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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

All about Love, Lonesome Hearts, Longing, Missing, Sweet Talking and Country Songs...


Communication received!

Dear Christina,


Butchie  has answered your recent communication at eheart.com

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It's never too late to fall in love again!

Butchie knew that she loved American Country music and Dwight Yoakam...so he wrote her a country song just because he loved her. He also knew that she had been upset that day with some family problems or because of somebody. She had cried and was quiet and depressed... and not the Christina he knew so well. He wanted that happy, talkative, outgoing, loving and mad Brazilian back. Who had hurt her and why? The foolish but sweet things we do in the name of love...

Ain't that good?

Life ain't thar to piss you off...

From Butchie


Christina (with love)

I am a wandering sea dog,

Coming home from the day,

I flew the coup in the big ol' fog,             

And din' get laid in the hay.                     

Life ain't thar to piss you off,

You take this here any ol' way,               

And live like you can't be bought,           

It's love her or not, not any ol' hog,

I can't be caught in a corner store,

And that's the mighty truth,                             

But Light foot Lilly got no woman,                     

I'm gonna suck on my vermouth.

Yoddle de day... in the hay, and I'm a seaman,

Yoddle de day her butt's in the way, and I can't see,

Why there's Wal-Mart on my mind,

I can't imagine doodle squat....

If I caught that twat...                                                     

So I'm gonna eat sirloin tonight....woooaaaaahhh,           

Catch me a girl in the trough of Wal-Mart,

Snatch a panty piece....Yoddle de day, Yoddle dah,

My, I can't find my pants.... 

Woa oah oh ohhhhhhhhhh.               

Woa oah oh ohhhhhhhhhh.

Words: 331

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