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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

Crossing the bridges: Finally... the e-love encounter!

She was behind a big, thick glass wall looking at the passengers who were arriving from São Paulo in Brasilia's International Airport.  She knew that he would be tired as he had traveled all day and night the day before, by American Airlines; had arrived in São Paulo very early that morning, he still had to wait for after lunch to catch another flight to come to Brasilia. Long, long trip. How was he? How is he? She was anxious. Eager. Happy. Impatient! There were so many feelings inside of her...unexplainable, insisting. She simply, only and basically wanted to touch, feel, taste, smell, look, hug, kiss and make love to this incredible man that was traveling across oceans, lands and clouds to be with and within her. Ohhh, where was he? There were so many passengers coming down that escalator, picking their suitcases up, so many passengers from all over the world in one lounge, in one baggage claim area, in one place! Where was he, for Christ's sake?

Suddenly, she saw him. There he was! Ohh my God. Her eyes were wet and she couldn't see him well...  Emotions. Feelings. Oh Jesus querido! Her heart was beating fast! What would he think of her? How would he react? Would he like her little apartment? Her bed? Her? She thought of her bed and of him inside that bed with her... She felt completely and totally hysterical and... in love. What was going to happen in that bed? Oh my...There he was, he was getting closer...There he was... her man, her love, her... e-love.

He saw her. He walked toward her. They smiled in recognition of all the things said. She put her hands on the glass wall, leaned forward and put her face closer, looking, staring at him with her deep, green eyes.

He came closer, put his hands across from hers on the glass wall and deeply looked at her, too, with his handsome, deep blue eyes. It wasn't love at first sight; it was distant first sight on-line love! Real. True. Magic! Pure magic... So good. Her knees were kind of week and she nearly fell. She felt a warm feeling inside her heart... caressing her all over. Was this the true feeling of love?

He sent her a kiss with his lips and walked back to look for his suitcase in all the confusion of passengers and bags, found his and started walking toward the glass door exit. He felt the warm Brazilian breeze. He was tired but inspired by those green eyes and that marvelous woman waiting for him outside. He only thought of her, needed her and wanted her in his arms, badly. Her eyes through that glass wall were an absolute and passionate stare and she was more attractive than he had expected.

He thought about the changes while traveling to Brazil, and about becauses. Sometimes pieces of your life drop here and there...but, it's ok. You just need to fill those empty spaces with new wallpapers, with new dreams and wants, with new scents and tastes.

When she looked at him already outside the glass door and when he slowly came up to her, she, smiling, threw her arms around him, embraced him strongly, smelled his body's scent and his delicious perfume, felt his body against hers, felt his arms around her. Then, taking a deep breath, she finally relaxed, felt protected and felt loved, snuggling her face in his neck and coat. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and suddenly felt a warm feeling of comfort coming from unknown spaces in his heart.

The embrace lasted a very long time. Tourists and passengers smiled and even looked back many times to look at that nice, handsome older couple kissing and embracing in the middle of the airport lounge and that looked sincerely more romantic than any other younger couple close by. Nice, very nice to see. A good image to keep during the rest of the day...even inspiring...They kissed a long kiss and they melted into each other's arms... They had waited for this for so long and it was so good.

She drove him home. They talked about everything and nothing, laughed, touched each other's hands and answered each other's questions. He also told her that he was in reality, 65, not 63. She looked at him but said nothing. She parked her car and they went up to her apartment on the second floor. They went in her apartment and he immediately liked her cozy, clean, sweet little apartment. There were wild flowers on a vase. He felt welcome. He felt good. He felt home. He liked everything he saw.

He unpacked, took a bath. She prepared a snack and offered him some Swiss cheese, Italian bread and green, seedless Brazilian grapes. He tried Guaraná. He gave her gifts. He knew that she loved Victoria Secret things and that this store did not exist in Brazil. So he brought her chemises, dresses, more chemises, bermudas and tops. She jumped and screamed in happiness and surprise on top of the bed. He had bought clothes for her, for his woman, for his lover and that made him feel good. He had never done this before and for any woman. A good feeling...that... pleased him immensely.

They looked at each other. She chose a sexy, short, black chemise, took her jeans and blouse off and put the soft chemise on, right there, in front of him by first, becoming naked and then, wearing the chemise. They reached for each other and started kissing, searching, touching each other's body, exploring each other with their hands and lips. Oh so smooth, so soft, so profoundly fulfilling. They made love, first slowly, then intensely and passionately... Their lovemaking was strong and perfect, a completeness of open spaces inside of one's body, mind and soul...in an... explosive perfection.

