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Drilling through to the core of Earth, with a horrible result. To start my novel.
Alright, so the story isn't what I'd like criticized, I would like to know where I could better the presentation of my writing.
If you like or do not like say why! :)

Over a decade in the works, the project was near completion, it had dwindled to mere hours before the final sample was drawn. So much knowledge resides within theory... the eye could dismiss the fundamentals of our understanding. From the subatomic to the macroscopic, what could lead us to know when we’ve never witnessed all that lies between? Thought is undoubtedly the most powerful thing.

Far from society, far from communication, this project was amidst no more than snow, jagged terrain and ice laden conifers. No area could be deemed fitting for a landing field and no roads within hundreds of miles. Equipment and men had arrived via helicopter. These parts were where the crust wore the thinnest, the best spot to bore through to the heart of the planet.

Years of drilling, years of retrieving and examining matter, every day resulting in a record broken. Every moment felt the same as the last; even the most useful routine will inevitably become a chore. The atmosphere itself had grown weary, many had been deprived of sleep, others had nothing to look forward to except another day spent among blasting cold. The winds drove through clothing, through skin, straight to the bone. Everyone had worked countless hours over schedule, never was every piece of equipment completely operative, malfunction often haltered the whole operation. Shift changes had been very infrequent; their budget simply did not allow flying so much distance within regular intervals. All had spent a minimum of months through years on site.

They were the final moments, the point when everybody, from labourer to scientist could finally expect to go home. No telephone was useful within such an area; nobody had spoken to friends or family since they had arrived. After every calamity, every frozen out moment and every discography, it was hours that separated everyone from packing their belongings. Nobody took into mind their fatigue; they were overwhelmed by the thought of leaving those cursed lands, though more so, the excitement in being first of any to witness what comprises the core of Earth.

A Mr. Paxton pushed through a rushing mass of ice driven by the unrelenting gale. Arms wrapped around his torso and face concealed in the collar of a thick jacket, this was certainly no place anybody would reside without reason. Not only that, if all had known what kind of conditions they were in for, this project would most certainly consist of many less people. Paxton specialized in this type of research and would endure anything to witness what comprises the depths of the subterranean. He was heading...

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