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Rated: E · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #1729617
Something wrote for my work place the Christa McCallif space education center
Four hours ago we received a distress call from an unidentified ship with in the Isstavn system three minutes after the signal began it cut out. Isstavn is the site of one the final battles of the Klingon war. A total of eight hundred ships were destroyed near the largest planet, Isstavn 6. The area around Isstavn 6, a massive gas giant compromised of hydrogen, nitrogen and methane, is littered with destroyed ships in a super dense field of Parametallic hull plating. Isstavn is within the Orion triangle.
Due to the unique shifting magnetic field of Isstavn 6, the hulls of these derelict ships are highly magnetic. To counter this effect Starfleet produced a magnetic field generator. The MFG, as it has been dubbed, uses the ship’s polarizing armor to produce a magnetic field that makes the ship magnetically repulsing. One of the drawbacks of this system is the massive amount of power needed to keep the device’s computer systems, sensors, and magnetic conduits running. If we were to install a MFG on a Seeker class cutter the power systems would overload. On the military level a MFG makes it impossible identify the vessel that has it. As the Voyager has just gotten out of a refit it will be sent to investigate the distress call. The voyager’s reactor has also been equipped with a new dilithium substitute knows as quadlithium. Before you enter the triangle you need to check in with the border patrol. They are waiting for you at border line. Check in with Colonel Jenkins before proceeding to Isstavn 6. If you fail to contact him the USS Troubadour has been ordered to fire on anything that does not have permission to enter the system. The MFG specialist on board the voyager has been ordered to activate the MFG as soon as you reach the border, so they won’t know that you are the voyager until you contact them. Once you’ve done that proceed to Isstavn 6 with all haste. If you find any living person with in the field that is on a fully functional ship beam them on board and hold them until you meet up with the troubadour again, we do not want pirates getting a hold of any of those hulls. If you find the ship that sent the distress call, render any aid that you can.
Computer Boot up: main computer online I am an Apple AIU 3500 artificial intelligence unit. All stations are currently set for training mode would you like me to reset all stations to operational mode? Crew responds: Confirmed all crew please do not touch your keyboards or mice during the reset. Reset computers. Engineer: hello captain can you hear me up there? Crew responds: oh that’s great captain… can you tell me if the main computer came online. Crew responds: that’s good captain that means that the dock engineers installed the new computer correctly. Now captain I heard you fired that awful rightwing officer that broke the last computer. I believe His/her name was …………. Crew says no: oh no captain he is the worst please get rid of him/her. Well captain I am going to get the Mag tape on everything down here, if you need me just holler my name And I’ll hear yah. Hail voyager from starbase 123: voyager this is admiral Froas here on starbase 123, are you aware of your mission. Good now after we detach the mooring lines and you retract the boarding ramps you need to proceed directly to the Orion triangle. Do not forget to contact the USS “troubadour” before entering the triangle, we don’t need you scattered over space. Crew departs starbase and goes to warp. Captain this is the MFG specialist James mason down here on deck twelve can you tell me the estimated time until we reach the Orion triangle. Thanks captain, and just one more thing captain, I would like to remind you that I am outside your chain of command that means that you are unable to order me around.
Engineer to the bridge captain we just had a power fluctuation in the power system the port shields and torpedo tubes have been taken offline for safety reasons we need the damage control officer to get working on bringing those back online. Arrive at border; The MFG is online for more information, please contact the MFG specialist on deck 12. Enter USS troubadour (if crew hails immediately answer the hail) (if crew hesitates lock weapons on the voyager and begin firing After the crew hails put on colonel Garret Jenkins.
