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After subscribing to a relationship site their lives changed. This is how it all started!

South America, the Brazilian Beaches and Dunes, Porto das Dunas, the American tourist, Hondas, screaming peacocks and fucking ducks...

After coming home and checking if everything was alright Christina decided to visit her daughters. Her apartment was empty, her bed, cold. No little dog sniffing after her. Something was missing now and there was a restless emptiness in her heart. She was just a name, and just a woman's name...Christina. She wanted her adored, precious and mature daughters so much...now. She had once heard a famous Brazilian singer, Renato Russo, sing these words and that had touched her heart and soul so very deeply: "Your children will become your parents..." and she needed them... she needed her children now. Claudia wasn't in São Paulo, where she lived and worked. She was in California, studying in UCLA. So she decided to visit Sylvia, in Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará, located northeast of Brazil. She had been there twice and had loved the city and Sylvia wanted her there, loved her presence, her craziness and her happiness. Sylvia's friends told Sylvia that after her mother had come to Fortaleza once, they "understood" Sylvia's weirdness and intelligence better... So, Ceará it was.

Ceará was known in Brazil to have the most beautiful beaches ever, if not in the world, to have the best climate because it was dry and warm all year long and with clean, healthy air, good food, good fruits, green vegetables, manioc and roots, coconuts and the sweetest coconut water, the best bananas and for its lovely roses up in the hills of Guaramiranga. Wherever you planted in that dry but fertile land everything grew and flourished. There was a lot of poverty in that state but Brazilians and the people from the poorer northeastern states were happy, worked their butts off and loved life more than anything. Brazilians would never think of being nasty, rude, indifferent and intolerant. She needed that so much now. She was lonely and feeling miserable. Besides, she needed a suntan and the nice, cold, salty Atlantic Ocean and the hot, warm Brazilian sun. And she needed her daughters. She needed them more and more...they were like her little "mommies" now.

Butchie and Christina were exchanging e-mails and keeping in touch every single day but she was impatient, insecure and very lonely. Yes, she was feeling lonely for the first time in years. Really... lonely. She had never felt this way even after her 20-year marriage and divorce. As a matter of fact, she was longing for the divorce when it happened and she was very happy to have her school, the apartment, the room, the bathroom and her bed all for herself, moreover, she could do exactly what she wanted to do without giving any satisfaction whatsoever to a man, to any man... It was good being an independent, hardworking woman, Oh yes it was... until...Butchie entered into her life and changed her upside down and around... Had she done this to him, too?

She went to Fortaleza and stayed at her daughter's place. She relaxed, slept, walked on the waterfront and thought about everything that happened to her... She thought about Butchie and she knew that wherever she went, she would miss him dearly. It didn't matter where she went... Oh She was miserable and lonely and ached for him.

Basically, she simply wanted... him. She wanted his manias and habits, his noises, even his soft snoring sounds...She was empty, all was meaningless and she was feeling blue...Her daughter could see it in her face, her daughter's boyfriend, Ricardo, could see it her face and Claudia could hear it in her voice when she called her from California. She seemed different. She was depressed. She didn't care if people noticed. She was miserably miserable!!! The following day she arrived in Fortaleza she slept for 13 hours...which surprised Sylvia very much and she thought that her mother was sick, had caught a cold or was with Dengue fever!!! Christina only wanted to die...






Monday, March 10, 2007, 10:03 am. It was sunny, lovely and hot in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.  While drinking a cold, sweet glass of coconut water, eating a piece of mandioca cake, wearing her red and blue bathing suit and ready to go to the Beach Park Resort Hotel for the day with Sylvia and her friends, she went to the computer room in her daughter's little apartment, located in Aldeota, fifteen minutes from the waterfront. She checked her e-mail messages. Suddenly, she saw it. She screamed. Oh, my God! This is not happening! Impossível, she thought!  And this is what she read and what made her very, but very lonely little heart beat really, but really fast:


BolMail - Olá Christina!

De: Sailing Broad Reach 

Para: My eLove

Assunto: Missing you...

Data: 03/10/2007 - 10:03

My dear Christina,

I'll be there soon, believe me!  We'll do more stuff together, promise. I really want this, sweet pea. I am exhausted of this nothing. Yesterday I slept for 13 hours. I am depressed, wronged and missing you dearly. I find these holes helplessly vacuous; it is impossible waiting for simply waiting... for nothing.

I want away from here and I want understanding, I want love and I am right. I want you. You say you love me and I trust you. Riley is driving me nuts, moaning and irritable. And so am I. We want out of here and this week. I am waiting for his papers and I'm going to Manaus by Copa. Can you meet me? Where? We will figure it out from there on but together, sweet pea.

