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Rated: E · Fiction · Animal · #1728581
The Crocodile and the Plover
Long time ago, along the Nile River in Egypt, there was a crocodile named Dilia. One day, she met an Egyptian Plover.

Egyptian Plover: You are the most disgusting creature I’ve ever seen!

Dilia: No one has insulted me the way you did. Because of that, I’ll have you as my meal!

Egyptian Plover: How can you do that if you can’t even catch me?

Dilia: Oh yes I will! I’m bigger than you!

Egyptian Plover: Oh no, you can’t, I’m faster than you!

So Dilia chased the Egyptian Plover until she got tired and hibernated.

Egyptian Plover: See, I told you. You can never catch a fast plover especially by a heavy, slow crocodile that would hibernate after a short chase. Oh well, what can I expect from you, you’re lazy and can’t even clean yourself.

After awhile,

Egyptian Plover: At long last you’ve awaken. Do you really have to hibernate that long?

Dilia: I’m tired of chasing at you, do insult and tease others instead.

Egyptian Plover: That’s why I like insulting and teasing you, because you can easily get insulted and would chase at me after.

Dilia: Alright then, what do you want from me?

Egyptian Plover: Well, I can help you if you want. I can make you clean so you won’t look disgusting anymore.

Crocodilia: Really? How?

Egyptian Plover: I’ll tell you how, but promise me that you will never have me as your meal.

Crocodilia: Alright!

The Egyptian Plover started to clean Dilia by eating the insects and parasites inside her mouth. Dilia was amazed of what the Egyptian Plover had done to her and told her friends about it. From then on, they become good friends. That’s why the crocodiles of the Nile do not consider the Egyptian Plovers as their preys anymore.

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