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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

The Fortune Teller

(...and the crystal ball, the palm reading, the card reading, the past and present, the compatibilities, the Jogo de Búzios, happiness and the hopes for a better tomorrow.)

After Else finished her spiritual consultation it was Christina's turn for her reading. They were best friends and decided to go on this "spiritual adventure" together. The Fortune Teller's place was far, in Taguatinga and about one hour from Brasilia. They were both anxious and nervous and it was Christina's first time. Else knew the woman; she had been there before. She said that she was mysterious and keen. She got up from the red, leather armchair and quietly opened the door. The room was dark but pleasant and full of shadows of things around it. There was a small table with a transparent, yellow cloth with her working tools on it, a thin, black curtain on the window, a red carpet on the floor and a bigger table with a white, Egyptian looking cloth where there was a shinny, dazzling, beautiful and mesmerizing blue crystal ball in the center. Sitting on an enormous green armchair was this big, fat, weird woman that was smoking a thin Cuban cigarillo and looking directly into her eyes when she came in. It was a bit disturbing. She raised an eyebrow softly and looked at her with keen curiosity. This was their afternoon conversation:

- Hum. You have two Orixás...

- ?

- Ah! You are the daughter of two Umbanda Divinities: Oxóssi and Iemanjá!  Come in, please. Sit here.

- Thank you.

- Hum...

- What do you see?

- I see that you are a psychic...you feel, hear and know things...so...why do you come to ME? You get presentiments of the future...

- They say that you are the best fortune teller in Brasilia... (She was going to say the less possible - She had heard that gypsies read your words and used them to catch you in their spell...of lies, black magic and voodoo).

- Past, Present or Future?

- All of them.

- Hum. Cut the cards in three piles in front of me.

- OK. (She was feeling goose bumps and kind of nervous...)

- Hum. Your life has been full. Interesting. Intense. Passionate. You are authentic.

- ...

- Hum. You are one of the protected ones - besides, you have green eyes.

- What do you mean?

- I saw your spiritual guide connected to you when you came in, always behind you, protecting you. Beautifully dressed. Shinning so much it blinds, powerful aura. He is tall, long black hair, brown eyes, handsome, a Sioux Chief with a stunning blue feather head. He was your father in one of your past lives, a native Dakota Sioux. He's what you call here your Guardian Angel. That's his mission now. Protect you.

- I already knew this. I see him too. (She had said nothing that she didn't know already...)

- You said something about my green eyes.

- Yes. Wicca's eyes. Intriguing. Not blue, brown nor black. Green. Different.

- I didn't know that.

- (Picking up the cards from different piles during the conversation...) Hum. You traveled all your life, like a boat, no home, no land. You need security, stability and love to feel complete. You thought your marriage was it. It wasn't. You are divorced now and your children are grown up and away, following their own paths. Your path is broken right now. You need love. And, to give love. This man that you are thinking about is too young for you and he's not the one for you but you already know this, don't you? Ha!

- (She was totally goose bumps and in awe...How could she know about all this? My secrets, my life! What she said was all... true... IncredibleI!) How do you know this?

- I just know. I read it in the cards that you touched and cut in 3 piles. That's my mission: read information in the cards... Listen, he loves you but he is too young. You are a mother for him sometimes because of your advices, of your decisions and of your strength. You teach him, he learns, he listens. He needs you to grow but YOU will not GROW with him. You will die, stop, end, and stagnate if you stay with him any longer.

- What keeps me glued to him even when I want to leave him, be free? (She was not afraid of her lies anymore as she knew, felt and sensed now that the fortune teller was not lying...)

- Hum. You have feelings for him. And you have an intense sexual relationship. Good sex life but he is not the man you want. You are with him but he's not for you. He sucks your energy and your life through possession and jealousy... He's like an energy zapper. Leave him.

- When will I meet HIM? That's why I came to you. I know that there is the real Him out there... I just want to know when...

- Good! Wise woman. I will look in my crystal ball now. Cards tell me no more.  (Both hands on the blue crystal ball.)

- Oh! I can see also... Oh! (She was sure that...for an instant, she saw things moving inside that crystal ball...and she saw faces, places, words, she really did...it was magic...). Oh! What do you see?

- Hum. He is very far from here but you will meet him in a machine!

- A what?

- A machine. A... a computer. He will speak to you; you will speak to him... through it. He is a good man but with a complicated past. He is very intelligent but temperamental. He talks too much, he is moody and loves attention: this is typical of arrogant persons. But listen... he is kind, passionate and he is an adventurer, like you are but you, you are not arrogant because of your zodiac sign, Gemini. He lives in another land, speaks another language and has another culture and background. He is looking for you. He has blue eyes. I can see him. He needs you in his life. He is very lonely. He has an old dog... very lonely too; kind of abandoned...both are.

- (How on earth did she know all this?) Wow! Will we be happy together? Are we soul mates?

- Hum. Oh yes... Both of you will change each other's life and go forward, plan, create, modify, unite and build, produce, complete; an intense sexual relationship. You will boost each other in completion.

- Oh! Where does he live? Is he married? Divorced? Does he have children? (She was now completely in her hands and spell...and she didn't care anymore of being quiet or careful with what she said to the Gypsy woman... It was her life and her future that they were talking about here!)

- Hum. He is oceans away. Far. He was married 3 times. He has two children, grown up and good persons. He is alone now. Divorced. Thinking. He lives in a castle. He travels in a boat.