After, in the silence of her bedroom...while she held him in her arms as he slept, in Brasilia - DF, Brazil, she thought of the film she loved so much..."The Bridges of Madison County" with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood...and she saw themselves as the actors, and she thought that the characters had been just as daring as she and Butchie were...older, unafraid, bold, loving, passionate, explosive and romantic BUT she certainly wasn't going to give up on him and continue living her same life...She did need him... She couldn't see her future without this man in her arms anymore...

They spent most of their time inside the apartment and in bed, making love. It was the rainy season in Brasilia now and good to stay home and cuddle. They talked and talked and talked, ate Italian bread, Swiss cheese and seedless grapes or would share lasagna in bed, with her white wine or his beer and watch films, embraced in bed. They felt their body's warmth, got accustomed to their noises and habits, shared the bathroom and were together most of the time. They had 18 days. There was no time to waste.

She took him to her favorite Churrascaria or Steak House and he loved the Picanha meat. They went to the movies, went sightseeing around Brasilia and he met some of her students and friends in a TGIF's by the Lake. They all liked him and called him Gringo (nickname given to a foreigner in Brazil, especially if you are an American). He started to like it all: the people, the friendship, the sweetness, the politeness, the real attention and care even though not understanding a word they said! Christina was his translator-interpreter and sometimes he noticed that she got a bit tired as she had to tell people what he said, translate it, listen to what people said, translate it back to him, translate, listen, translate...and he really only wanted to be with her. He wasn't able to see Brasilia well as it rained all the time yet he only wanted to be with her, in bed.

Sometimes, when they were getting ready to go out for dinner and Butchie would walk into the living room, all dressed up and elegant, recently bathed and shaved, with his Prada shoes, a Zegna shirt and with both hands inside his Polo trousers, she would literally go wild, jump on top of him and kiss him all over and say:

- Oh You look so very sexy, so elegant and charming. I want you now, come here. Ohhh I'm such a lucky woman...I want to touch you all over and feel your skin, rip these clothes off... Oh you...you drive me crazy.

He would laugh and simply give in, surrender to her love and to her Brazilian ways of expressing her true feelings and saying exactly what she thought. And they would stay home.

Their sex was intense and full of passion. Her body was soft and warm and he became more and more passionate. He was fascinated with her, with her softness; it drove him nuts and he was in love. Each night she wore a different silk chemise that he gave her and it created a sexy, sensual touch to their lovemaking. He had not expected all this love...and it was good, complete, unimaginable and unbelievable.

What were they going to do now? He was going back home soon. He told her about his daughters, his granddaughter, born a couple of days ago and how he felt about that. He told her about his life, his past and his present, his ex-wives and what happened, his decisions, his family, his school years, his PhD, his university teaching, his jobs, his failures and successes and he also told her about Riley. He wanted to make each and every moment very special and significant. They had to know each other, learn about each other more.

On the sixth day of his arrival, Christina finally confronted Butchie by asking him the question that had been bothering her since he arrived:

- Butchie...why did you lie about your age to me?

- Well... because everybody lies about their age in relationship sites.

- I didn't... 

- That's because you're truthful; one of many things I like about you.

- Tell me why, Butchie...

- Christina...Lying about age wasn't for you. It was in general, on-line age lying. Listen, I'm 65. I look younger. You're 56, you look much younger. Both of us don't look our age! Besides, if I had put a bit older, I would have received profiles of older women, too. Once I received a profile of a 60-year old woman. After, when we met, she came to be older than I was; she had lied about her age. Everybody does but shouldn't, you are right.

- So I guess you didn't lie about your age, you were just being careful. 

- Ohhh yes. I guess that people all over the world hide their real age - especially in relationship sites. Some people use nick names, some use avatars, some use funny pictures, some aren't what they really should be... Also, it is in the relationship sites where people lie the most, I guess.

- Really? Why?

- Because most of them are single or divorced, dumped when they were 39 or 40, 50 or 60, are lonely, unhappy, sometimes with health problems, some with terminal diseases and are looking for a last chance to be happy in life. In my case I just lied two or three years about my age...I didn't want to seem so old but it wasn't for you, I didn't lie to you about being a bit younger.

- Hey, listen...that's what I most like about you...your age! I wanted an older, wiser, more experienced man, like you are, Butchie; from the same decade, I guess, and that would have the same interests as me...Still, there are many people out there that are really true in what they are looking for and are sincerely honest about their on-line data. They are not looking for a last chance in life before I die thing...they just want to be happy...but Butchie, do you think that the lying is some psychological shortcoming for facing others with a real face and identity or it is a normal behavior on-line? 

