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by Sarah
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Biography of an Unknown
Darkest Corners that the Light of the Lamp doth not reacheth!

Part 1:

November, 13th 1999

I Gene twenty five today, decided to start writing my Diary. I have never found this important until this eventful today. Things looked strange, my mirror depicted a different me; thoughts kept taunting; where was I and where will be? 

All I could remember from the yester years is, I was a jack of many a trades, but not quite even a master of one. What was I ever best at? Coping up to any situation and reliving from the moment all over again. Was this good, especially when I would not remember how I failed the last time?

November, 13th 1999, I have been Gene, and have no hopes of what Gene will I be next year this time. Maybe writing this diary will help me remember and avert my falling into the same abyss set by time for me, that I kept falling into every other day.

Today’s lesson learnt; lesson learnt, a header that would remind me of my reminiscences.

I realized today, not just me, but everyone around thinks so often in their head about various things; so often about themselves, who they are, what they are good at, what their shortcomings are and so on.

What happens to these thoughts, do they get recorded somewhere?

What happens to these thoughts when the body stops breathing and the soul parts?

The soul parts and the reminiscences too; into thin air, nobody even notices nor bids farewell!

Part 2:

November, 16th 1999

There is always a first time and the first time never lingers long enough; it takes quite a while to get back and return to the first starting point, at least for me. It has now taken me three days to get back to my diary and a lot has happened in these three days.

The thought that has been quite a lot on my mind lately, is trust and loyalty; two slightly different forms of a word called “faith”. What if, we could read other’s minds? Would these words exist then?

Hypothetical dialogue between two imaginary characters, plain transfer of thoughts and no actual talking involved:

Sarah: I have been lately thinking, if it was right to comment on another’s beliefs and choices.

Ruth: What are you referring to, when you say choices and beliefs?

Sarah: Well, people who are agnostic and atheist and Satan worshippers…

Ruth: Well I’m agnostic too, but not an atheist.

Sarah: What is the difference?

Ruth: I’ll tell you, what would you have commented?

Sarah: Don’t trick me now. I would have just commented that, since death is in evident and mortal as much we are, why can’t one believe in immortality too?

Ruth: Okay. An atheist without any proof disagrees with the existence of any supreme being, while an agnostic is still searching for proof  or rather will not accept the existence of God without a verification.

Sarah: Hmmm.. Okay. Is there a proof for everything?  Well, I will be more precise with a supporting question like, “ is there a proof for …?”  when I meet you the next time.

A lot of misunderstanding, a lot of misconceptions can vanish when such a day arrives. We can all read each other’s minds; but what happens to “trust” and “ loyalty”

Thus, my today has not gotten its answers as well.

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