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Semi true erotic tale of Steamy Bangkok Nightlife Oh! Baby...
      I sat there beer in hand trying not to stare at the girls too much but one girl in particular kept drawing my gaze as she made her way closer to me, she has the porn star body that men fantasize about with perfectly enhanced silicon boobs, slim waist and curvaceous hips and oh my god that baby smooth dark brown skin with a hint of black on the folds of her pussy lips. Her waist length shiny black hair pooled on the stage as she bent over backwards her head just of the floor in a glorious side profile. Heaven should be such a place, I thought.
I’ve always thought that there is no higher form of art in the universe than a perfect female body displayed in all its glory as she did her simulated sex routine with the pole right in front of me.
She laughed as my jaw dropped in unabashed desire and later she winked at me as she left the stage at the end of the twenty minute show, God! Would I like to fuck your brains out, I thought.
         ‘You like that one eh?’ Came the voice of a mama san.
         ‘Of course, she’s very pretty’ I replied.
         ‘Her name Jade‘, she said ‘would you like to meet her?’
         ‘Oh! I don’t know about that’
         ‘It’s ok; you can just have a drink with her if you want’.
I shrugged my shoulders and followed her across to another section of the bar and a curtained alcove with circular leather seat around a small round table; I sat down to wait for the girl.

         Jade opened the curtain presenting a truly picture perfect vision, wearing a full length see through dressing gown that swept away from her waist exposing those lovely silky brown legs to full view and giving sweet glimpses of a white lace g-string. The white feather trim lay tantalisingly across her bulging breasts glorifying a deep cleavage and just obscuring her nipples, I closed my eyes and whispered.
         ‘Excuse me?’ Jade said.
         ‘Sorry! You are so very beautiful!’ I said, as she sat next to me and wiggled her bum to get comfortable with the feather trim magically opening to reveal her left nipple, I could have leaned over and sucked it there and then marvelling at the miniature dark brown erection. Jade spoke very good English, was warm, friendly, affectionate and wonderfully coy as she pampered my ego while listening to my broken heart story.
         ‘You very nice man,’ she kept saying while alternately crossing her legs and moving her hand up and down my thigh, I did my best to reciprocate asking her about her family, her dreams and ambitions, telling her she should be modelling for some high class magazine.
         ‘You are really stunning,’ I told her.
After several drinks I found it impossible to take my eyes of her amazing breasts, I chuckled like an idiot and said.
         ‘Mummy!’ laughing like a schoolboy.
         ‘You Man!’ Jade laughed.
I didn’t even blink when she suggested we could spend the night together for four thousand baht plus six hundred bar fine.
         ‘Why not’, was all I could say, I wanted her body tonight, it was an alter, a place of worship, a sanctuary that would allow me to forget myself for a few hours.
         ‘Make me feel good tonight baby and I’ll give you an extra thousand,’ I said as we left the bar. She beamed into my face pulling me closer with one arm and rubbing my balls with her free hand. We hailed a taxi and I shouted Woraburi Hotel as the oldest taxi driver I’ve ever seen lowered the passenger side window, he just gave the slightest of nods and we pulled the back door open.
         Once inside the taxi Jade skilfully unzipped my pants eager to earn her extra booty, she sucked on my cock so gently I was rock hard and ready to explode only half way back to the hotel and as she felt me rise towards orgasm she sat up and giggled in my face.
         ‘You’re a fucking angel’ I said.
         ‘You nice man, I like you’ She replied.
When we reached the room she jumped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around me, I rammed my tongue down her throat in the most lustful kiss I could manage and then I threw her onto the bed, she squealed in delight.
         ‘Ah! Big boy Eh!’ She wriggled out of her clothes and spread her legs wide open until they were almost at right angles to her torso.
         ‘Fuck!’ I shouted and fell head first towards that glorious smooth skinned pussy.
         ‘I’m going to make you come like a train Baby!’ I gasped and gently parted her pussy lips to reveal her hot pink clit, it looked like a shimmering gem against the background of her golden brown skin and I was delighted to see how wet she was.
         ‘Wait!’ She screamed, ‘We must shower, dirty!’
