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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

Love, love, love...and how it slowly gets under your skin going directly into your little needy, heart...and the awareness of being over 50...


Communication Received!

Dear Christina,


Butchie has answered your recent communication at eheart.com

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It's never too late to fall in love again!

She wasn't expecting the phone call from him so soon, again. On the first time they spoke on the phone they were kind of embarrassed, uneasy, nervous, happy, excited and shy. They talked for an hour and he sang a whole country song to her, miles away across countries, oceans, wind and space, just because she said she loved American country music and Dwight Yoakam. He sang it well, like a real sad, sweet country music singer does it so well and she screamed and laughed with pleasure, maybe becoming, for a while, that little girl that Gabriela had touched...

He told her he had written her a message and after they hung up, she read this:


I think your life is very interesting and you're pretty much full of heart and courage and strength.  I like that passion. It takes you places, and that you have to feel your way to comfort zones - a very different kind of woman than I've ever known.  I think that you're comfortable, and could be so, and happy with what you have made, and I hardly think you have any things that makes you stumble and in fear.  You are, like the climbing, a fearless woman, and that's a lot like me.  I am deeply in love. I'm going to phone you soon, at least to talk a bit, and hope it relaxes you.  I have stories, too.  Some women by and large are a bit neurotic.  I barely survived getting into a terrible relationship with a woman, although pretty, was self-destructive, paranoid, and had reached the stage of alcoholic behavior.  I'm often fooled by women, to the point that I just say what's on my mind, it's honest, it's clear, and I see the transformation in them - it is or it isn't.  In most of my experiences, which have been either far away or not quite developed, I found that I couldn't manage; in cases of near marriage, I couldn't say if I was wrong or right in the beginning - but financial details often wear a relationship into turmoil, and I see that in your life, but also, losses.  I have them.  I have no family left.  My two daughters - that's my family, and, really it's all I need.  But I do want to marry.  I'm really tired of the silly part of being alone.  Lots of chances, but none quite right.  Enough. You are love, and that's a great thing and I never felt this way before.

All my love,


She knew that she was changing, completely. She knew it, she felt it. She never thought again of emptiness, fear, loneliness, the future, the unexpected, the same weekends, the wanting something new, the reality of being 56, divorced for 8 years (with an ex-husband already married again after two years of the divorce), she never thought again of the empty-headed younger men hitting on her and narrow-minded, old-fashioned men her own age hitting on her but completely weird, neurotic and smelling of mold  but that had their eyes on younger women with sexy bodies that were in the same room or restaurants, looking like horny, Brazilian macho-men fools.

She also thought that there was no age for falling in love or restarting your life. She thought it was never ever too late! She thought that just because you're over 50 people think that your life has ended, you are "dead", you have no more feelings or desires and that there is no more sex life, no more sensuality, no more tingling in between the legs feeling thing and the wetness down there by feeling attracted to another human being that you desire, in you and in your body. The feeling of feeling wanted. People who think this way are the ones that are dead and don't know it. You are still the same person inside; it's just your body that starts showing the experiences that you went through in life, not age!

She never felt as good in all her life as now, not even when she was 25, 30, 35 and 40. She started feeling better at 41, looking younger, feeling younger and always taking care of herself, doing what she wanted to do (and not giving in to family and children - sometimes children want you to feel older, stay home and become old...), being productive, meeting people, enjoying herself, going to the movies once a week (even if it rained), reading at least ONE book per month (and she did this and in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French).

She walked at least once a week in the Brasilia's City Park. And... she had a secret for longevity: she had a garlic pill everyday (odorless), a vitamin E pill a day (both gel capsules), she had a Calcium + D pill a day, and a DHEA pill a day. She started doing this after her 41st birthday. Why? Because she noticed that after she became 40, her fantastic gynecologist (for many years now). a short, thin, sweet, small-eyed-laughing Japanese man, was recently using 3 words that she most hated, in her appointments, twice a year.

This was the very educational and interesting conversation they had in his clinic, in Brasilia, some years ago:

- You do complete check up for me, now, no? Heh Heh

- Why?

- Because at your age very important see what not working well, Heh No? You are 40, no?

- Yes, but...what do you mean by "at your age"? I am just 40!

- At your age, important, no??? Heh Heh 

- Define "at your age"... (She was pissed off because in 3 seconds he had said "at your age" twice...)

- When woman 40, woman stop producing many important things in body. At your age (three times now...she thought...), your body stopped production to half. It must continue! Body needs help now. So, I will teach you Secular Japanese Super Secret Formula for the body to maintain vigor, elasticity, beauty, strength, more awareness, (at this point she wasn't pissed off anymore but extremely interested...) body with more capacity, agility and so on, no? Heh! You want?

- Of course I do...Tell me!!!

- But only you promise to do tests I ask, no?? Heh Heh

- I swear, tell me!

- Listen very carefully: You will take this every day from now on together with a Chiquita banana, the following prescription by Dr.Sasaki.

- What?

- My Prescription: One garlic pill, one vitamin E pill, one Calcium + D pill and one DHEA pill. Swallow them while eating a Chiquita banana!

- OK! But why these pills?

- Ah... Garlic considered by Taoist culture component for super natural powers and immortality and called today "wonder drug" because reputation to manage high cholesterol level; Vitamin E good for biological activity, is powerful biological antioxidant and good for healthy circulatory system preventing blood clots ; Calcium very important for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, colon cancer and Parkinson's disease; Vitamin D considered "miracle potent pill" to prevent Cancer so...with 3 pills you protect body, give supplements, give food and DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, is natural steroid prohormone sexual booster for women at your age(there he goes again...four times...), good, no? Heh Heh! Good Sexual Secret! I give wife this secret formula, she now well, happy, better, younger, good sex with me, all very happy! No? Heh

- Why do I have to take these pills with a Chiquita banana? And when?

- Ahh yes, every morning. Why with banana? Ah, potassium! This Brazilian banana is the best one for body. Banana good for muscles and mind. This Secular Japanese Super Secret Formula good for body, bones, eyes, hair, nails, skin, vision, anti-aging, antioxidant and healthy life. This combination protects you all areas. And DHEA good for sexual activity, not dry woman, wet woman. So nice, good sex. No? Heh Heh Heh

- You are a wise man... my Doctor Sasaki!

- Dr. Sasaki knows!

- Thank you...

- My pleasure. Now... go away! 

- I love you.

- Me too. Go away! Here, take test requests.

- Thank you!

- Go! Pay outside, do tests I asked. Then, come back. Go!

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