Benvolio was once again startled awake in the early morning hours. He was living now in a small shack next to the stable.
“Wake up,” the voice whispered.

“I am awake,” he answered.

“I’ve a note for you to deliver.”

“I knew there must be some official explanation for your visit.”

“Don’t be such a gloomy grouch.”

“Have you made up your mind about me?”

“Not yet, however, I’ve decided to grant you an interview.”

“Why an interview?”

“So you can understand me better.”

She kissed him reaching her hand beneath the blanket. His desire stirred as she found it.

“You may begin the questioning.”

She slipped off her robe and crawled beneath the blanket. He began to knead her breasts.

“Have you been drinking again?”

“I’ll have you know I’m completely sober.”

“Have you considered my proposal?” She began stroking his manhood.

“Ask it again so I can recall,” she teased.

His arms drew her close, his hands massaging her shoulders.

“Will you marry me Maria?”

“First, you must convince me of your love.”

She positioned herself on top and spread…His mother’s wedding band hung down from the chain between her breasts swinging back and forth. She tugged on his stem and guided it into the petals of her flower. He rose up and she let the muscled staff slip fully inside.

“Can I take that for a ‘yes?’”

“First you must wear down my defenses. Don’t you know anything about proposals?”

He began to stroke and she balanced placing her hands on his stomach. It was like riding a horse and her bosoms jiggled as his buttocks rose up and down.

“Smack!” His hand cropped her hip…

“Ouch!” she exclaimed…”What was that for?”

“I need to put you through your paces,” he replied. “Smack!” He cropped the other.

“Yes,” she sighed, responding to his urging…”Through the paces...”

He took hold the hair cascading down about her shoulders. “Giddy up!” he exhorted, a fistful in each hand… “Show me your cantor.”

“Like this?” she responded, bobbing up and down.

“Yes! Now to the finish…stretch it out and show me your stride. Smack!”

Taking her hips he began thrusting as she clung to the saddle, riding the girth of his horn. His hand slapped her buttocks as his prod goaded, his insistant voice exhorting, "Faster!, Faster! To this she responded with ever greater exertions until at length, with nothing more to give, she could bear it no more. "Stud me, Stud me!" she cried out in the throes, using words never intended for his ears. Carried over the edge, she writhed in the last gasp of passion and fell, collapsing atop him.

“I’m not finished yet,” he said, unsatisfied, rolling over on top. “Are you going to marry me or must we take another lap around the track?”

“She groaned as another orgasm swept over her.

“Will you?” he demanded, his face flushed… veins pulsing in his forehead.

“Yes, yes,” she cried out.

“Say it to me,” he insisted cruelly, demanding that she speak the words.

“I’ll marry you, Benvolio.”

With that his girth swelled and began to splay. She trembled as the surcease filled her womb and still he pumped....In and out...in and out, until at last the pressure of his man spit was so great, it squirted back from the seal of her wet clutch.



You'll not believe what happened this afternoon.

I was propositioned by RM Sanchez to have sex with a Priest. I pretended to go along…It should happen sometime next week. I've drawn up a map and will share further details as they become known. Then I want you to step in and expose this whole sordid affair.

Teresa is here now at San Miguel’s and we're roommates….She told me how she was tricked…It's an ugly story that does not bear repeating, but one that follows a familiar pattern of betrayal and deceit.

I told her of your love and she plans to plead for your forgiveness.

I’m sending Benvolio tonight to deliver this message. Your foresight was a blessing, when you made him my guardian angel.



That evening Benvolio sat pretending to doze beneath Maria’s window. He was waiting for a letter she wanted delivered when he heard footsteps. In his peripheral vision, he saw a figure with a hood pulled low coming down the street.


He looked up. “Meet me in the stable,” the voice whispered.

He arose, yawning, and stretched. He followed slowly. Upon entering the stable he again heard the low and familiar voice. ““I want words before you ride off…”

“I’m all ears…”

She snuggled close. He glanced around to make sure they were alone.

“I know I’ve been short at times these past few months…”

“It’s to be expected…snooping about is very nerve wracking…” He hugged, relishing the feel of her body.

“I never really believed there was a girl in Barcelona,"

“You didn’t?”

