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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

Life, Live, Live! Living, Alive!

Butchie was in love, alive, living and full of life! He wanted to live with her, be with her and stay with her now, nothing else mattered, nothing else was important. Her. Be with her.

It was time to see her, meet her, taste her, feel her and see if their touching, their kissing and their lovemaking was electric, passionate, different, if there was that sparkle or that magnetic force that put two lovers together and kept them together, if there was that so called --- chemistry.

He started researching tickets to Brasilia on the internet. How far did he have to go? How many miles? How many cities until her? He knew he had to go to the US first as his daughter was about to have a baby girl. He needed to find out about Brazil, currency, exchange rates, airfares, airlines, distances, time zones, hotels, transportation, suitcases, type of clothes, food, weather, dangers, security rules, shots, visas and passport because he was going to see this woman whatever it took! Caribbean-US and then US-Brazil, yes, that's what he was going to do in less than a month!

Let's start now! Tell her and then, research on-line. The time has come!

And so he did! He found many options but the best one was by catching a flight from Miami to Manaus, Brazil, 8 hours. From Manaus, another plane to São Paulo, 4 hours. From São Paulo, another hour to Brasilia, where he would finally meet her and kiss her smooth lips. All this in two days and he would be damn tired. Yet, he didn't care. It was all about her now. But first, his daughter and baby. His first granddaughter. He was pleased. He was happy. He was planning; he was living and alive!

Christina had brought some changes, for sure.


Communication received!

Dear Christina,


Butchie  has answered your recent communication at eheart.com

To read Butchie's responses and to answer his sixth set of questions to you click here.

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The eheart.com Team

It's never too late to fall in love again!

Hello, dear Christina,

I'm still thinking about your photograph, how sweet and sultry you look and the reflection in the mirror shows that great smile. I wanted to be there when you got home, when you do that between five thirty and six pm, and leave you a thought, love, care, and how much you have become to mean to me. I know it is short - our time. But sometimes people never discover a lover, a friend, and a passionate mate. I think you understand that. In spite of it all, I believe that your spirit, and your woman transcends all time and space, and we'll be together - you chose what you want and how you want me in your life, where and how long.  I just got a phone call from my youngest daughter and she was leaving the Dr.'s office. Finally the baby turned, which was great because it has been uncomfortable for her - but she never complains. She and her sister, 2 years older, are OK and she'll be full term around September, but as it is she'll know more on her next appointment. I have my tickets, on the wild guess of my own, that puts me in the US, and I'll wait there until - my guess, the 7th of September. When I leave or if nothing changes, I'm coming through Miami, if it works out, and catching a flight for Brazil. That should be mid September. I am going to you in Brazil. Will you still be there? What do you think? I must meet you... I said I would fly to you for dinner and I will. Get ready.

Now it seems a little more has developed. Much more. I can't help but look at your features in the new picture, and the others, and having spoken with you, think of another woman that is quite like you, you're just Christina, and you have my love, so keep it as you want it - always, at 5.24 your time - you should be going home from work now, maybe. Where are you?

I love you,


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