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I would really like some help as to how i can begin this story. comments/ideas welcome
this is a brief storyline, its not complete but i wanted people to see how the story would progress because i would like some help about how to start this. sorry for spelling mistakes :) please feel free to email me or write your idea in a review please :)

I’m in my last year of school, 18 years old, and living with the high school hottie, zak. He’s practically packed for medical school and same for me for law school. So we say our goodbyes promising to stay in touch knowing we never will then we go our separate ways.

The day after that, I found out I was pregnant. I had massive issues with abortion so I wasn’t even going down that track, and I knew I loved zak, so, no matter what, I wouldn’t give away our child. I didn’t contact him, I didn’t tell him. I decided to raise the child on my own, giving zak the chance at medical school he deserved.
Instead of heading off to law school like I had planned, I postponed my education for one year, which I dearly hoped was enough time to settle a new baby.

Seven months later (June 17) I brought my beautiful son Sam into this world. He had zak’s dark hair and my ocean blue eyes. In short he was the most beautiful baby id ever seen.
I deposited him in his first daycare when he was six months old, and though it was probably one of the hardest things ive ever done I knew it was time to acclimatize him to the fact that i wouldn’t always be around him.

And finally it was time for me to begin law school. I was hard handling Sam with my studies and often found myself on the brink of insanity, but I couldn’t give up. To cheer myself up I would think of zak, and of how proud he would be of me to work hard for what I wanted. And I did.

Eight years later I was a confident lawyer, one of the best in the field of medical law. Though I didn’t own my own firm as I had originally hoped to do in life, I was a senior partner, which allowed me my own choice of hours and a good pay rate without the hassles of business management.
As I discussed one of the firms newest client with my partner a call came through on the intercom requesting my presence in my office. I hurried over, praying that my new assistant hadn’t mucked up anything important.
I stopped dead in my tracks, when I entered my office because zak was lazily perched on the end of my desk. He stood up when he saw me and laughed at the complete look of shock on my face.
[I didn’t tell him] the words haunted me now.
As I looked up at the clock I realized that Sam would be walking through the door within minutes. I practically ran round my desk to the intercom to tell my assistant to take Sam down to the directors office and leave him there until I went to get him. Then, over the intercom I asked the director to watch Sam for a while.

Zak looked at me funny as soon as I put down the phone.
“Is Sam your boyfriend?”
“not really.” How the hell was I supposed to explain that he was about to meet a son he never even knew he had.
“he’s … um, well he’s-“
there was loud bump in the hall outside my door  and we were both out of our seats to inspect the problem.
There outside my door say a eight year old boy sitting on the floor playing with his PSP. He looked up as we came into the hall then stood and hugged me.
Zak saw it instantly. Actually, I would have been surprised if he didn’t, because Sam was practically a mini-version of him. The look he gave me was pure ice as he gestured back into my office.
I sent Sam off to the directors knowing there would be some serious explaining to do.

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