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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

The Lovers Invisible Bridge... (not many people know about this but it is true)


Communication received!

Dear Christina,


Butchie  has answered your recent communication at eheart.com

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The eheart.com Team

It's never too late to fall in love again!

Dear Christina,

I cancelled my membership.  If I didn't they'd go and re-charge me for another 3 months, which is in their contract. If you didn't hear back from me, or I don't hear from you, we could make a good guess - because, in matters like this, absence "doesn't make the heart grow fonder", but is just the opposite, in that "absence re-communication" is indicative that he/she is looking for and getting attention elsewhere. It's the fundamentals in human beings that I look for, and I'm fairly used to the "inconsistent" female, the illusionist woman, who thinks she can balance four or five males.  Here, as I'm sure elsewhere, the criteria I've noticed for "females on-line":

(1) there's generally a quick fix, someone near to get laid,

(2) totally impossible to figure out,

(3) failed marriage, recent, or failed romance, looks for replacement,

(4) neurotic, drinker, smoker, at 40 or so is depressed and miserable,

(5) codependent , there are some studies that show that about 10 per cent of "on-line romance" sites whether young or older and are looking for a final, desperate romance - something to fill the void. That's a pretty high number. I know you are not like them.

So, we are in the Cape Verde season, soon big time hurricane season, looks as if it's going to pass far north of here, but the water is warm here. I'll be glad to fly out in September, see my daughters in the US. It's been a very hot summer, and I'm spending too much time here - and I have been in hurricane set-up, limited furniture, no pictures hanging, lots stored in the other tower, and wait - last year a 75-80 mph wound up here. I'll send you the pics, but they're from either early 2006 Paris, or 2006, England. Hope you write soon.

We are really making progress, aren't we? I thin we are.

I think I am falling in love with you, Christina.


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