“No, it was a pretext.”


“A way to vent the worry that simmers in my belly.”

"What are you talking about?”

“I think I might be pregnant…”

“You think?” His breath caught in his chest.

“I’m all but certain…”

“That's wonderful news!” He lifted her by the waist and twirled her around. ”I’m going to be a father….Can you imagine that?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I can, now calm down…I’ve despaired telling you, but it can't wait. Soon I’ll begin to show.”

“Then we must get married at once!”

“I don’t want Tomas surprised….you must tell him everything and ask permission…”

“He’s going to kill me….First he’ll find out what you’re planning and then he’ll discover what I’ve done…If I don’t return alive…be advised...I love you and will be waiting patiently in eternity.”

“It won’t be that bad...," she answered, not so reassuringly. "Just get it over with. Every hour that you’re gone is a misery. When I see your face it gives me renewed strength...and right now my fortitude cries out .”

They embraced, kissed and slipped to their knees. His hands reached beneath her skirt and tugged down at the cloth.

“This must be a quickie,” she said beginning to breathe hard.

He tore off his pants and shirt as she removed her habit. He hopped about pulling off his boots as she laid back on the newly spread rushes. He mounted and she yielded herself, sinking into the fresh smelling hay, breathing deeply of his manly scent. As they waltzed as lovers, her fingers clutched his shoulders. It's so natural and right to be joined with him in this manner she thought. I feel the blessing of God’s love in this man...someone devoted to spending his life with me, a man to make babies with, someone to watch with pride as he holds our children and helps me raise them into upstanding young men and women. What a joy it'll be, married to this pillar of strength and won’t I be the envy of all who see us together?

As he stroked he thought… How wonderful it will be to have a girl such as Maria to sleep with every night….a woman to serve my needs, to chase away the desire between my legs. Someone to fix my meals and keep my house while I’m engaged in the manly duties a husband must perform. What a joy to have a son, even a daughter...(if that is God’s will), and how the other men will look at me with envy, having such a beautiful and full bodied wife.

Despite their fear of being discovered they lingered, neither wanting the moment to end. The slapping of their intercourse, which set her aglow, soon began testing his stamina. At length he felt the call of the blaring trumpet…Maria peaked at that instant, crying out, "Benvolio!" Her spincter tightened as his seed spurted inside.

As they lay spent in each other's arms, they reveled….no, wallowed in an afterglow of joy and happiness. It was a precious moment of bliss; A pleasure sweeter than either could have ever imagined. After a long pause and deep sigh, he withdrew and they arose together and began putting on their clothes.

“Here is the letter and a map of the Convent,” she explained. “The visiting monks are usually booked into the guest quarters as I've indicated. I think that’s where I'll be taken. We need to be thinking about a plan."

"I’ll be back soon," he answered. With one last kiss he embraced her, swung into the saddle and rode off into the night.

The End of the Sizzle Requirement.

(For those who feel left hanging... :)


Maria waited nerves on edge. As the day turned to twilight she wondered if her appointment with destiny was ever going to materialize. Six O’clock turned to seven and still no Consuelo….She began to pace nervously back and forth. On the table was the rose she had promised to place in her window sill. That would be the signal for the winding of the clock and thirty minutes later Tomas and Benvolio would come to her rescue. She was to drop some petals before the door, where she was being taken, so the rescuers would know the precise location of the room. .Another fifteen minutes passed before she heard a quite knock. She placed the rose on the sill and went to open the door. Consuelo waited outside. She took a second rose from off the devotional and clutched it in her hand.

“Come," said Consuelo, "Already we’re late and your lover awaits…no doubt with baited breath.”

Taking her by the arm they went downstairs and crossed the street. Maria breathed with relief as they went up the steps and entered the anticipated wing. They walked down the hallway, passed the row of visitors rooms to the last door on the left. It was the suite referred to as, "The Cardinal’s Quarters," meaning it was the most well-appointed of the apartments. Here the Reverend Mother paused.

Maria took the rose and placed it in her hair…Consuelo noticed and smiled approvingly…. She intends to make the evening memorable the RM thought. She knocked softly on the door, failing to notice several petals fall to the floor. The door opened revealing the countenance of Antonio, smiling broadly.