Good afternoon captain, I am colonel Garret Jenkins on the USS troubadour I assume you know what you are doing out here so get on your way and quit bothering us. Thank you and good luck. Close line crew proceeds to the Isstavn system. Computer: Now approaching the Isstavn system recommend full stop for maneuvering through the Oort cloud. Crew maneuvers through, enter the SKS Joles. Fire on voyager; disable shields and weapons, then hail. Captain this is SKS Joles I am speaking on behalf of Captain Olsen. Captain Olsen requests to come aboard your ship as you can see from your shields and weapons your refusal is unwise, oh and if there’s any trouble the captain has ordered me to destroy your vessel. Joles out. Line has been disconnected. Beam Matt Olsen (Character profile available upon request) to voyager. Olsen: captain I am Matt Olsen of the SKS Joles, What are you doing out here, Might I ask… never mind whatever you are doing out here I must ask you not to approach the 4th planet as we are investigating a disturbance within the atmosphere. Captain I am a very scientific and generous man and I am willing to allow you to be anywhere else in the system as long as you do not interfere with the observation I am conducting. Farwell captain. Olsen leaves. The SKS Joles cloaks, crew proceeds to Isstavn 6, and enters Ship field. All goes smoothly until the ship has a power fluctuation causing the lights to black out. Captain the MFG is taking a lot of power, the lights other then emergency are off line until the device is taken off line. I recommend that we take this rescue mission as easily as possible. We wouldn't like to overload the main reactor now would we? Continue through the ship field on thrusters only until the ship comes upon a safe zone. Flash sensors with info about an active warp signature ahead. Engineer: captain did I hear that right, is there an active warp signature out there? Captain responds. Captain I think that we just found the ship that sent the distress call. You see the difference between us and these ships is that our warp nacelles are still charged with warp plasma. Show USS BRAVE HART with leaking warp nacelle. Engineer: captain I must be hallucinating that’s the USS BRAVE HART. She's been missing since the Klingon war fifty years ago. It looks like the port warp nacelle is leaking so kind of plasma, captain we should see what kind of plasma it is. Send warp plasma results. What kind of plasma is it captain. Captain, warp plasma is highly reactive with magnetic fields, which the planet we are now orbiting has! Computer: Warning subspace reaction detected near the USS BRAVE HART. Subspace rift is forming within the warp plasma cloud. Detecting Unknown vessel entering the area from within the subspace rift. Enter the ISS CORDOZA. Hail the voyager as Commander Osborn: This is Commander Osborn of the Terran Empire. You are trespassing within the Aslantian system. State your name, your ships name, your affiliation, and your purpose here. Crew responds. What! Watson scan their quantum signature. Watson: sir it is opposite of ours. Osborn: so another ship from the mirror universe. Watson: um sir. Osborn: WHAT!! Watson: all the objects around us have a reverse quantum signature Sir. Osborn: Hack their computer systems. Line disconnected. Lockout all computers. Computer: the ISS CORDOZA has locked a tractor beam on this vessel. The CORDOZA is pulling this vessel into the subspace rift. Warning, warning this vessel is on a direct course for the rift, if the course is not changed the vessel will enter an off-limits anomaly. Enter the rift and arrive at the mirror universe. Hail voyager.
Osborn: Captain you have just taken your step through the looking glass. Prepare to be... Watson: sir a new contact is on the sensors, it’s the Sinphaxi. Enter the USS Sinphaxi.
Osborn: get us out of here Watson, go to warp speed. Cordoza attempts to flee but begins to take fire from the sinphaxi.
Computer: the sinphaxi is firing on the Iss Cordoza, warning, warning the Cordoza is taking massive damage from the USS sinphaxi .if the Cordoza is hit one more time it will be destroyed. Destroy Cordoza. Hail Voyager as “captain” Roper (who is in fact an alien from the mirror universe.) Roper: Captain this is the USS sinphaxi can you hear me. Crew responds. Good now we need to find a way to return to our universe. So um, captain do you remember how we got here in the first place? Set of intruder alert. Captain what is going on over there is that the intruder alert. Captain I have to go, hail me when you’ve found out how to get back.
Security Lt.: “captain this Lt. Armand down here with security it looks like some of the crew of the Cordoza made on to the voyager. Captain do you want me to send up and extra security guard. (If crew says yes then send one officer after the phaser battle is over. Otherwise just close the line.) Send one staff member Dressed in a captain’s uniform, this is Captain Gregory Osborne another extra is advised, But not necessary. After the security has stunned the intruders and put them in the brig have a security guard bring the extra off the ship. Osborne is to look shocked (by the fact that the crew is human but he does not mention this unless asked by the Captain.)
Engineer: “captain are you all right?” Crew responds “good you will probably want to put him (Osborne) in the brig. So you can interrogate him later ya know.” “Captain what were we supposed to be trying to figure out for the Sinphaxi. Crew responds with positive or negative just stick with them till they remember.
Engineer: Captain I can send up the sensor scans from when we came here if you want. Alrighty captain will do. Print scan results of Magnetic disturbance and warp plasma. Send physics department up to rant about their discovery of an alternate universe about five minutes ago.
Once crew hails the sinphaxi go on as Roper: Captain Have you figured out how to get back to our universe. Crew responds “Oh that is great captain, ok we are going to start leaking the warp plasma right now.
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