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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

The Caribbean Sea Vs The Atlantic Ocean...

"Hum Riley seems well and ok but he is smelling bad and is full of ticks. They said that they groomed him, bathed him. Did they really? Oh well. Hello, old friend, hello Mister Mo! How are you? It's me? It's good to see you. I am back from my trip to Brazil. What an adventure. What a woman. It was good, you know? Well, let's go home? I must stop at Mailboxes and the bank but we'll be home soon. I'll stop on the way and get my beer and your chicken, alright? Just give me some minutes more. Off we go, now! It's just you and me at home, now. I managed to get home safe and sound", he said as he patted the dog's head.

"Well, I survived the weekend. Two days at home, only rain, no sun, no  walking in the park. It was good though, I had two days just for myself, no worries, no doing this or that, just me, me, me...and me. The bed is ALL MINE. I can sleep with my arms and legs open, totally stretched out and then make a 360 degrees turn in my bed, snore (I don't), with no favorite corners or sentences like...now this is MY corner while I'm here because I need this bedside table to put my glass of water and my pills on...  Now I can use the bathroom with the door open and do all the noises I want and all the smells I please. No more being shy. Just me, ... my place. I can sleep at the time I want and keep the TV on until the time I want. Watch my programs and not his, politics and news all the time. No stress. Period.

I need to call my handy man and have the garden cleaned. The house looks dirty but I guess it's alright. I like it this way. My home, my place, my pool. I need to buy chlorine.  I must see my boat; check out the boat's mooring, in front of the Yacht Club. Luckily there were no hurricanes. It is all safe. I am safe... I need to go to the lawyer tomorrow and maybe visit Diane at the jewelry store, tell her about Christina and Brazil; call my daughters,  see how they are doing and how's my granddaughter, too.

I had a nice day, today. Yes, a very busy day. Good.  I feel really good. I taught all my classes and enjoyed my students feedback. They do love me and are loyal. I am a good teacher and have a good life; I'm secure, protected and safe. I am going to call Miriam, Ingrid and Else. Tell them about Butchie. Tell them about me. I must e-mail my two daughters; they want to know about ...everything, too," Christina said out-loud.

Everything seems to be alright at home, with Riley, I'll spend the rest of the day on the boat. Maybe I'll stop by the supermarket, get insulted. What is it about the local people, here? Home, it's better to stay home. I can spend a WHOLE week, without going out or seeing people, talking to people, being insulted by rude Cruzan's, I can be all alone, naked and protected. Watch the news, go on-line, read a book, check on politics, check for hurricanes. Check on Brazil, maybe, such a nice place, calm, secure, a good developing country and where she lives. How must she be? I have been e-mailing every day, so has Christina. She misses me... a lot.

We have been in touch... but I want him... here.  He e-mails three times a day. He calls every other night but he is so far, so far away. What will happen now? What will I do with my life? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? I met him and that's it? Only... this? It ends here? No! I can't believe it. I will not allow this to happen because I "connected" to him, I feel so good with him. Does he miss me? He sounds so alone on the phone, when he calls me. I go out, work, work, work, teach, teach, teach...come home, read my mail, have a glass of wine, eat something, check my e-mails on-line, watch my TV programs, listen to music and think about him in my bed...The bed is so big, now. My bathroom is so clean. The toothpaste is in its right place now... BUT... I don't care if the toilet seat is up or down anymore...My life is so empty... I'm miserable. Does he feel the same??? Does he think about me as I do of him?

She says she misses me. She is miserable. Would she come and spend some time here, with me? Would she? I'll ask her, maybe she's thinking the same thing, coming here, to see, feel and live in the islands, with me. She would like it. This house is so big and so empty. The pool is so big, she loves water and sun, and she'll have it all right here. We would be together and see if it works out here just as it did in Brazil. I miss my Brazilian woman, Butchie thought to himself.

If he calls me tonight I will certainly tell him that I am m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e without him and that I'd love to go there soon...like...tomorrow. What would he think about this? I could talk to all my students...no problem. I do need a break. I could stay with him for a while...we could see how it works, there. Here, it was ok but he was a guest, a tourist. Not his country, not his language. But, he did like it here, didn't he? He did well. EVERYBODY loved him, he was popular, my students and friends loved him and he was friendly and interested. He was sometimes a little formal and quiet but at the same time so outgoing, funny and so talkative. Where is he? What is he doing? Why doesn't he call?

I think that it will be a good idea. I'm calling her tonight. She loves me...

Oh I am going to him...I am going to the Caribbean to see him...Oh he called, agreed with me, I can go next week...to be with him. Oh my, Christina thought to herself.

"She does love me... She can't live without me... She is coming here, Riley!", he told his dog.

"He wants me there. I thought he'd never want me again...  I don't care about spaces in beds or toilet seats... I really don't care... It won't make me happy... (well... a toilet seat that is up, at night, when you sit on it while you're half sleeping can be very, very... cold...). I must pack, check my passports, exchange some Reais to Dollars, call my students, wash my clothes, and buy a new bikini... Oh, I am going to see him AGAIN, in less than two weeks...YES... YES... YES...and YES!" Christina told herself.

"Do you know what, Riley? First I thought, what's the point in coming right now... But I guess she's right, she misses me and wants to be with me. She says she loves me and can't live without me. She loves me... I will have to leave you here, hear me? I am meeting her in San Juan's Airport. I'll be back the next day, with her, Mister Mo, and we'll see how our dear mad woman, so crazy...will adapt in the islands... It IS really nice that she's coming... huh?" Riley was wagging his tail while he spoke.

They hadn't noticed it but they, together yet apart, were slowly building up something that was called... a real relationship.

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