“I've brought you a little love bird,” said Consuelo as the door swung wide.

“Please come in my dear,” said Antonio.

"I'll leave you two to get acquainted," said the Reverend Mother. With a knowing wink she turned about and headed off back down the hall. Brother Bernardo motioned inside with a half bow and flourish…

"I believe your name is Maria, is it not?"

“Yes, that's my name” she answered nervously, without having to pretend.

Inside was an elegantly furnished room. There was a desk beneath a chandelier, two book cases, and a long table. On the other end was a huge bed with a canopy. On the table was a pitcher filled with water, a decanter of wine and two glasses."

“Don’t be nervous,” said Antonio. “Since this is not your first time, think of me as a long familiar lover...that mysterious someone of your dreams.”

Inside Maria’s head a mental clock was ticking….Less than ten minutes had passed, twenty more to go…

“I want to thank you Father, for the annulment.”

"A pleasure to be of service..."

"What do you wish me to call you? By your title, or do you have a name you prefer instead?"

“Antonio,” he answered, “my name is Antonio.”

He simply couldn't get over it. This was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen....and resolved to later congratulate Consuelo on her good taste.

“Would you care for some refreshment?” he asked.

She smiled and nodded. He poured them both some wine and extended her a glass…

“It's so much more relaxing to have someone with experience. Consuelo often uses me to introduce the virgins to the pleasures of lovemaking. To initiate the Initiates, if you will..." He said this chuckling as if it were some kind of an inside joke.

He's the one who did Teresa, Maria thought, no doubt about it.

In a long suffering tone he continued..." However, it can at times be tedious...a messy chore at best and I'm glad that tonight we can dispense with it."

Dear God!, Maria thought, It's all true! My worst suspicions are revealed. What they are doing behind these walls is unconscionable.

She spoke up. "You're correct in thinking that I have some experience but only through my husband...yet he was a fearsome taskmaster. I still have nightmares of what he did to me." (One of the strategies she had contemplated was to engage him in a tale, like Sheherazad, in the Arabian Knights, and thereby gain some time.)

"Was this your husband in France… the one you ran away from?”

“The same, Father. I fled fearing for my life.”

Antonio took a sip and set his glass on the table. He began to unbutton his frock. (It wasn't working.)

“You need have no fear on that on my account…You'll find me a most patient and gentle man.”

"Don;t you want to know how he tormented me and broke my will?" she persisted.

"Not really."

She stood silently, at a loss for words, and took a sip of wine.

“Drink deeply," he recommended. ”There’s a full bottle. I can see that you’re nervous and all wound up."

She smiled weakly.

“Nervousness is always to be expected but rest assured, it'll soon pass. I'm very experienced in giving pleasure to a woman. I promise to coax your anxiety into a most delightful passion and make this a memorable evening... one you won't soon forget.”

I'll remember it while you fry in hell, she thought, tilting her glass, pretending to take a drink.

The time was passing with an agonizing slowness…there was still at least fifteen minutes to go. He sat down in a chair and took his boots off one at a time. Then he stood and unbuckled his pants letting them drop.

She watched motionless. All that remained was his undergarment and she could see his eagerness, peeking not so shyly from beneath.

“Your turn,” he said…

Maria walked over and dropped to her knees…”Before we make love Father…”


“Antonio…will you take my confession? What I have done to escape my husband…to prevail upon your kindness is sinful and an affront to God…"

"Then let me set your mind at ease... I have a special authority vested by the Pope and I hereby absolve you of all sin."

I don't believe he just said that, thought Maria... Solicitation is bad enough but promising absolution is even worse. He'll burn for this.

In a voice full of with contrition she pleaded, "Please confess me Father.... PLEASE! before we...you know...do it?"

“If that's your wish...., however, let us be unadorned before our Creator, as we were coming into this world.”

Why is it that women always try to delay the inevitable? he wondered.

Maria sighed…this was unexpected but what else could she do...?