- It's a normal behavior.

- Well, Butchie, I think that men wouldn't lie about their age if women didn't judge them by their age. That's what I think. I have never judged people by their ages, Butchie, even when I was younger. I judge the person's character and what they will add to my life by being with me or being my friend. Also, I don't fit the stereotypes. I look younger and like it and many people are taken aback when I tell them that no, I'm not 46, I'm 56. When you pass a certain age, society heaps a lot of "shoulds" on you that are unfair. And Butchie, I also lied about my age to friends, girl friends, men. I guess we all do. What I really, really think about this AGE thing is that one doesn't really lie about ones age to LOOK younger but to FEEL younger.

- That's my girl. Ohhh come here mad woman... How about putting on one of those sexy, silk chemises for me?

- I'll be right back, you just wait right here... my elove.

And while she chose which soft, silk chemise she'd put on to jump in bed with him she remembered what she had thought and really wondered about some time ago...CHEMISTRY. Ahh yes, it was there...like a smooth, warm softness of skin touching; incredibly nerve numbing; full of electrical sensitiveness that made your body become like sweet, red jelly in the loved one's arms...  REAL CHEMISTRY! This was Christina's impressions and feelings about that so called "Chemistry" between lovers, with Butchie...

One evening he met her favorite friends, a couple called Miriam and Geraldo. They went to their favorite Cafe where they brewed delicious beers and where you could eat fantastic cod fish hot pockets. Then Geraldo asked her if she had told Butchie about Texas...Ohhh No! she said. No, no, no... Forget it! Butchie looked at both of them... What happened in... Texas? Geraldo told him to make me tell about Texas. He would love it. Don't forget, Texas! Geraldo said, when they said goodbye. He wouldn't forget this because he was extremely curious about her.

When they got home he asked, asked and asked her about Texas so much that she finally gave in and decided to tell him the story of the so called "Texas Affair" she had had many years ago! It happened when she traveled to the United States for an FLS Annual Seminar, held in Austin, Texas. She had been invited to attend it because of her English School and her Exchange Program students. After the Seminar, she went to San Antonio and on the next day, after the tour, she decided to go by car, from San Antonio and to Corpus Christi. She loved the driving. She loved the country.

She knew she was wrong but she overtook the old, slow, smoky Chevy anyway. While doing it, up on a hill, appearing from nowhere and coming on the opposite direction, was a Texas Highway Mustang Patrol Car with two Texas State Highway Patrol Troopers inside with those funny looking big hats. She saw them look at her in total shock while they passed her and she observed them turning immediately on the Interstate by braking violently and screeching the tires on her rear view mirror, then, speeding after her with flashing lights, because she hadn't stopped immediately. She hadn't obeyed the law, she was speeding, she had over passed in a double yellow line, up on a hill, she made them follow her and they had become hysterical in their pursuit of this crazy woman in a red Camaro. She stopped the car on the shoulder and waited nervously, knowing that she would be raped, killed and hidden forever by those crazy Patrolmen, never returning to Brazil and to her daughters.

While she saw one of them coming out of the car, toward her, she remembered the film "Thelma and Louise" and said outloud:

- Fucked. I'm so fucked. So totally and completely fucked! Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm so fucked in this Interstate Highway No 37, in Texas, USA.

She heard the knock on her window...

- Open your window, ma'am.

- No...

- Open your window, ma'am!

- No. Why?

- I want to see your car registration and your ID, ma'am, right now.

- You are scaring me. I'm afraid of you. You are shouting at me.

- Ma'am, YOU scared ME, ma'am. 

- I am all alone with TWO men in this Interstate. You will rape me. Kill me, I know.

- Ma'am, this is ridiculous, ma'am. We are Texas State Highway Patrolmen, ma'am.

- This is what I mean.

- What, ma'am?

- You can do anything you want with me...you know that...I saw the film "Thelma and Louise" ...

- Oh Come on, ma'am...Don't be silly, now! We're State Troopers.

- Well, I don't know...

- No, ma'am. You are wrong, ma'am. Besides, you are the wrong one here. You unlawfully over passed a car in a double yellow line on a hill and you were over the allowed speed limit, ma'am! You are the perpetrator of the Law, ma'am. Car registration and ID now, ma'am, please!

- Here they are... (While opening a little bitty bit of her window).

- (Checking the Car Rental papers, her Brazilian and American passports and her Brazilian Driver License). Step out of the car, ma'am. 