- What? Really? Oh! Wow. Where? What will I do until then? I want to meet him now... but... I don't like castles and boats...I like freedom, forests, nature, sun, water, oceans, air, energy and simplicity... Oh! This is fascinating!

- Time. You need time to learn, to change, make changes, do your Karma work and get ready for him. You need patience, be patient because he has much will power and is a bit negative. If you aren't prepared, he will confuse you with his words and you will want to go away. You are in a curing, healing process now. Weak but strong. You are a determined woman. You can't meet him now. The powers around us are wise. Stop and listen. You will be together one day. Patience. But... don't wait too long.

- Okay. Tell me: is he older than me? Please... tell me that he is older than I am; wiser, maturer, calmer.

- Hum. Ah yes, he is older, about 10 years older. You need this. And your younger age will be food for him! You will make him alive and live happier!

- How will I leave him, you know, the younger one? It's so difficult...

- Hum. You will need to go away. He will not leave you. You are his air and his life.

- Okay... but... how?

- You will figure it out, I see this! Now... 3 questions more! (She got some pretty, small, white shells for the Divining with the Conch Shells - Jogo de Buzios -  and shook her hands above her head. Her 30 bracelets or so shook on her wrists and made the moment intense. Then, she spread them over her table, next to the crystal ball which was still shinning. She was completely taken by her and by her openness and honesty. She looked up at her...) Ask me.

- How is my father?

- Hum. Which one? (With this question, she was completely in the hands of the Fortune Teller's. How could she know that she had more than one father?) 

- Both.

- Hum. Well, Divinity Woman, one father is on the other side as you know, he crossed over. He is well. Protects you. The other one is in another land far from you but I see that he will have a health problem soon. You will travel across oceans to see him. He needs you. He loves and admires you very much. (Oh! She was so right about that...)

- How is my mother?

- Ah! She. Hum. She has always been a problem. A confused spirit. Your deceased father was supposed to have been your mother here on Earth but she, your mother, needed to be your biological mother in this life in order to upgrade her spiritual level. She hasn't succeeded. But don't worry. It's not you. The problem is within her. Are you still not talking to her? (How on earth could she know this? She had stopped talking to her mother for about 10 years ago in order to keep her sanity and peace of mind. She was feeling numb and feeling cold sweats. She swallowed hard. This woman IS good!)

- Yes. I gave up on her many years ago. I asked her to leave me alone.

- She will try to see you before the passage... yet, remember: she will never change...

- I know this.

- Last question.

- What about Claudia and Sylvia?

- Ah yes. Hum. Your daughters... (How could she know this? It could have been my relatives, my friends, my enemies...) Hum. Claudia...independent, intelligent, talkative and complicated but the neediest. Probably will never get married but will have a son. Hum. Sylvia...a soul mate. Strong, sweet, trustful, hardworking and a helping hand. She'll probably marry but later, two children. That's what I see for them. These are good children you raised.

- Yes. I admire and love them with all my heart. Can I ask one more question?

- One more...

- Will I live long?

- Interesting question...Why do you ask?

- Well...I guess this is everybody's last question to you, isn't it?

- Oh no! Not at all. The last question - and after the three questions I grant in the end - is always about money and possessions... revenge or getting back at someone - generally a family member, so horrible... So, you surprised me. You are really different, Oxóssi and Iemanjá lady. Good for you! Let me see your left palm again... 

- Here.

- Let me see... You won't live long and it will end in a tragic way... Look here. See this cut, right here, in your Life Line? Generally if the line swoops down to about an inch above the base of the palm it shows a life expectancy of about 70-80 years for women and 65-75 for men... and...

- But this cut was due to an accident, when I was very young. A knife cut my left palm, right there, besides, you didn't say hum... before your visions...I know you already... I sensed it.

- Good. You are alert! Observing the signs... So, my dear, you will live a long life, then.

- You are lying also, I know... you... you Gypsy Lady! 

- (A big, loud, long, happy, satisfied laugh) Maybe! Who knows?

- Thank you very much. It was a nice reading. My first and only reading. You don't know this, do you? Nevertheless, you overcame all my expectations. I like you.

- Thank you. I like you too. I normally don't like people. You see, they really scare me with some of their "demands". People ask for the strangest of things. But, I know I'm good. It's a blessing. You've got a blessing too but you are in the other line of powers: you are a psychic, a medium. Use it for the good. Use your powers to help people, tell them what to do or just tell them the truth. People are attracted to you and the children... Ah yes... the babies and the children are attracted to you like a magnet because of the truth and the goodness within your heart. You must tell people about things, about life, about deepest desires, about love, about affection, about truth and guidance, about helping one another, about the simplicity of things in life that we generally... forget.

- Okay.

- I hope I helped you.

- You did. I will never forget you Dona Esmeralda. Never.

- I will remember you too, Sioux-Blooded White Woman!

- Bye!

- Be well. Hey... do you have that machine, the computer?

- No, I don't. 

- Get one. Remember what I said! You will meet him through one. Don't forget to do this... if you want changes in your life. You have to want the changes, you have to want the changes to come.

- I understand. I'll do it as soon as I can. Don't worry.

- Vai com Deus, minha filha.

She left with a lighter soul, full of reassurance and hope. And in peace. She knew that her near future was good, that she had a mission and that there was a good man out there for her, somewhere, wherever he was in this planet. So... what else did she need right now? Money? No. Possessions? No. Clothes? No. Shoes? No. A nip-tuck? Never. A liposuction? No way. Travel? No. What, what, what?

A computer!

Did he have a computer?

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