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by Ambush
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Some thing I wrote watching my Daughter on Mothers day caring for her children.

My daughter

She came into this world one bright and shining morning like a little cherub with rosy red cheeks and a round, fat little face. I was at once enthralled with this little bundle of love. I was a tough guy, a seasoned combat veteran, but she melted my heart in an instant and made a clear pathway to my soul. There she will stay forever imprinted on my heart, my little girl, daddy’s little girl! No other can hold this place, this honored place; it’s only for her and no other!

She was the younger of the twins, Jeff and Jennifer born 16 minutes apart. She wouldn’t be born, stubborn she was, stuck maybe she was.  As the doctor was about to leave the nurse screeched, “oh no you don’t there’s another baby here! Twins! Oh my God! …its twins! Jeff James was born first, skinny, scrawny little thing he weighed only 5 lb 9 oz. I was so afraid of how small he was I didn’t hold him right away I waited until my wife told me, “Go ahead hold him he won’t break” ... Jennifer Lyn was 5 lb15 oz no questions about her health, guess who was getting more of the nourishment from mom… she came out clean as a whistle the nurses didn’t even have to wipe her down. I guess her brother cleared the way.  I wonder did they fight over food?

She is a grown woman now with two little girls of her own. How did that happen, how did that little bundle of love grow up in front of me, go to school, get married and have two little ones, two beautiful little girls just as precious as her. That was some 35 years ago that she was born, 35 years ago, where does the time go?  When did she become such a great mother and wife? When and how did she get so smart! She loves both of them little girls just like I loved her, however she has done a better job of of brining them up then I ever could hope to do….The love and patients she shows towards her two little ones is remarkable I am so proud of her I could just bust… With all that goes on in this world I thank God she is who she is… I certainly could take lessons from my daughter…all I can say is…wow!

Happy mothers day mommy, my daughter, daddy’s little girl…
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