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The girl of my dreams steps down off her pedestal.
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Laramie Swanson

My dad had a farm shop and used the income to supplement what he made with the crops. He was pretty handy and I stayed busy helping with the chores, watching and providing an extra pair of hands. I must have learned from osmosis or inherited the “Fix It” gene because by my senior year I was not only good with the books but the wrenches too.

On the weekends Mom and Dad used to go to Madison and I used the time for reading. I’d take an adventure book out to the barn and climb up into the loft for some quality time. I liked stories about the guy getting the girl in the end and them riding off together into the sunset.

One Saturday as my parents were headed off to the big city, Dad told me that Uncle Jeff would be over to work on his pickup. Jeff was in his mid-twenties, still a bachelor and a real chick magnet. He frequently helped my Dad in the evenings and then on the weekends had the run of the shop..

“I told Jeff you’d be around, Son, if he needed anything.” Dad explained.

Mom came hustling outside and kissed me, “Make sure you do your homework... There’s sandwiches in the fridge.“

As they drove off I went out to the barn. It was an Indian summer day and I settled onto a hay bale and opened my book. I'd just gotten started when I heard a truck drive up and saw Jeff getting out. I settled back into the corner and went back to my reading. In a few minutes I heard another truck rumble into the barnyard. It was Laramie Swanson with her horse trailer. She boarded her horse, Strider, with us. She was my salutatorian...and someone I had a quiet crush on. I sat for a moment deciding what to do..., read or go down and talk to her. I heard the trailer door open and the sound of Strider being led into the stall. Getting up my nerve I was about to climb down when I heard Uncle Jeff’s voice.

“Hey there Honey ,“ he said.

“Oh Hi Jeff, “ she replied, “Haven’t seen you in awhile, where you been keeping yourself?“

“Here and about,” he answered.

I crawled to the edge of the loft so I could get a better look. From my vantage point I had a clear view of everything below.

“You still mad at me?” he asked…

“I let you take advantage of me,“ she said, “and then, when I tried to get you on the phone, all I got was your answering machine…”

“That damn thing doesn’t work half the time,” he replied, “If I'd seen a message from you, sweetheart, you can bet I would have called back.”

She shrugged and walked back to the trailer returning with a saddle. He walked over, took it from her hands throwing it up on the stall. She tried to get by and he put his arm on the gate hemming her in.

“Can we kiss and make up?” he asked.

“Maybe ,“she answered, “There’s a dance over at the Emporium Tonight.“

“Wanna dance?” he inquired.

“I’d love to,” she answered stepping into his arms.

I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, watching them like a peeping Tom. On one hand I thought about rescuing her, but on the other she wasn't trying very hard to get away. I started to move and thought better. The hay straw was dry and the floor loosely joined. Any movement set the dust and straw to sifting down through the cracks.

Shucks, I thought to myself, damned if I move and damned if I don’t.

I heard a sigh and peered back over the edge.

Jeff had her blouse unbuttoned and she had her hands on his shoulders. He pulled her shirt from out of her levis and reached behind unsnapping her bra. It fell free and he took a breast into his mouth. She reached down unbuckling his belt and unsnapped his jeans. He turned his face and commenced to sucking on the other one.

She pulled back and dropped to her knees. He heel/toed his boots slipping his feet out as she tugged down on his blue jeans. He started unbuttoning his cowboy shirt as she pulled his boxers down over his hips.

Looking up shamelessly, she smiled, took him into her mouth and began to suck.

I couldn’t believe my eyes…Sweet little Laramie Swanson was giving my uncle Jeff a blow job. My jaw dropped open and my eyes got wide as saucers. Jeff looked up at that point and saw me in the loft. He grinned and put a finger to his lips. He rolled his eyes and pulled back on her hair. She was really going at it.

“Enough of that sweet lips,” he said pulling her to her feet…"Its not polite to cum in a lady’s mouth.”

“Didn’t bother you last time..., ”

“I know, I know,” he said apologetically….”But I made it up to you.”

“Remind me again…“

He went his knees and unsnapped her waist and pulled the denim over her hips. She stepped out and he did the same thing with her panties. I swear he turned her slightly to the side to make sure I could see exactly what he was doing. Then he put his mouth to her and began darting his tongue... like a snake, into her 'you know what.' I was worried that she might see me looking down….but then I saw her eyes were glazed with that far away look.

Pausing Jeff came off and asked casually. “When was your period?”

“Huh? She answered wistfully….then realizing what he was getting at replied, “I finished two days ago…”

“I can use a rubber.”

"No Jeff, please….ride me bareback. I won’t be ovulating for another week."

He stood and pushed her up against the stall. Then taking himself in hand began feeling for the sweet spot. She put her hands on his hips as he worked it into her…I could tell the moment he hit pay dirt because she gasped with a quick intake of breath…Impaled on his wanger she threw her head back and groaned. He lifted her buttocks and twirled her around. As he did he hummed a popular tune and she giggled and began to sing…

“Can I have this dance, for the rest of my life….?“ He answered like in a duet…“You be my partner every Night.“

They began to slow dance, yoked on his horn, her eyes getting all blurry….

"When I am near you it feels so right“ He answered, lifting her back…

“Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?”

It sounded kinda corney, but it worked for them. When they got to the corner he laid her back on some fresh rushes and began putting Laramie through the paces.…she responded raising up as he lifted and falling back when he pushed. This began slowly and she followed his lead. Then he picked up the tempo and she matched his moves clinging as he came off and arching as he thrust. she was a good dancer. Finally he started working seriously, faster and faster until I wondered how they could both keep it up.

Suddenly she cried out…”Oh my Gawd! Do me, Jeff, do me…Please, “ she groaned, “don’t stop…please don’t stop!”

I watched spellbound as he really started to hammer and Laramie responded like she was having a seizure. Then he nailed her one last time and lifted, popping off inside as she bucked around like an unbroke filly.

When he got finished they laid awhile spent in each others arms….Jeff whispered something in her ear and she stiffened…peering up over her shoulder she saw me looking down."

“Geese!” She cried out in dismay….“Jeff, you no good Son-of-a-Gun!" How long have you been up there Jody?”

“Long enough ,“ I answered walking over to the ladder. By the time I climbed down she was struggling with her blouse....seemed to me she would have been more concerned about the bottom part, but then, what do I know?"

I started out the door and she called out..."Jody don't go..."

I paused….The girl of my dreams was no longer on a pedestal. she was hopping around trying to put her pants on.

Uncle Jeff had a big grin. She gave him a look that could have killed.

“Don’t be telling anybody what you just saw, Jody, Please?”

“I won’t.”

“Coming to the dance tonight?“ she asked., tucking in her shirt.

“Maybe,” I answered

“Hope to see you there,” she said, stepping up and kissing me on the cheek.

Jeff was pulling on his britches.

Laramie walked over to the truck combing her hair. She turned the rearview mirror and began fixing her makeup .

“I think she likes you,” said Uncle Jeff….“Invite her inside for a sandwich...She's a good piece of ass.”

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