I groaned as she slipped out of my grasp and went into the bathroom, although after my own shower she delighted me by adopting that same spread eagled position as I approached the bed.
I used all my experience to pleasure her with my tongue, slowly building her towards orgasm while she alternately sucked on my balls and then took my cock into her mouth and throat right up to the hilt holding it there for seconds at a time before jerking her head away to gulp down breast heaving lungfuls of air and all the time keeping her legs spread wide apart.
         ‘You’re fucking amazing!’ I said to her at one stage.
         ‘Don’t stop Baby! Don’t stop!’ She yelled.
I could feel her building as she thrust her hips deeper into my face and I quickly twisted around to hold the head of my cock on the opening to her glorious hole.
         ‘Fuck me Baby! Fuck me!’ She cried out.
I thrust into her as hard as I could and she gasped at the pain filled pleasure of that initial thrust as she drew in her breath so sharply she thought she would die, she instinctively wrapped her legs around me in an effort to pull me in even deeper.
         ‘Fuck me! You bastard! Fuck me!’ She screamed.
I drew myself up onto the palms of my hands positioning myself above her like some super charged piston pump and I fucked her as hard as I could. Her feet came down onto the mattress so she could answer my thrusts with her own pelvic power. She felt me tense up on the verge of orgasm and she frantically rubbed her clit to make sure we came together.
         ‘Arrgh!’ I cried out roaring on like a lion as I exploded inside her and she screamed in delight reaching her own climax within a second of mine, she wrapped her arms around me pulling me to her and holding on as tightly as she could. We lay there for a few seconds more, each of us catching their breath before I pulled away to look into her eyes.
         ‘You’re the hottest little cunt in all of Asia’ I said.
         ‘You my animal Baby,’ she replied.
I’d had fantasized about fucking her all night of coarse but within seconds of our last kiss I drifted off into the most blissful sleep I’d had in a long, long time. I think I had a dream about waking in the middle of the night to find myself wrapped around Jade’s body as we made two identical “S” shapes my right arm draped across her curvaceous hip, I brought my arm to her tummy and hugged her closer as we each let out a deep sigh.
Late morning I woke to find Jade’s head resting on my stomach the rest of her body curled up into a foetal position, I was struck by how fragile she looked in the morning light, like a little girl asleep on her father’s lap and my regret at not having a daughter flooded my senses, my son’s have never called me daddy in quiet the way I imagine a daughter would. The intense sexual release had worked it’s magic and I felt really good, even joyful as I stroked Jade’s hair and marvelled at its silky touch, noticing afresh the soccer ball shape of her silicon enhanced breasts, I wondered if they felt foreign inside her chest, did they make her feel good about herself or did she view them as part of the stock in trade that was her body.          I wondered how many men before me had enjoyed her and fantasized about owning her, she certainly satisfied all the requirements of an object of desire created for pure sexual pleasure.
         ‘Hello,’ she said smiling up at me and rolling on to her back slowly stretching and arching her body, teasing me with her deliciously sensual movements, in an instant I was hard again. I reached for her breasts to feel the amazing firmness.
         ‘I swear, I’ve never!’ I said has I licked both thumbs and forefingers before kneading her nipples into miniature equivalents of my own erection, I moved around to position myself above her mouth to mouth and started with slow wet lingering kisses, my penis was throbbing as I started the movement down towards her breasts licking and kissing her smooth golden skin in tiny circular motions before rising up the mound of her left breast to gently bite the nipple, I lingered there for a while enjoying those twin erections, biting, sucking and kissing, denying myself the pleasure of her mouth although I was not sure if that was because the feeling in my cock and balls as they swayed from side to side amongst her luscious silky black hair was perhaps as good as the pleasure I would get from her mouth, it was certainly different and I made a mental note to buy some silk sheets and pillow slips to remind me of this moment.
         I moved on towards the promised land that was now gently rising and falling in front of my nose, I could hear her soft moans and became immensely proud of myself that I was turning this girl on.
Then again I’m paying her to enjoy this, aren’t I? I thought. As my tongue reached her clit Jade grabbed the head of my cock in her mouth, her sense of timing was immaculate and I felt an inner glow again that maybe this was not just an act for a paying customer, she seemed to have real desire and appreciation for my efforts to pleasure her.
