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Poem- the nervous first meeting
My skin first signals his approach, cheeks warming, lips tingling
My pulse quickens pushing outwards from my chest in thunderous waves
A deep scarlet tempo pounds in my ears, throat and temples
My lungs accelerate, a breathy crescendo

I struggle for words entranced and frozen
He speaks first, animating his flawless portrait
I capture every word, pause and inflection
A collector of his essence, I greedily pounce and hoard his syllables

Humbly I await my cue
I scramble around in my chaos for an apt response
To convey his divine perfection without exposing my inadequacies
To appear worthy, composed and refined

A saliva choked warped uttering escapes the pressure
I hardly recognise the sounds
his face smooths into a spectacular smile
I drown in relief, I have pleased him

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