She stood up and began unbuttoning the top of her habit. Then she unhasped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Pulling the blouse over her head she set it on top. She tried to extend the undressing part, exaggerating the removal of her garments, but could see it only excited him more. His eyes gleamed and his eagerness strained, peering out like a one eyed cyclops. She removed her panties revealing the thick mat of kinky hair that surrounded her womanhood and then slipped off her halter, letting her breasts fall free. They were full like cantelopes hanging with a firm and pointed invitation. Maria was in the fullness of her beauty and a stunning example of her sex.

As she undressed he voiced many "Ohhhs and Ahhhs" smiling with a wicked grin. She was a delight to watch, such as he had never witnessed before, a veritable study in womanly perfection. He stood and let his underwear fall about his ankles. As he stepped out, she fell to her knees before him. He sat and motioned closer. Maria crawled to the edge of his chair, her face but inches from his masculinity.

“Bow your head and confess,” he said…
“Dear father, I have sinned…, rather than be a dutiful wife, I have shirked my responsibilities and brought pain and suffering to those who took pity on me.” She took a deep breath and was about to continue when Antonio cut her short…

“You're forgiven Maria…Say no more….You can make a more personal and lengthy penitance when you return to your cell…”

Maria looked up, her mind a complete blank...at a total loss for how she might defer the fate that loomed inexorably ever closer.

Antonio stood and touched his member to her mouth….”Pleasure me," he said brushing it back and forth across her lips.

Maria had not been a virgin when she met Benvolio , however her experience was limited to a groom, who will go unnamed, in the stables of the estate. This demand was totally unanticipated and she turned her head away. Antonio forced it back around by twisting her ears. She protested, looking fearfully from the corner of her eye.

"Are you going to behave?" he asked.

She struggled as he goaded insistently with the tip. The smell was repugnant. She rebelled, trying to spit it out but he only twisted harder. She opened gurgeling, as it slipped into her throat and began to gag.. It tasted of stale sweat and salty leather. She began retching.

"Damn you woman," he cursed, not wanting to relent. Then she vomited into his crotch. Shaking his head , Antonio stepped backward in disbelief.

“Did your husband not instruct you in fellatio?” he asked in a raised voice, brushing the effulent from his short hairs.

“No Father” she answered sputtering….Her stomach rolled again and she ran, holding her mouth to the wash basin. When at last her stomach quit heaving she wiped her face and took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry I took you unawares." he said without any real remorse. "Your husband is to blame for not teaching you an important fundamental of matrimony. However, be that as it may, let us adjourn now to the bed where you can demonstrate those remedial skills I pray you're more familiar with.”

Maria backed away….Antonio sprang and turned her arm behind her back.

“You’ve been paid in full for this service," he said, chin pressed to the nape of her neck. We can do this gently or we can get rough…your choice…but do it we will…Raising her arm she winced and stood on her tiptoes. Guiding her forcefully across the room he threw her face down onto the mattress. As she gasped in surprise his legs weighed against the back of her thighs. He paused, spreading her buttocks and looked wistfully down into the forbidden orifice....Not this time, he decided. With heavy hands and rough insistence he turned her over. She struggled while he held her hips and muscled his way between her legs. She cried out in protest....pleading.


Thirty minutes exactly to the time the rose appeared on the sill, Tomas nodded and the entourage moved towards the doorway….Benvolio had a key and turned the tumblers, throwing open the door. It was quite in the courtyard and there was nobody about to notice the arrival of the armed party. With a clear sense of their surroundings they moved out in accordance with the plan. They proceeded across the street and up the stairs to the suites where the visitors were quartered. There they turned down the hall looking at the stones and were rewarded at the end by the presence of three rose petals. The hallway was still deserted and they were yet to be discovered. At that instant they heard a cry from inside. “ Help! Help!” the voice called out.

The Marshall slammed his fist upon the oak portico, demanding in a loud voice….”In the name of the King open this door….”.Save me!” came the same pleading voice. Two soldiers swinging sledges stepped forward and in quick order the door splintered and the latch was raised. As they poured inside they saw Maria wrapped in a bed spread and Brother Bernardo, naked, looking up in dismay.

“What took you so long?” cried Maria in a mixture of anguish and hysteria.

Benvolio rushed to her side and said consolingly...

“Relax,, It’s over my little lamb.…We have the rogue and he'll rue the day he ever laid a hand on you,”

“Benvolio!,” said Don Tomas, “Get Maria out of here. Go with her and find Teresa and meet me in the coach.”

