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Rated: E · Novel · Contest · #1730833
After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!


The Caribbean Sea, thinking about Christina; Butchie's thoughts about love and real decision making

She really looked sad, Butchie thought, inside the plane on his way to São Paulo. She was trying to hide the tears after that kiss but he noticed the tears falling from her green eyes.  She was trying to be strong but wasn't successful. She was so dear. She was so Christina. What a woman. So much passion and so much love. He was the luckiest man alive. It was good that they found each other, really good.

There were many things that he had to do as soon as he got home but he was certainly going to think about his trip to Brazil and to Christina for a while. Butchie needed, as a man that he was, to process all the situation and come up with a concrete solution, he needed that time and space to think reasonably and logically because their relationship was worthwhile the thinking, the dedication and the decision-takings. He had Christina in his life now, he had their life to solve out and it needed to be solved soon, not later. He really had a lot of thinking to do but he was tired, thirsty and he missed her. He immediately fell asleep waking up an hour later, in São Paulo. The airport was full of people. He had to change planes and go to another airport - why another airport ? and he was confused by the language, the rainy day, the shuttle buses and the frustration of being a tourist in another country that is not yours. Then, he caught his flight to Miami, arriving there in the late evening. So tired. So very tired but, at the same time, so pleased. Pleased with what he found in her, with what he saw and observed and with her attitudes and character. Still, would she fit in the life he envisioned for him? Would her life blend into his, wherever he was or wherever he went? Could she do that? Would she do that? Changes... many changes ahead... if they were to be together. Would she want to?

He went to the Miami International Airport Hotel, had a shower and went to sleep with Christina on his mind and trying to feel her warm, smooth body in that cold bed and in that cold air-conditioned room in Florida.  He wanted to think about her but his eyes were closing heavily. How tired he was...and how lonely, too... It would be so nice if he were able to touch her just for one instance, only one second... because something was really missing right now... he searched hard for words that could explain... the unexplainable...feeling...of... no... Christina...

Words: 459

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1730833-e-love----Chapter-22