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Written for the PDG Paper Pals Short Story Contest - Round 3 - Technology prompt
Your IM Session With MuSiC_iz_Life  (9:47 PM EST)

Rosegirl_Rain: Jared! You're on! Are you home from work? You were supposed to call me :(

MuSiC_iz_Life: im sorry

Rosegirl_Rain: You are forgiven :)  Call me?

MuSiC_iz_Life: im sorry

Rosegirl_Rain: ... What are you sorry for now? So you aren't going to call?

Rosegirl_Rain: Ok Jared, I don't know what is going on. You are acting weird. Listen, I know that neither one of us expected what happened the other night at the concert. But it did. And I thought you were happy. You told me that you had been in love with me since we were 5 years old! Didn't you mean that?

Rosegirl_Rain: Damnit why wont you answer me?! That kiss was like... Like I had been waiting my entire life to feel that. And with my best friend! I thought it was so amazing, falling in love with your best friend, how many people are that lucky?? But now? WTF is going on with you??

MuSiC_iz_Life: you should forget about me rose

Rosegirl_Rain: What the hell are you talking about? How can I forget about you? We've been friends since we were little kids - that's practically our whole lives, Jared! Forgetting you would be like forgetting myself. Why are you saying this??

MuSiC_iz_Life: i meant everything i said remember that

Rosegirl_Rain: Jared, you're scaring me. Please, can I come over and we can talk? I don't know what to do. I'm crying and I don't know why. What is going on?!

MuSiC_iz_Life: dont cry rose not for me

MuSiC_is_Life: we cant be together but that kiss was everything

Rosegirl_Rain: I don't understand what changed your mind. I can't believe that you're doing this to me. I love you Jared! I've always loved you.

MuSiC_iz_Life: i love you rose

MuSiC_iz_Life has signed off (10:01 PM EST)

Your IM Session With LaFemme*Chiquita (10:23 PM EST)

LaFemme*Chiquita: Hey there lovergirl, thought you'd be over in Jared's bed right about now!

Rosegirl_Rain: Nicole, Jared just broke up with me, I think.

LeFemme*Chiquita: WHAT?? Why?? After all the texts he sent me trying to get my opinion on how to tell you that he was in love with you??

Rosegirl_Rain: He did that? I didn't know. But whatever, because just a few minutes ago he signed on and we had this weird short conversation then he signed off. Here, I saved it, I'll send it to you.

LaFemme*Chiquita: K

LaFemme*Chiquita: Weird. That was so unlike him, he seemed so detached. Maybe he likes someone else, or thinks you do?

Rosegirl_Rain: I don't know. I wanted to talk to him about it, but when I tried calling him after he signed out he wouldn't answer his phone. I guess it's over, but Nicole my heart is kinda broken. And what about our friendship!

LaFemme*Chiquita: Don't give up so easily! Go over there! Demand that he tell you what's going on! It can't be over just like that, you guys are so meant to be. You've been in love with each other since we were all in preschool together for fucksake, and we were all so glad you were finally admitting it and doing something about it!

Rosegirl_Rain: You're right, I can just go over there and force him to see me. He has to tell me what this is really about. I could always get him to open up to me when we were kids, and I can do it this time too. Thanks Nic.

LaFemme*Chiquita: Anytime babe, you know I got your back. I gotta get some sleep, I have an exam in the morning and I haven't studied at all. I find its best to be well rested for a total embarrassing failure :)  Love ya girl, call me tomorrow and let me know what's up! I'm sure it's nothing, you guys can get through anything

Rosegirl_Rain: I will. Good luck on your test, I'll text you tomorrow. 'night.

LaFemme*Chiquita has signed off (10:45 PM EST)

Your IM Session with Boy_Meets_Bear (7:33 AM EST)

Rosegirl_Rain: Morning Adam, you're up early.

Boy_Meets_Bear: Oh my god Rose are you ok?

Rosegirl_Rain: I mean, I kind of had a rough night but I was planning on sorting it out today. Didn't get much sleep, but I guess I'm alright. Why wouldn't I be? Did Nicole text you?

Boy_Meets_Bear: You seem to be taking things awfully well, I thought you would be devastated. I know how close you two were, especially recently.

Rosegirl_Rain: Adam what the fuck are you talking about? Did something happen to Nicole??

Boy_Meets_Bear: Oh my god you don't know

Rosegirl_Rain: I don't know what?? Tell me!! Oh my god is Nicole alright??

Boy_Meets_Bear: Rose, it isn't Nicole. It's Jared. I don't want to be the one to tell you this.

Rosegirl_Rain: Adam please... please, Jared won't return any of my calls or texts, what is going on??

Boy_Meets_Bear: Try and stay calm Rose. Last night on his way home from work, around 9:45, Jared apparently got a blowout. That road he takes to get to his house is so dark, he must not have had his emergency lights on, no one could see him... A car hit him while he was changing the tire, and by the time the ambulance got there he was already gone. Rose, I am so sorry.

Boy_Meets_Bear: Rose?

Boy_Meets_Bear: Rose!!

Rosegirl_Rain has signed off (7:40 AM EST)

(Word Count: 891)

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