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This is the story of a couple, who's faith was tested beyond all measure.
Chapter 1.. The LOVE Story

As the sun rises at 5:30 am, Jen is woken by the smell of coffee brewing on

the counter. Jim wakes at this time every morning to make sure his lovely wife

has everything she needs to start her day. As the morning passes, they

always take the time to sit and enjoy their breakfast and time together. Never

occupying there time with TV or the news paper, they find there mornings

precious. Before they head out to work they spend time reading devotions and

pray together. Jen being a teacher at Miles Christian Academy teaches math.

Jim works as an Police Officer and youth pastor. There passion growing up

was always helping others, and what better professions to be in. Jim, once or

twice a week stopped in to have a quick lunch with his lovely wife. They

sometimes thought about how they met and how they got to where they are.

Jim being the star athlete, always stayed humble throughout his high school

years. He spent a lot of time volunteering for different agencies around town.

Jen, was maintaining a 4.0 GPA through all four years of school. She spent a

lot of her time tutoring other students and also working at the local animal

shelter. It's at the animal shelter where Jen and Jim met and fell in love. They

got married 5 years later after college, and have been happy ever since. Well

lunch was now over and it was back to work for them both. Before they leave

they kiss each other good bye  and end with an I love you. Just like every

other day, they both arrive home at the same time, walking in the door

together hand in hand.  As Jen sits down to relax, Jim prepares dinner. As

they sit down to eat the talk about their day and make plans for the weekend.

They had decided to head to the park, and have a picnic by the lake, and

throw in a little trip to the ice cream parlor. Before bed they read devotions,

and pray together. Thanking God for everything he has blessed them with, and

praising him for his goodness and grace, and love. As the alarm sounds at

11:00pm Saturday morning, Jim and Jen are getting ready to start out on their

Picnic and activities for the day. Everything was packed in the car and ready

to go. With a last minute check of the house they lock the doors and head

out. Backing out of the drive way Jen starts to laugh. Jim looked over and

asked what was so funny. Jen, almost in tears remind her lovely husband of

the time he ran over the mailbox and the trash can, then getting stuck on the

curb. Finally, spinning out and digging about a 3 foot hole in the front yard. Jim

laughing said that it was Jen's fault because she was the navigator. The

couple heads on to the highway toward the park. Traffic isn't that bad on

Saturdays so there trip is right on schedule. Jim takes the off ramp that leads

to the park. Traveling down through the city Jim comes to a stop at the light.

Jen is so excited about their picnic, she leans over and gives him a kiss. He

smiles as he takes off from the light, and that's the last thing he

remembers...TO BE CONTINUED.....

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