Maria clutched the bedspread and allowed Benvolio to hustle her from the room.

Antonio blanched….He turned and saw the face of the Bishop standing in the doorway. He cringed…

“I would never have believed this of you, Antonio… had I not seen it for myself….you’re a disgrace to the brotherhood and your debauchery will not go unpunished.”

The Marshall punched Antonio in the face, breaking his nose, sending him crashing into the wall…”So this is how you treat the brides of our beloved Savior.”

Next he delivered a body blow to the solar plexus. Antonio sagged trying to catch his breath.

“Fornicator! How can you stand before God and and abuse these poor women? A priest is supposed to be an example, not a corrupting instrument of Satan."

Another blow to the eye sent Antonio to the floor…”I should cut your balls off but I’ll leave the honor to Don Tomas….”

“Let's not be too hasty,” spoke the Archbishop…”Lest we allow emotions to percipitate some bad decision making.”

“Your Eminence, I hope you are as disgusted by all this as I am." said Tomas. "This man is a hypocrite a degenerate hypocrite!"

"I couldn't agree more," the Bishop replied.

"How you deal with this matter will determine the scope of the scandal and the shame of the Church....Do I make myself clear, Your Eminence?"

"Don't threaten me Don Tomas."

"Try covering up this sordid affair and I'll do more than just threaten."

He walked over to Antonio. "I should kill you now for what you tried with my sister."

"Please My Lord," he groveled, "I had no idea who she was. The girl was delivered to my door I had every reason to believe she was willing."

"From outside she didn't sound so willing! Name the solicitor!"

Consuelo, hearing all the commotion, had rushed to the scene and was immediately taken into custody. A deputy ushered her into the room.

"Is this the woman responsible?"

"Forgive me Consuelo," he wept, eye swollen shut and nose bleeding...."They made me confess."

Reverend Mother Sanchez looked about, eyes wide with terror.

"She's the one behind everything,." said Antonio, pointing his finger.

"Since this it a time for admissions," continued Tomas, "please tell the Bishop who got Teresa pregnant?""

"I did it...I'm to blame for what happened.....the flesh is weak and I 'm a sinner....Please don't kill me!"

“Your Eminence," said Don Tomas, "This Convent is a veritable whorehouse. I hope you're up to the task of giving it a good scouring.”

The Bishop shook his head, still unable to believe all he had witnessed.

"Marshall, I leave these two in your custody." said Tomas, "Do with them as the Bishop directs."

Don Tomas gathered his dignity and walked from the room, well satisfied with the night's work. Outside he paused. Realizing there was an opportunity at hand that would not come again, he decided to act upon his intuition and go in search of evidence. He went upstairs to Consuelo's office and began looking around. First he checked her desk and found nothing. Then he turned his attention to the bookcases. In the center of one was a hinged mirror that opened into a cabinet. Inside were shelves. He has seen such a device before and began searching for the pick hole. Finding it, he inserted a small blade and heard a click. Pulling on the shelf it opened, revealing a secret compartment containing several bound volumes. They dated back to 1462 and were entitled “Guest Ledgers,” He opened the most current and examined it closely. There were five columns to a page…In the first was written a name, the second a room number, the third a date, the forth a signature and finally, written in parenthesis, a girl's name .

The latest entry read Frey Bernardo, VII, May 21, 1489. Antonio Bernardo. (Maria)

“Ah,Ha! Jackpot!,” said Don Tomas, aloud.

He gathered them under his arm and closed the mirror. He went back downstairs and stepped into the street. The carriage was waiting and a groom opened the door. He climbed inside seeing Maria and Benvolio. On the opposite bench sat Teresa saving an empty seat. He sat down, reached over and squeezed Maria's hand.

“You did well little sister…I'm so very proud.”

Turning to Teresa he said, “Seeing your look makes this the happiest moment of my life.” She took his fingertips to her lips. From overhead came a loud bark.

"What was that?" Tomas asked.

"Bruno says it's time we were on our way," Teresa answered, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

The carriage lurched forward and the escort fell in behind. It was a long ride home but nobody seemed to mind.

The End

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