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a story about a band of monkeys that have to find the banana trees
Once upon a time there was a band of marching monkeys. Now these monkeys didn't like to be stopped
from marching. They would stomp their feet, yell and over all throw a big fit. They were marching to find more Banana trees. Their old trees were taken by a group of elephants that wanted the shade and didn't like the noise that the monkeys made when they marched around the group of trees.

They had marched until sunset but then they started to get tired and hungry. They found a small stream with that was surrounded by coconut trees. The monkeys didn't like coconuts all that much but they were hungry and it was food. The stream was full of fish and the water was tasty so the monkeys decided to stay there for the night.

When the monkeys woke up the next day they were surrounded by four crocodiles.” Why are you laying near our stream?” The lead crock asked, as he walked towards the monkeys.

”Well, sir we were thirsty and tired from a long day of marching and we thought that this was a good spot to sleep,” the lead monkey told the crock as he stood up and brushed the dirt out of his fur.

”Why were you marching so long?” The crock asked the monkey.

“A group of elephants took our banana trees away from us. So, we are marching on are way to find more trees.”The monkey said with a shrug

“We know where to find some banana trees. Come on let us show you.” So the monkeys started marching following the crocodiles.

They were marching for a few hours but they were getting tired. There wasn't anywhere that they could get out of the sun to sleep, so they just kept on marching. Around an hour later three eagles landed on the crocodiles and looked at the monkeys.” Where are you marching to?” asked the lead eagle.

“ To find banana trees.” The crocodile told the eagle that was standing on him.

“Well, then, you are going the wrong way. The banana tree forest is a couple hours west of here. You're heading north towards the crocodile lake,” the eagle told the crock

“Fine we will eat them here,” and the crocodiles turned towards the monkeys and started to crawl towards them. The way that all crocks crawl with their billys near the ground. And the monkeys started running around in circles yelling im to young to be food but this did not happen for the eagles pecked them on their heads one by one driving them off.

The eagles lead the marching monkeys towards the forest. And when they got there the monkeys thanked the eagles and went to eat the bananas. When they climbed the trees they saw a long river and knew why there was so many trees here. So the Monkeys finally had their bananas
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