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Apprecite everything that your are given in your life, don't waste it.
I once found a diamond but I was clueless whether it was real or what, I never cared to make sure if it was real. I never gave it too much attention. Just saw it as worthless piece of stone. Not knowing that one day it might brighten my life. Only if I cherished it and took a very good care of it. Now its too late because I lost it to someone who knows it's value, I was careless with it. Lack of not knowing is not only dangerous but also cruel because I lost it and there is no getting it back. I wanted to blame life but couldn't because I was the one who messed up. It reminded me being in a relationship whether friend or lover and you really love that person, you must treat them with respect and love them because you will regret eternally once you lose that person. Love them like you will never love again, love them like they are your last hope for living. Love them like they are the last people on earth, never take them for granted. We never know what we got til its gone and by that time when you realise it, it's too late. Moral of the story is that you must appreciate anything you have in your life be it big or small, take care of that gift of GOD.
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