- No, I won't.

- Ma'am, I'll have to arrest you if you don't step out of the car.

- No, I won't. I'm scared of you and that other one, over there.

- Ma'am, step out, ma'am. Come on...

- No, I won't.

- Ohhh God... What am I going to do? Well...Wait right here, ma'am.

- Okay...

(He went to the Patrol car, talked to the other Trooper - but always looking at her and at her car - talked on the radio for about 10 minutes, then, he walked back to her car).

- Ma'am...please...let's do the following. I'll keep your papers and documents under my possession and you will FOLLOW US in your car until the next town, where we will go to the Town Hall and speak to Judge E. K. Will you do as I say, ma'am?

- Yes, sir.

- Ah Good, ma'am because you are in a lot of trouble and we are giving you a second chance but I don't think that Judge E. K. will be very happy with your regulatory infractions in the State of Texas, ma'am.

- You are making me more nervous with all this ma'am thing...

- Will you follow me, ma'am? Now? 

- Yes, Officer.

- Do not turn away... ma'am!

- Do you think I'm crazy? You have my car papers, ID and Passports!

- Oh for Christ's Sake! ...Let's go right NOW... ma'am.

- Okay...

- Thank you, ma'am.

- Let's go, Officer.

- And ma'am? You BETTER follow me, ma'am...Please?

- Okay...

She anxiously and nervously waited for Butchie's reaction... He was kind of shocked but laughed loudly.

- Christina...when did you get out of jail? I am very familiar with the Texas Highway Patrolmen... Did you get 5 or 10 years? Did you get shock probation? Maybe 15 years? I think that you should still be in jail... You refused direct orders, you resisted arrest, broke the law, refused to allow an officer to identify you, you thought that you were going to be raped by the good, honorable and loyal Texas Rangers...??? Tell me more...I like this...this is very interesting, Christina! But tell me, how did you get out of jail time?

She followed the Troopers car and they went in the direction of the nearest town. When they turned into the main road she saw a Police car written Sheriff on the door. She parked her car behind the Trooper's. Right there and then she started to cry, silently. She knew she was dead, fucked, a criminal, an outlaw and would go to prison for the rest of her life. She would be obedient now...She had always been...so...why was she doing this???  Shit! Fuck! Oh Shit, shit, shit! Que merda, que merda, que merda!

A very, but very tall, strong, heavy and older looking man with a Sheriff badge came toward her car and asked her to open her window. She did. He asked her to step out. She did. He asked her if she understood English. She did. He asked her if she knew what she had done. She did. He asked her if she had been drinking. No, she hadn't. He asked her if she could turn around and put her hands on top of the car with her legs stretched open. She did. He asked her if he could search her for guns. She laughed but said he could. He coughed and did it but quickly and really not touching her, just as a formality. Then she noticed that there were many people watching this with their mouths wide open. She felt like Bonnie, from Bonnie and Clyde. Was this true? Was this really happening? Yes, you foolish Christina, it was! He asked her to put her hands down and behind herself. She did and...felt the hard coldness of the hand-cuffs... Fucked. She was fucked. So fucked. And her poor daughters in Brazil. Her school. Her students. Her dog. Her apartment. Her Dad in Indiana. Her brother in Iowa. Her life. Oh so fucked. Bye, Brazil. Bye, Life. Hello, Texas. Hello, Texas State Prison. Shit! Shit! Shit! What was going through her mind...?

The Sheriff held her by her right arm, took her into the Sheriff ‘s Office and directed her to a smaller room and locked  the door. She started to cry...helpless, still wanting to run away!

Some hours later she was put in the Sheriff's Patrol car by him and taken to Court. She was uncuffed inside the court room and escorted by the two serious looking State of Texas Highway Troopers, so serious and tall, each of them holding her by each of her arms, like she was a trophy brought from a Safari. They discretely smiled at her and whispered something like be good, now. Don't upset people now. Okay? She nodded. She was thirsty and hungry. She was scared and nervous but they were not screaming anymore at her.

She sat down. The room was empty. Only her, the two Troopers, the Sheriff, another man with papers and files, and a woman Trooper, standing on the other side of the court room. Suddenly a big door opened and a tall, thin, very charming and smart looking woman, with dark eyes and short, dark hair, wearing small, black, square glasses and a long black robe walked in and while sitting on the bench, the bailiff announced that the Honorable Judge E. K. was present and that court was in session. The two Troopers told her  to stand up. She gabbled on the bench and looked directly at her with concerned curiosity and asked:

- Are you Christina?

