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by sid
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told through hindu god krishna's wives
The eternal Krishna had many consorts. He the kind had many wives. His marriage with each of his wife is considered equally pure and divine. Of all the 16,100 of his wives, rukmini is considered the most devoted. Such is the devotion of her, that Krishna extends his unparalleled love partially to her. The purity, devotion and dedication to Krishna from her speak volumes. Of being quiet and kind, she aroused a sense of jealousy to satyabhama.

Satyabhama, the effervescent considered a sense of pride for the love of Krishna on her. Such was her belief that Krishna loves him the most. Well poor satyabhama never knew this fact until the ill fated narada muni arrived.

Satyabhama invoked the qualities of a pure human being; the abstract feeling of selfishness came naturally. She wanted a stand apart from the other wives and consorts of Krishna. While rukmini symbolized the avatar of lakshmi. She was a portrayal of love and devotion; she never made a point to realize satyabhama the truth.

When narada muni presented him to the court, there was a happening. With his hint of choice of words he carefully etched satyabhama from the other wives. He questioned her measure of devotion to Krishna.

Satyabhama, the innocent felt her alter-ego being hurt. She felt ordinary. She didn’t want this behavior being treated. She hit back at the muni by saying Krishna’s love towards her is unparalleled. The chatur narada spilled the beans to her by saying it is rukmini that Krishna loves the most.

Satyabhama felt like a bullet being pierced in a hole. Her pride was at stake, and she being created a mockery in front of everyone, in front of his beloved Krishna. A sense of panic aroused in her angry heart.

Narada seeing this challenged her to a vrata wherein she sell her beloved to him and reclaim Krishna back with all her wealth, the size of his weight.

In spite of begging’s and the pleadings of the consorts, she accepted. Accordingly, she sold his beloved to the narada and reclaimed him. a weighing scale was arranged. Krishna was placed on one side and the other side was satyabhama wealth. The wealth was an extraordinary sight. The enormous mass of her was just not enough. Every might and every ounce of gold, silver and ornaments proved futile in weighing down his beloved.

Seeing her helplessness, narada suggested rukmini’s help. Reluctantly and Krishna being at stake, she called for her.  The quiet rukmini in desperation arrived. Seeing the commotion and her sister being laughed, she felt remorse and sad. With the help of her devotional duties, she aided with a leaf of tulasi came armed. She placed the tulasi amid the satyabhama’s wealth. On that instant Krishna weighed down.

Such was the power of love and devotion that even after removing the wealth, with a mere leaf Krishna still proved light.

Satyabhama’s recklessness and selfishness and rukmini’s kindness and dedication gives an extraordinary sight of Krishna’s wives. in such a turmoil, they represent the two sides of a coin, the good and the bad, the light and the dark. They symbolize purity and selfishness. Krishna the nirguna, was a perfect husband who accepted them both with open arms. In today’s kalyuga when evil outshines the good, there is still a ray of hope which comes out. Just as when all doors become closed and there is no way out, he the great opens a small window which leads to success. Attitude and destiny act side by side. It is you that creates your destiny. Rukmini’s nature was pure and godly. On the other hand satyabhama’s attitude signifies her defeat of her alter-ego and selfishness. People in the world are always remembered by your good and bad qualities. It is up to you to be light or dark, sahi or galat. The destiny may follow in an abomination automatic manner.

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