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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

The future and unknown wonders

She had to go back to Brazil. She had to go back to her life and things. She had to go back to her daughters and students. She didn't want to but it was time. She kissed Riley many times and Butchie...Oh she could never have enough of him... He was her love, her life; they needed each other, they had really bonded. They had gone together through hell and high waters and it really was a great relationship. They were really, truly in love but the world was a practical and realistic one. She had to go home now.

The night before she left for Brazil, Butchie and Christina talked:

- Will we see each other soon, Butchie?

- Yes.

- When? Where?

- I don't know, Princess.

- Why?

- Because I didn't like Brasilia.

- And I didn't like St. Croix.

- I liked Brazil very much.

- I didn't like the USVI, though.

- Why not? I don't get it. Everybody that comes here loves it. Look at this big house and this nice pool, the view, the island...

- Listen...visiting the islands is one thing but living in it is another. Your house is too big to clean. The island gives me the creeps. I feel like running away from here!

- Really? How come?

- It's lovely here...but too lovely, too blue, too sunny, too perfect... and it's boring after some time.  When you really get to know the place and the people here... you don't like it that much... besides, I miss Brazil very much.

- I know that.

- Do you like living here?

- Yes, but not all that much...

- Well, you live mostly in the house or in the boat, not with the local people here. You have no friends here. Only some ex-girlfriends that you told me about... and I don't like this.

- This is true. And what about that younger ex-boyfriend of your in Brasilia? He is there, too.

- He is past and long gone. And, if he's there, he's not in my heart and with me. You are my in my heart, you're my PRESENT and my FUTURE. Capiche, silly one?

- Yes.

- Why don't you give Brazil a try?

- But not Brasilia. It was always raining. I need sun. Warm weather.

- I agree but you went there on the rainy season, it rains for 4-5 months then, 7 months of summer, sun and blue sky, with many lovely lakes nearby... No? OK. Somewhere else in Brazil, then.

- Not here, too, right, Christina?

- No!

- Give me some reasons.

-  People here aren't happy; not even the Crusians. You can see it in their eyes...  The white and black people hate each other here. Such a beautiful place but so full of bias.

- I agree with you, Christina.

- Good. What are we going to do? What will happen to us?

- I really don't know yet. We'll work it out.

- We'll work it out, Butchie.

- We're going to miss you, Christina.

- And I'm going to miss the two men in my life. Do you know what? I'm a lucky woman. I have two men in my life and they both agree with this situation, unconditionally!

- Riley and I totally agree! Come here, you mad woman!

- Oh yes, my Captain, Oh Captain!

- Weird woman...

- I'll never see you again...

- Why?

- Well, after you met me you left your country on a crazy adventure: You went, for the first time in your life, to a developing South American country because I lived there; you spent a lot of money on airplane tickets; you could have died on that Brazilian plane crash when coming to Brasilia; on the week you arrived in Brazil a mad Brazilian woman killed her American boyfriend who was also called Butchie; you discovered a different Paris with me and then you got robbed and mugged; you had to step and crush a burger in Avignon's McDonald so we could be able to pee and you nearly got caught by the frogs; you rode on trains, planes and rented cars everywhere in France and Brazil; your big, beautiful boat hit a rock in the Caribbean reefs; your dingy got lost; I didn't like your big house on top of a hill in that paradisaical island; I only understand 50% of your jokes and laugh an hour after when I do "get" them; your dog forgot about you and follows me everywhere around your house and is miserable if I'm not there - after 13 loyal years with you; and I am a noisy, demanding crazy woman! I think that I ruined your life! It's maybe too much for you...

- True, sweet pea, but my life has been much more interesting and different with you, too! You bring life to my world! He said, standing toe to toe in the bedroom.

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