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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

How life can change

She woke up earlier than usual and ran to her computer. There it was, another message waiting for her. This is what she read:


Communication Received!

Dear Christina,


Butchie has answered your recent communication at eheart.com

To read Butchie's responses and to answer his second set of questions to you click here.

If you have any questions about communicating through eheart.com, visit our help section.


The eheart.com Team

It's never too late to fall in love again!

She felt an urge to sit down and open the message, read it right now but she wanted to keep it for later on tonight. Friday was a big, long teaching day and she had to get ready right now. She was late. She smiled. Also, she wanted to keep this treasure, this feeling of success, this h-o-p-e thing to linger on during the day, until she returned home later that night. She would keep this treasure to explore later!

She worked hard all day and doing something she loved, teaching. She was a free-lance language teacher. She taught Portuguese, Spanish and French but mainly English. She had good students; loyal to her because she was the best and both funny and demanding. Her Senior Attorney General student at the General Attorney's Office of Brazil was her favorite one. He worked for President Lula. Her student needed Intensive English classes because he was responsible now for the Jean Charles de Menezes case versus the Metropolitan Police in London and he was going to travel on another mission, in one month. The British Independent Police said that it was a "mistake"; the New Scotland Yard Commander said that it was "bad luck" because the Brazilian man looked like the Muslim bomb man but the Brazilian government and her student said that it was a crime. He needed her help with some paperwork translation.

Christina loved to help and make a difference in peoples' lives.  She also had, among many other students, a group of 7 managers in Brasil Telecom, one of Brazil's best telecommunication companies in the country. She loved meeting people this way and selected only the best students that called her for private classes. There was a waiting list and all of them knew about her by word of mouth. Her income was very good and she was free to do whatever she wanted in her spare time and not being behind a table from 9 to 5. She was a free spirit and had always been one maybe because she was a GEMINI. She trusted her feelings, her insights and her dreams but she truly got bored easily; was always doing something different in her dynamic, outgoing, energetic and impatient way; had convincing arguments when in a debate and was known for being highly imaginative with a multi-talented personality.

She taught her morning and her lunch classes and before going to her afternoon class she grabbed a sandwich at Marietta's. Her evening student called her to cancel his classes; he was going to São Paulo for work so she happily went home after her last student, the Attorney General's younger son, Gabriel, whom she adored. She knew that traffic would be terrible at this time in Brasilia but she would listen to Dire Straits.

When she got home, she took a long bath and had some wine, and appreciated the silence and sweetness of her apartment. She loved it. She took a sip of her white wine and went to her computer room. She lit her red, cinnamon scented candle (she usually did this at night), and softly sat on her chair. She carefully read about that mysterious man's profile:




Light brown hair

Blue eyes

USVirgin Islands



Non smoker

Non drinker

2 daughters

89% match

Loves sailing (she hated sailing --- and she threw up easily, maybe this is why it was an 89% match)

Spiritual and not religious


Her profile:


Brazilian/American (Dual Nationality)


Blond hair

Green eyes

Brasilia - DF, Brazil

56 (She never lied about her age!)

Lawyer/Language Teacher


Non smoker

Non drinker (Sometimes a glass of wine once in a while...)

2 daughters

89% match

Loves nature, walking, swimming, going to the beach, hiking and rappelling

Spiritual but not religious

The site said it was an




Still, there were some real problems to figure out:

Brazil vs. the USA. Brazil vs. the Caribbean.

How would it work? And if she fell deeply in love? What would happen? Should she go ahead? Why was she doing this, for Christ's sake? Why had she thought that by subscribing to an American relationship site she would find the man of her life? She thought of her ex-husband. Drew a blank there. Then she thought of the boyfriends she had after her husband. Blanks. Then she thought of him.  Anything new is a look forward, but always a chance - take it or not.

Christina thought of her girlfriends, same age, all lonely (she wasn't lonely, she was just alone) and all doing face-lifts, going out to cafés, wearing shiny, multi-colored clothes and high heels, lots of make-up and literally offering themselves to men in Cafés and bars. It was a jungle out there! No way would she be part of this. She'd rather buy 100 DVDs in the Feira dos Importados and stay home all weekend watching films and enjoying herself, by herself , than spending one hour in Brasilia's night life. Brasilia was known to be the City of Singles. Also, you needed to take under consideration the following issues: too many women, not too many men and the men that were available were:

1. Married;

2. Divorced (but still visiting their ex-wives);

3. Complicated (still living with parents, still studying and sometimes with no jobs);

4. Don Juan's (and that were also numbers 1, 2 and 3);

5. And some of the good looking guys - totally gay!

And the No. 6 men, or the "good" ones,  were being attacked by both women and gays... and she was NOT going to be part of this Cirque du Soleil thing.  She had to find her own way out from all this madness!

So many mistakes in discovering relationships, even love, are the path to better attitudes and wiser decisions in our future...What was she to do with her life and future?

On her way to the USA, last year, she had seen an article in a plane magazine: "Fall in Love Again! Join eheart.com." It was a relationship site. Why shouldn't she join? It was never ever too late, right? And so she finally did. She was not going to be another one of those women out there looking like the Joker, in Batman, full of make up and smiling unhappily!  She had only paid for one month. She couldn't waste time!

And so she answered his questions with all her heart and soul. After a week of messages and after he called her in Brazil she was head over heels in love with him! In love with a man she had never touched or seen; not even imagined existed before.  It wasn't a blind date or a lunch/dinner date; it was just a fantastic-pure-deep-cyberspace-interactive-self-directed-alternative-modern way-Internet love.com relationship!

Christina read one of his last messages again and she knew that her life was changing each minute and second now and even if he never came to see her all the way in South America, in Brazil and in Brasilia - DF, she'd know forever that weird, strange things were possible to happen and that she had, again, fallen in love, but definitely with the right person this time. Nothing was going to stop her from meeting this powerful, handsome, intelligent, mysterious, different, sexy and attractive man!

This was one of his powerful messages:

Dear Christina,

I'm in love with this shy woman of the picture, your green eyes, with your love, with your kind and giving soul, so much that I can feel the intense heat of your body without standing near you, and the many parts of affection, love, letting go, you are so determined by the psychic and physical pieces that you and I put together, and hold on to. I will be with you one day and feel your heat and woman's body, and kiss you, and give to you and we'll be entirely the same, not for the hours of holding but in sleeping also, and when you turn in the night, you touch me softly, and just to feel your feminine touch, warm against my back, it's a marvelous feeling, so full of your passion - yes, there's a wilderness of love, but it's also sweet and quiet, and leaves warmth, the kisses lasting forever, imperishable, for you are love, Christina, and I lie next to you and feel timeless, waiting for the next night, and forever. I do love you. I think that I know why, and it's the way you look as a shy little girl, with great elegance and charm, sweet wet lips, a mouth that is kind and smiles, those green eyes that cool my soul. I'm going to touch and kiss your eye lids, each softly, and kiss your ears, each softly, and hold you as you can feel me - no fantasy now.  You're quite a woman, and I know you, and thinking it is that special love, the last one, the loyal love, and I will hold you, Christina, forever with our magic. You're wonderful. I really can't get you out of my mind, and don't want it; take me beside you tonight in Brasilia and sleep and know that our care, our respect, our passion is ours - always for us, always with us. I want to hear your voice soon, my princess, and feel your heartbeats, and oh that's so passionate. I could live forever with you, will if you want me to, and live with that passion that we live with - it's a fantastic reality, Christina.  All my love and I'll be with you tonight in your dreams.



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