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by Amanda
Rated: · Other · Action/Adventure · #1729687
And the story goes on. This chapter is a bit shorter than the other two. >.< Enjoy.
Dante felt a little frustrated by what was going on. His mother was hiding something, and his brother was in love with a stupid Pride Lander. Dmitri pulled the meat into the den and collapsed on the floor. Dante looked at him, Dmitri looked sad and tired. Dante was sick of it.

         “Get your head out of the clouds!” Dante finally said. Startled and confused Dmitri replied, “What?”

“That stupid Pride Lander. How can you love such a—“

“Hey!” Dmitri roared as he stood up. He couldn’t stand to hear Kendi being trashed talked by his own brother. “What happened? I thought you were okay with Kendi?”

“Ha!” Dante laughed sarcastically. “You really don’t know do you?”

“Know what?” Dmitri raised an eyebrow.

“Do you know why we are here?” Dmitri shook his head. “Pride Landers. They forced us out for no reason at all. We were thrown into this god forsaken land. Fighting everyday to survive. And it’s all because of them.” Dmitri couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It has to be true, why else would they be here? But it’s no Kendi’s fault, is it? “What does this have to do with Kendi?” Dmitri asked. “Why else would she leave you? Why else would she be afraid if her dad found out? Why else would her father even care if she dated an outlander?” Dante paused to let Dmitri soak it in. “They don’t want us. Kendi has moved on. It’s about time you did too, bro.” Dmitri didn’t want it to be true. It made sense, but there's gotta be another way. And with that Dmitri ran off, away from the Outlands.

         Kendi and Maro ran out into the savannah. They were both laughing and having such a fun time with each other. Kendi thought that he was actually becoming an awesome male, and friend. The two lay down in the tall grass. Maro looked at her and said, “Uh… you hungry?”

“Nah. Not really” Kendi giggled. She could tell he was nervous. “So…what do you think of me?” He asked. Kendi was surprised by his question. She mulled it all over.

         Meanwhile, Dmitri silently hid behind the tall grass, near the couple. He was outraged that Kendi was with another male. But Dmitri kept trying to tell himself that it could be her brother…..that she just happened to never tell him about.

         “Umm let’s see. You are a very nice lion and a great friend.” Kendi replied. “And you’re a pretty good looking male.” Maro smiled and Kendi smiled back.

         Dmitri couldn’t believe it. Dante was right, she had moved on. He was outraged that Kendi would betray him, everything they had. Dmitri ran back off into the Outlands.

         “Kendi…” Kendi looked into Maro’s beautiful green eyes. “I… I love you” Maro stuttered. They’re muzzles slowly grew closer and closer as Kendi said “I lo—“

“KENDI!” They both jerked they’re heads back. “Kendi!” It was her father. Kendi couldn’t believe it. She had almost kissed Maro. How could she do that? Her heart is, and always will be, with Dmitri. “Coming! She called out. “Sorry Maro, I have to go.”

         Maro watched as she ran to her father. He sighed and drooped his head. “Darn it!” he exclaimed.

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