We licked, sucked and teased each other for a good ten minutes or so before I rolled over bringing Jade onto her knees and arching myself upwards to push my cock further into her mouth while wrapping my arms around her tiny waist to pull her closer to me. I started to lick her clit harder and faster drawing my feet up closer to my buttocks so I could thrust harder into her mouth.
         ‘Fuck!’ Jade spluttered as she almost gagged before gobbling my cock down to the hilt again, she was determined not to be outdone in our sexual games.
I could feel her juices running down the back of my throat as she became more aroused, I was desperate for us to come in each other’s mouths, Jade suddenly sat upright pushing down on my face as she began to climax and I reached for her nipples squeezing them hard.
She squealed and dived back onto my cock sucking away furiously to try and make me come as well, I felt her body spasm as she came and Jade jerked her arse upwards trying to escape the sensation in her clit, but I had wrapped my arms around her waist again and would not let her go. I held my tongue firmly against her clit feeling triumphant as she squirmed more and more. As the spasms subsided I let her go and she pumped away on my cock frustrated that I had not come yet, after a minute she rolled onto her back flinging her legs wide apart.
         ‘Come on Baby, Fuck me,’ she yelled.
I held myself above her, knuckles pressed firmly into the mattress and wearing a smug what a man smile. Jade reached underneath herself to tickle my balls trying to make me come with the same force that she had, I smiled down at her feeling my old sense of detachment and control and then I stopped thinking and let go allowing the feeling of her warm wet cunt to flood my senses.
I lay on top of her for five minutes or so feeling our sweat mingle and allowing myself to relax in the warmth of her close embrace, while Jade hugged me tight with both her arms and legs still wrapped around me.
I rolled over to look at the bedside clock and Jade slipped of the bed to disappear into the bathroom.
I enjoyed a leisurely stretch myself now and Jade reappeared wearing that very sexy lace g-string, she did a little curtsy that made her size 3 soccer ball breasts wobble delightfully.
She sat on the bed stroking my thigh and I noticed that she’d bowed her head averting her eyes as she prepared herself to speak.
         ‘So! You like Jade?’ She in a softer and more serious tone than I’d had heard from her up to now.
         ‘Absolutely,’ I said.
         ‘Jade is really good fuck, yes?’ She said tossing her hair to one side.
         ‘You want to fuck me some more?’ She whispered in the most sensual voice she could find, lowering her head to my nipples gently biting each one in turn before pulling back to look at me and then leaned in closer to tenderly kiss my lips, she pulled back again looking into my eyes.
         ‘You really nice man,’ she whispered as she brought my hand to rest between her breasts, she held it there searching my eyes for signs of emotion.
         ‘You say you finish girlfriend?’ She asked.
         ‘Yes,’ I replied wondering where this was going.
         ‘I have no man,’ Jade said fluttering her long eyelashes.
I felt my shoulders hunch up as my head jerked up slightly a vision of monthly requests for money came to mind, why else would one so young and stunningly beautiful want to be my girlfriend, I thought. Jade caught the reaction and stiffened her own shoulders, her smile turning to solemn concern, her checks turning red as she blushed.
         ‘Why you not want me?’ She demanded.
         ‘Oh believe me I do,’ I told her, ‘I just can’t believe you want me.’
         ‘I tell you good man, good for Jade, we good boom, boom.’
         ‘One problem,’ I said ‘I have no money to support you’
         ‘You tell me you ajarn, professor?’ Jade exclaimed.
         ‘Yes I but I give my last big money to girlfriend.’
Jade thought for a moment then sprang from the bed gathering up her clothes before heading back into the bathroom. I sank back into the mattress thinking there you go. She reappeared minutes later completely composed and looking just as stunning in the short black dress and knee high boots from last night.
         ‘You have money?’ She said stunning me now with her demeanour, the first girl I’ve known to make a direct request like this. I got up and fished the 1000 baht notes from my trousers handing her five as I’d promised. Jade simply took the money and spun round on her heel, her free hand reaching for the door handle and without a word she left.
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