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by j
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Oh! God”, said the Heart while retiring to bed.” Yes, what do you want” said the Brain...
A ThinkingHeart

……”Oh! God”, said the Heart while retiring to bed, tired of crying and emotionally overwhelmed by the daily serials drama.” Yes, what do you want” said the Brain playfully unaffected by any of the emotions.” Shut up Brain, don’t start it again, I am tired”.” What did I do now” asked the Brain trying to be innocent. Heart could have just ignored question and slept, but true to its nature it could not stop blurting out “Are you any God, why did you say yes, when I said Oh! God?” Brain Replied, Yes, I am God, for that matter any one who can think and has the ability to act on own strength is one. Heart now irritated started “I am not calling you, I was calling him”, gesturing towards the ceiling, “The God”. What is that? Came the reply from the Brain. Have you lost your sense of asking questions? It is not “what is that?” it is “Who is that?” corrected the Heart.

                   As the conversation has become an argument, neither of them could be in the retiring position, were now sitting opposite to each other as the contestants in the boxing ring.

Brain: How can you be so sure that it’s “who” and not “what”, I mean God is a being and  not a thing.

Heart: Because everyone since long has believed so. And moreover I have my own logic for it.

Brain: let’s forget how many and who believes it, let me hear your logic on it.

Heart: If its not “who” i.e. a being, then who is answering my prayers?

Brain: it’s me who is answering your prayers.

         This is it thought the Heart, one of its emotion “anger” is about to result in downpour of bad words on the Brain. However it has controlled itself and tried to put in the best way possible. Diplomatically saying..

Heart: How silly, there should be a limit to ones own misconception.

Brain: Shut up, all you can do is “want” and “desire” for a thing, I am the one who puts ideas to realize your wants.

Heart: Your idea alone cannot and has never been of any use if I am not praying for that want. Without my feelings, emotions and prayers on your side, you would become a loner a long time ago.

Brain: Without my sense and will to get things done you would have died by now just eating your dreams. And moreover you would have fallen for every girl/boy who came across you.

Heart: Stop it and lets not get personal and argue on the topic which we started.

Brain: It is indeed part of the argument, anyway, tell me one thing, if the prayers are being answered and the being i.e. God who himself is good in taking care of everyone, why do still some people get what they want and some don’t.

Heart: See there is something called destiny / fate which we cannot change. If you are winning or losing it is destiny.

Brain: Caught you!!!

Heart: what?

Brain: You are contradicting yourself.

Heart: How?

Brain: You said destiny cannot be changed. You also pray to God in want of something.

So if some bad is in store for you, it would not change to good even if you pray, because it is destiny. (or) you are bound to loose by destiny however hard you pray for success, right? Therefore you cannot at the same time believe in destiny and God. If you are believing in destiny, then stop praying.

Heart: what’s your point, there is no GOD?

Brain: I do not know. I don’t want to either. It makes me feel dependant even before I start doing something or a hurdle comes by.

Heart: ok, as per you, let’s say God is not a being, but there should be an energy which created everything.

Brain: May be May be not the God is a being or energy, we can be definitive only when he or it come and says, “I am God”. But how much of the time can you waste by thinking about it and praying for it unless you are a scientist.

Heart: or Adam’s great grand son who is trying to find who has created his great grand father.*Smile*

Brain: ha ha ha!! Yes, and what do you get in return, the same recurring lack of peace.

Heart: Might be, but I have never felt so much like disoriented, low in life or etc.

Brain: Right, because I listen to you and you listen to me. We balance it.

Heart: you are right that is LIFE.

Brain: Just think you have the will and I have the power of ideas and determination to back it.          Is will power any less than a prayer?


Heart now very exited…

Heart: we both together can generate energy to make things not less than any miracle.

Brain: Yes, that energy can be anything, will power to resist, determination to succeed, creating peace or silence to meditate ….. I mean anything.

Heart: So the miracle out of this energy is life and that’s why it is so precious.

Brain: you are thinking !!!! Ha Ha Ha…

Heart: Shut up! So this is it, you, me are part of GOD. i.e. energy around us.

Brain: Might be, like I said, at least till the God himself comes to announce it.

         Heart took some pause, it started beating heavily with excitement, unable to believe where a small conversation has taken “it” to. Literally unable to believe that “it” is also part of God and is very much part of creating life full of specials is thinking loud.

On the other hand the Brain is tired and in a heavy emotional feeling after realizing how important the heart is to create a life it thinks of everyday.

The heart with its excitement still thinking loud …..

Heart: So the God is plural. The plurality consisting of you, me and the God himself.

Brain: Yes, I think you are right.

Heart: Thank you, finally you agreed that God exists too… Thank God.

Brain: Yes, what do you want?

         The Brain went off to sleep saying that. The Heart went in confusion unable to know whether the Brain has reacted to “Thank you” or “Thank God”. Knowing this clash would never end, the heart also retired to get some sleep.

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