- Yes, I am.

- Do you have any idea of what happened?

- Yes, I do.

- What did you do?

- Well, I overpassed a slow, smoky car, on a type of a hill, in a double yellow lane, I did not stop immediately when the Troopers followed me, then, I did, I didn't want to open the window and come out of the car when those two nervous State Troopers screamed at me because I was wrong. I was foolish and stupid, I am not like this at all in my country, I abide with the law, I was disrespectful , irresponsible and I apologize. I am a Lawyer in my country so I know what I did even though I haven't practiced Law in many years. I hate Law...I mean I hate to practice Law but I respect the law...Your Honor.

- Humm... Well...good, because I was trying to understand what you did and why. Why didn't you come out of the car?

- Because I thought that they were really going to rape me, kill me, disappear with my body forever. I sincerely did. And I am sorry I did it but they scared me. They really scared me with all that shouting and screaming at me.

- State Troopers are loyal, honest, responsible, abiding with the laws men and are there to serve and protect you, me, any citizen of the United States of America and its Territories and aliens.

- I know.

- Are you traveling alone?

- Yes, Your Honor.

- Where were you going from and to and why were you in such a hurry? Tell me about it. I must understand you.

- From San Antonio to Corpus Christi, Your Honor. I wanted to get there before it got dark. You see, I was supposed to stay less time in San Antonio and I didn't. Therefore I was in a hurry to get to Corpus Christi before it got really dark.

- Why?

- Because I wanted to be able find the Hotel where I am supposed to spend the night at today. I had spent a long time in San Antonio and I was upset because of all those Highway exits which are very confusing for tourists and non-residents, Your Honor.

- I see. But why did you spend more time than you should have in San Antonio?

- Because I had planned to visit The Alamo church building this morning and did but I did not expect it to be so beautiful, so important, and so majestic. I didn't know that it was considered the official and most important Texas state shrine. So, I stayed longer than I should have, I just couldn't leave. When I realized what time it was, I hurried up and drove away and then this silly incident happened.

- Did you really like the Alamo?

- Ohhh yes, Your Honor. I even daydreamed with John Wayne in the film The Alamo, which I saw in Brazil, fighting and defending those walls and decided that that  was the right place to go to in the little time I had in the United States.

- I'm from Texas and I am pleased to be part of The Daughters of The Republic of Texas and acting as permanent caretaker of the Alamo!

- Really?

- Really.  What are we going to do with you?

- Let me go, please, before it's too dark...

- Ohhh I can't do that but I can do my own ruling according to my own observations and decisions! Oh Boys? (Looking at the two Texas State Troopers next to me...)

- Yes, Ma'am?

- Do we have a formal complaint here?

- No, Your Honor!

- Some important things were forgotten here... right boys?

- ...Yes, Your honor.

- Oh John? (Looking at the Sheriff)

- Yes, Your Honor?

- Is this a misdemeanor, John?

- Well sure, Your Honor, you can bet it is!

- What are we going to do with this genuine Alamo-lover young lady and that is so adorably irresponsible?

- A short night in jail will do, Your Honor... (suggested the Sheriff, chuckling).

- That's what I was thinking about, too, John. The court rules that you will pay the total fine of U$250.00 dollars, in cash, and that you spend the night in jail; that as of 6:00 am tomorrow morning you are free to go but, not before seeing me here again, for breakfast, to teach you some basic Texas Highway driving security rules and regulations, do you hear me, Christina? That's enough punishment for this crazy Alamo woman. The court has ruled! (gavel's noise on her desk!) Bamm

She carefully looked at Butchie to see what he was thinking of this so called "Texas Affair."

- Christina, how did you feel about all this? Were you hurt?

- No, I wasn't. I was ashamed and embarrassed yet I was feeling good. But, do you know what?

- What?

- When I look back I remember one thing...

- What?

- After that very tall, strong, heavy and older looking Sheriff handcuffed me when I had put my hands back,  he patted my hands... and asked me: "Does it hurt? Is it hurting you?" I never forgot this...

- Well, that was very nice. You know Christina...I have no respect for anyone who hasn't spent at least ONE NIGHT in jail. I did and so did you. And this is good.

- Ohhh my baby, come here...

- What...?

- Come right here into my arms...

- Ohhh Alright... If you want me to...

- Why do you love me?

- Because you are different, because you are Christina.

- Is that good?

- Yes. It's what makes the difference in everything now. I used to be angry with the world. I am not an angry man anymore...with you.

- It's my magic Brazilian female mojo working on you...!

- Come here, you... mad woman...

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