I am selling the house and the car. I will sell the boat after it's fixed. I need to buy a new rudder, paint the bottom, fix the top and get new sails, put new ropes and then it will be alright. It is property, needs to be fixed. I am putting my furniture in storage and packing my stuff.  This house is really too big and after you left it is full of empty spaces.

In Mailboxes, people ask about you, in the supermarket, too. You are remembered everywhere I go. I never was. I want to be. I need you and miss you in bed with your warm, soft body, your smells, your perfume, your noises, your confusions, your laugh, your woman, my adorable Christina. Coming to you.



Oh my God...

Oh my God...


my God!!!

She screamed and jumped up and down while embracing her daughter Sylvia. She was going to have a relationship after all... and she was going to do everything in this world to make it right!

She met him in Manaus the next week. Christina kissed Butchie and hugged Riley as if she hadn't seen them in years! Riley was really excited and played with her after days of silence and mourning. Butchie laughed and relaxed, feeling completely at home. Riley cuddled and near the bed, on top of Christina's open suitcase.

They went to a vet in order to get Riley's Brazilian papers to travel from Manaus to Fortaleza and to buy a hard kennel. The next day, they arrived in Fortaleza and stayed at Sylvia's place. Butchie went all over Fortaleza with Christina and he liked it very there very much. People were gentle, polite and calm. Everything was so nice, the waiters treated you with such courtesy and the food was so good and so cheap that you wanted to scream or cry with surprise and happiness. They went to a lovely beach called Porto das Dunas where there were a lot of new buildings, houses and condos for sale, near the Beach Park Resort hotel. The Atlantic Ocean was beautiful and rough, the sky, bluer and the weather, warmer than the Caribbean but with a soft breeze coming from the South of Brazil, sometimes strong, sometimes calm but very tropical and Brazilian. Butchie liked this a lot!

They went to see a lovely apartment in a condominium in Porto das Dunas that had apartments for sale, with gardens, pools and a wet bar overlooking the Beach Park Resort hotel down below and the view of the Atlantic Ocean. They could see the darker blue-green Brazilian ocean; sometimes you could see Jangadas with their colored sails far away and spectacular and stunning views of the dunes all around the place. Once in a while the winds blew the sand so strongly that it covered the roads. It was picturesque, beautiful and romantic. They wanted to explore it all and go to smaller towns and little fishermen villages nearby and there was always something new and different to do and explore.

Butchie decided that he wanted to live in Porto das Dunas with her... she wouldn't have to leave Brazil for good, only sometimes because Butchie would become homesick, too, and she understood that ohh so well.

One evening they discovered a typical Brazilian restaurant in Lagoa Redonda. The restaurant was located inside a lovely garden with a lake, full of ducks, rabbits, frogs and big Tilápias swimming in the lake. While they were having dinner the peacocks were screaming on top of the palm trees (she didn't know that peacocks slept on top of trees) and they watched two white ducks happily and noisily fucking under the next table, while an older, wiser voyeur duck was checking them out!  All the other customers and waiters were giggling and pointing at the ducks and at them. It became their favorite restaurant!

She was going to sell her condo in Brasilia, too and move to Fortaleza and to Porto das Dunas and share her life with Butchie, live with him and Riley for as long as they would put up with her. She loved them with all her heart and couldn't imagine herself without those two fellows anymore! They would figure it out slowly, they would manage it all as long as they were together. Butchie and Christina and a dog named Riley...

- Butchie?

- Yes, Christina?

- Are you happy?

- Yes, I am. Are you?

- I am now, Butchie!

- Are you ready for our Sunday ride in my new Honda?

- Oh yes... Butchie?

- Yes?

- Can I learn how to ride a motorcycle?

- Christina!

- Please! I could ride mine and follow you in yours... in the dunes.

- You need to take lessons first, be real safe.

- Yay! Can I get a Harley Davidson?

- No!

- A Honda, then?

- One thing at a time, Christina!

- OK!

- Where do you want to go? (while putting his black helmet on)

- Let's go to that "Tapioqueiras" place for breakfast, near Aquiráz. We can go through Porto das Dunas and through those dunes up on the hills, overlooking that little beach you love so much now, near Prainha...

- OK, my mad Brazilian!

Christina put her red helmet on, sat behind Butchie on his metallic silver Honda and firmly wrapped her arms around his warm body and lovingly pressed her breasts against his back (he liked that feeling very much...). They loved that ride across the dunes, together. It was one of their favorite and treasured moments and... they had so many of them now! Christina pressed her legs against Butchie's and shouted:

- Let's go, my Gringo!

A True Love Story Has No End...

Words: 1911

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