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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Animal · #1730634
When Zephyr's home is threatened by strange creatures, how will she protect her home?

A large white paw steps into the snow, leaving a perfectly formed print where it now stands. From the paw, upwards towards the chest, white fur gleams brilliantly with specks of black on the ends.

Again, upwards, from the chest a neck leads up to a white muzzle belonging to a beautiful white wolf. She is simply standing, staring out towards the distance where a snow filled forest stands. Her home.

Her eyes show wisdom, and something which seems almost Human, which no one can describe. They are the colour of a silver-white, appearing rather mystical. Her body is slim and graceful, all the way down to her tail which is slightly raised in alertness. The tip of her tail, is much like a fox’s ending, in a black colouring, whereas a fox’s would be white. Her ears are the same.

The wolf slowly crouches down, her ears pricked forwards. She springs off her feet and into a sprint dashing as fast as she can, towards the forest in the distance. She weaves between each tree which comes her way as she enters, in and out with graceful ease. Her body twists as she likes, in an almost natural way.

She reaches the middle of the forest, and comes to a sudden stop. She slowly raises her muzzle into the air, sniffing a few times, before lowering it again. She then lets out a miraculous howl, filling the forest with her beautiful voice.

---CHPT 1---

In the centre of the forest, two wolves banter playfully, nipping at each other's ears and neck. Mud flies around them, as they jump around like 8 week old pups. One of which is Zephyr, the Omega Female of her pack, a beautiful white colouring with slight black specks on each end, finishing at her tail which has a black tip. The other is her older pack member called Zeus, a black wolf with the only white being at the end of his nose. He is the Alpha and quite new to the role.

"Hey! No fair... You're stronger than me.." A whine slips from Zephyr as Zeus pins her to the floor. "Right, I can see that." His voice filled her ears, strong and wise, yet there was still the sense of a young pup in there. She growls at him playfully and brings her right paw up to his face, pushing his muzzle away. "Mongrel..."

Behind a tree not too far away, Zephyr's father watches, chuckling. He walks to the two, who are still playfighting as mud suddenly flies his way and hits him on the shoulder. He lowers his head and lets out a snarl signalling them both to stop. Zeus stops obediently and wags his tail slowly, as Zephyr barely takes notice and tries to nip his neck. "Hello to you too, Vinx, don't mind us..nothing like play in the morning, right?" Zeus replies with a bark, before bending down to Zephyr and giving her a sharp bite on the muzzle. "Give over now! Your dad's here." Zephyr whines in pain and slips out from under Zeus and walks towards her father. "Sorry, dad.."
Vinx gives a little growl at his daughter, warning her and gives a signal with his head to go on back to the den. She gives a nod and licks him on the nose affectionately. "Cya later, Zeus!" She calls, running off into the forest behind Vinx.

As Vinx sees his daughter go, he turns back to Zeus, who seems to be attempting to stand tall. "Zeus, I am afraid there is a slight danger to the pack." He watches for any reaction from the wolf in front of him, seeing only his ears go back. "What do you mean..?" Zeus replies, worry evident in his voice, his ears further back now. "I mean, the pack and I..we've seen some pretty strange things. Creatures living in wooden dens, much bigger than ours... and smoke coming out the top."

"Creatures...?, what type of creatures?" Zephyr heard Zeus' voice from where she was listening in. She tilted her head to one side, her ears alternating between being pricked forward and backwards, listening for any sounds of approachment. "I wonder what creatures they are....smoke coming from the top.. pretty extreme.. " She thought to herself before going back to listening to what was going on.

"I don't know what creatures.. I have never seen them before. They're very tall, taller than us anyway. They walk strangely too, on two legs... yet they smell of wolf, I don't understand what they are or what they are doing here". Zephyr steps back in further thought, going through what she was hearing, "Hm, We'll keep a look out to make sure they do not come closer to the pack. If they decide to, until then we'll be safe... I hope. We'd best go back to the Den, just in case". Zephyr rushes off back to the Den, where she was supposed to be in the first place to search for her mother, to tell the news which she had overheard.

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